Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Horse's anus. (Hat tip to Crawfish on this one.)

EXCERPT: "Charles Ogletree was a black panther. He is also the lawyer of Henry Louis Gates, the racist Harvard professor who’s racism caused the beer summit. Ogletree’s daughter Rashida was recently hired into Holder’s Justice Department as a lawyer. Ogletree is still a militant leftist and is still called on by the Obamas for advice.

OAK BLUFFS, Mass. (AP) — President Barack Obama put in a brief appearance Saturday at the home of his friend and one-time teacher, Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree, as he continued his Martha’s Vineyard vacation."

Oddly enough, Oblamo's little birdie in his ear, Valerie Jarrett, followed him to the racist's house! Guess she needed a refresher in hating whitey.


This will not come as a surprise to many Americans and to those who read the Anti Liberal Zone because we all know that Oblamo's daddy was a drunken commie bum and his mommy was a commie with the nickname of "Anarchist Annie," and he even married a radical militant, Moochelle, who ALSO is an Ogletree student! His mentor was a commie pedophile (Frank Marshall Davis) and his pastor is a radical Marxist and racist! The old adage is proved right again that the "road" apple doesn't fall far from the tree but Oblamo also proves yet another old adage right as well, "you are judged by the company you keep."

Well, Oblamo pals around with anti-white militants and even gets his fellow racist in the DOJ (Holder) NOT to prosecute, as Holder puts it, "his people" in the New Black Panther Party, for voter intimidation, caught on video in 2008.

The Libtards would howl and whine and gnash their teeth if a Republican president visited an old, say, KKK buddy but the press gives Oblamo a pass here. Maybe Brian Williams bowed AND kissed Oblamo's ass instead of just bowing like before.

The Gunny was thinking back to when Oblamo mewled in October 2010, in a speech to blacks, that there would be "hand-to-hand combat" if the Republicans were elected in Congress. And come to think of it, Maxine "nationalize them all" Waters just called the Tea Party, "the enemy" in a speech to blacks. Coming from a pencil-neck geek and a decrepit old hag, those are tall words. Could it be that the Great Uniter that stupid white liberals voted for, is actually stirring the race war pot? Can white liberals get any stupider? Will white liberals please kill themselves as a punishment for elected this radical racist commie?

BTW, Ogletree is called an expert on race! Yeah, like Al Sharpton is an expert on religion! 

None dare call it treason but the Gunny sure as hell does!



  1. Al Sharpton may be far from an expert on race, but his prowess at comedy is unmatched. It may be unintentional comedy, but his MSNBC show(Or payoff, rather...) is good for endless laughs. Resist we much!

    But it's not like any of the hypocritical apointees coming from any part of the democrat party are surprising. Turbo Timmy in the treasury, Captain John Kerry of the S.S. "Where's Waldo?" on the deficit super committee. And the examples go on and on and on...

    Besides, The Great One(TM) is king! Being anointed to his position by whatever god he finds convenient at the time, means he is above scrutiny. We are all serfs, and have no right to question any decision he makes. It's good to be king!!!

    We just need to put together one of the old German Krupp guns, so when he gets tossed out of the White House next election, we can use that to blow his ass through the door and out of the atmosphere. Maybe tattoo a copy of the Constitution to his forehead and staple a mirror to his face, so he's forced to be reminded of the thing he hates so much as he hurtles through space. Of course, it may be hard to jam him and his ego in the breech of even that gun, but I figure we can find enough people to help push. Might be hard to source enough powder, but I figure we'll still manage...

    Sorry, that's a bit extreme. Just hate that man and his cronies with a passion.

  2. GVii,

    You're in the right place if you hate Obowma and his idiot minions.

    Welcome aboard. Now where is that gun?

  3. gunny i am not surprised it is sad they do not try to hide what they are doing to our country.you know of course that 85% of muslim converts in USA are black.let me think about this problem flash mob+muslim+black=martial law!
    rebel with a cause

  4. GVii,

    Just remember, we hate his WHITE HALF so we're not racists and well as all of the corruption, chaos, misery, lies, and treachery he has brought from Sh*cago!

  5. rebel,

    Sounds like Oblamo is ginning up his national civilian security force just he said he wanted to do!

  6. Ah, their speech is becoming more inflammatory.
    Flash mobs are taking to the streets to strip Ma & Pa convenience stores like locusts in a corn field.
    The federal government is doing everything in its power to deny citizens the right to protect themselves and their property.
    From the criminal element
    From the federal government.
    maybe i repeat myself....

  7. I hate both halves. They'll call you a racist anyway, so why even bother. They throw the race card like an epileptic ninja standing next to a six foot pile of shuriken in a bad kung fu movie, so there is no defense.

    That's ok, I think we can hit Sh*tcago from D.C. with the Krupp gun. Just pack a little more powder. Yes, we may stress the breech, but we only need to fire it once. And The Great One(TM) being the pinhead he is, I'd be willing to bet he's fairly aerodynamic. We would need to wrap him in a sabot since he may break up before he leaves the barrel. After all, bullsquat splatters, and anyone who has ever watched one of his speeches knows quite well that he's full of it.

    Ok, I'll be nice now. Just had to do a little ranting. I'm ok now...