Monday, August 15, 2011


The future of America is here folks and it ain't a pretty sight. A flash mob hits in DC and literally robs a store as well as the owner of the 7Eleven. As we reap the rewards of decades of Liberals telling people that they are OWED, the most precious metal is soon to become lead.

Thanks for decades of forced diversty and multiculturalism Libs but don't worry, those "protected classes" will thank you for it, when they rob your house and issue you a beat down, if you're lucky that is.

Oh, and the response from the cops? Expect MORE of that. Dialing 9-1-1 will get you killed.


  1. What do you expect in the nation ruled by the most racist President ever and his Affirmative Action Attorney General who has said flatly that he won't prosecute blacks when they commit crimes against non-blacks.

    As for the cops...
    This is DC. The cops are probably the same color as the perps, so they don't care about a non-black victim either.

  2. The cop said it would be hard to identify people from that video? I could ID at least a dozen.

    The store clerk should have double-tapped the first one headed out the door, then see a mob reaction as they all shit themsleves and run to the back of the store.

  3. If someone steals from my table, as these vermin would be if I owned that 7Eleven, they deserve a bullet. The cops are useless anymore with their hands tied by the courts or by their own corruption.

  4. The new motto? "Shoot first,then shoot again".All it would take to stop this bullshit is for ONE store owner to spray the first wave coming in and creating trouble with automatic rifle fire.Guara-damn-teed.

  5. "Flash Mobs"
    That's the new tactic.
    "Muzzle Flash"
    That's the cure.

  6. It is becoming a trend in America's bigger cities.

    I too wait for the day that the store owner opens-up and sends these vermin to hell. That shit will stop then, and we will also need to donate to the defense fund for the store owner.

    I read on Trevor's blog earlier that Sept. 17th is supposed to big mob rally in NYC, and throughout the country. Any significance to 9-17?

  7. clyde,

    The ACLU and the NACCP (Nat Assoc of Constantly Complaining People) would crap themselves AND Obama would say that that store owner acted stupidly.

  8. Buck,

    Now you're just teasing me.