Tuesday, August 16, 2011


You know, once again El Rushbo is proved right. The Libtards will attack ANYONE with ANY means who threatens their little tyrant or their leftist agenda. While Perry is not the perfect candidate, it appears that the Left fears him and evidently, the little tyrant they installed in the White House does as well. One has to wonder how much Soros is paying the various Lapdog Media outlets to lie and smear.

Has there been any time in America when the Lapdog Media has been so in the pocket of the ProgStats? Al Sharpton on PMSNBC? Really? And we're supposed to take that seriously?

NOTE: Have a barf can handy when SS Sturmbannfuerher Schultz starts bleating. He is obnoxious enough to knock a buzzard off of a gut wagon.


  1. Same shit,different day,and target. Not any surprise here. All the more reason for a whole bunch of conservatives to come out of the woodwork and announce. Watch liberal heads explode. All good.

  2. Gunny,

    Just like Cronkite in '68, you can really influence peoples opinions with half truths or outright lies.

  3. Gunny,

    From an old Red State article "You are judged by the quality of your enemies" - this seemed fitting:

    The Romans had it right: Metuant dum Oderant – they may hate so long as they fear.

    Do you think that those liberal (socialists, progressives, democrats, whatever) are peeing down both legs now that Governor Rick Perry is in the race?

  4. Ditto what Clyde said.

    Their screams are music to our ears.

  5. clyde,

    Whomever they attack the most should be our candidate! haha

  6. DWS claiming that the jobs in Texas are to O's credit instead of Perry's? Puh-leeeze!

    O and DWS are out there continually bleating about 2 million + PRIVATE SECTOR jobs created under his leadership, when the Dept of Labor says it is 2.5 million private sector jobs LOST since January 2009. Dumb-basses keep missing that negative sign.

  7. Is this the same Texas that did NOT get a space shuttle, that Obama has on his Special High Intensity Training list ( other wise known as S.H.I.T. list)

  8. Pack Rat,

    Yep and it was because Perry refused to kiss Barry's butt. How typical of a spoiled brat to react like that. Obama quite simply sucks.