Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Thomas Paine wrote: "Tyranny, like Hell, is not easily conquered." Well, the Gunny says, "Liberalism, like Count Dracula, is not easily staked through the heart!"

Have you ever been hunting and shot your game and had to shoot again because it was flailing about in its death throes? The Gunny, as a young man, ran a trap line and once had a large raccoon in a trap, that when the Gunny showed up, it went ballistic in the trap, tearing up the cubby, damaging its fur, and quite possibility, slipping the trap and either charging the Gunny or fleeing off into the woods. It took a few whacks with a 36 Louisville Slugger to achieve the desired results, i.e., a wood shampoo and the problem was solved.

Well, the Libs are in their death throes folks, and it was something that the Gunny wrote about on 1 Nov 2010, almost a year ago, predicting where the libs are today. Now Hanoi John Fonda Kerry is an idiot and a liberal parrot, for it was he who bleated before a liberal Senate that US troops were heinous murderers and rapists. Like a raccoon caught in a trap, the Liberals cling to their failed ideology and failed Keynesian economics like Rosie O’Donnell holding onto a gallon of ice cream. They clutch at their liberal lies like a toddler holding onto his/her safety blanket! Thus it was not a surprise to the Gunny to hear Hanoi John Fonda Kerry call for media to go into a Stalinist mode and ignore the Tea Party, the Right, etc.

HJFK: "And I have to tell you, I say this to you politely. The media in America has a bigger responsibility than it's exercising today. The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual."

Nothing like a commie preaching no freedom of speech huh? This from the same group of asshats who cling to the failed hoax of global warming, cooling, climate change, etc, moaning like an unpaid whore, that the consensus was in. (Note: Owl Gore's meltdown a few days ago)

As the Gunny said previously, the 60’s dregs who entered academia and never left, becoming professional students and mouthing pablum, Comrade Obama was the last great hope for redistributive taxation, a reduction of America’s power, and a slap down of America on the domestic scale. They were SURE that the American people were behind them, panting like dogs, slavering for equal misery under socialism! They KNEW that we were ready to become a nation on par with France, ruled over by China and the other enemies in the UN; they just needed to give Comrade Obama a chance. The bright spot is that the death rate of these 60’s dregs is gonna pick up as the years roll on and sometimes, ya gotta look for the silver lining…

We are witnessing the flailing about of the Left, in their death throes, as the elitist Socialists, dope smoking anti-war types, tried to mug America and force us into the Great Socialist State but they failed and deep inside themselves, they know it. Imagine their happiness as they worked to cripple America in the 60’s, cheering on our enemies and spitting on the troops. Imagine their joy in the 70’s as Carter worked to bring down the USA and who worked with the KBG as well only to have it turn to sh*t as Ronaldus Magnus crushed their clown 49-1. Imagine their thrill as they worked throughout the 80’s to bring down Ronaldus Magnum even as they profited from his economic boom. The election of a clown named BJ Bubba Clintons sent them into a fantasy world of bliss and ecstasy, as he tried to welfarize the US with HillaryKare and issued lie after lie. Then came Bush 43 and their world turned to fury and anger as Americans embraced the US Flag and the US military after 9/11, how DARE THEY!? And to find out that Americans really DID NOT want Obama or ObamaKare? AGHHHHHH!

The real deal here is that these liberals, like roaches, infested the system that they moaned about in the 60’s and tried to change it from within and now that they have failed, now that they have REALIZED that they have failed, they are such cowards as to make us all pay by bringing down the nation. They cannot handle the fact that failed ideology and rehashed same-old same-old ideas can't pass the sunshine test! So the tyrannical Left goes full-blown moonbat as they lie and smear and badger anyone who preaches anything different from their crapulence. They rage against the dying of their failed religion of liberalism as we the people fight against their tyranny. They flail about wildly as they continue to lose the war as facts; reason, logic, faith, and a love of freedom impact their bivouac like shells from the USS New Jersey in the Bekaa Valley. We are witnessing a last act of desperation and impotence by a puppet bought and paid for by Soros, the wannabe dictator of the New World Order. WHO, BTW, made a billion betting AGAINST the US as he has the ear of Comrade Oblowme on the economy. Soros pays for Barry to be POTUS and Barry repays him. Nice huh? Meanwhile, millions of Americans watch their IRAs and 401K go up in smoke.

In closing, the liberals wholeheartedly believed that Americans wanted social justice, forced diversity, forced multiculturalism, and masters to run their lives from the cradle to the grave but they underestimated the grit, the intelligence, and the love for their nation that the American people have. We ain’t buying the forced diversity, forced multiculturalism, and masters to run their lives from the cradle to the grave but THEY underestimated the grit, the intelligence, and the love for their nation that the American people have. We ain’t buying the bullsh*t they’re selling and as Obama fails, their plans fail, their house of cards crumbles, and all they have remaining in their arsenal is the usual ad hominem attacks and slanderous attacks on patriots who stand against them. God willing, the election in 2012 will relegate these idiots to the status of the Bull Moose Party as America leaves the Prog/Stats (Progressive Statists). But until then, expect them to flail about, bitch, moan, and groan, and make bigger asses out of themselves than normal. So bust out the popcorn and beer and enjoy the show.

One more point remains to be said. Obama also inherited an AAA rating from Bush. How about THAT Libs?


  1. "Socialism in general has a record of FAILURE so BLATANT that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it" - Thomas Sowell

  2. Gunny,

    If that reporter had done what Kerry asked, he would have pulled the plug on Kerry. He really bugs me. I got my third Purple Heart at the Battle of the Bathroom Sink this morning. What a complete turd.

  3. You know the shitbrain would have been absolutely foaming-at-the-mouth rabid if it had been suggested that media give no voice to LIBERAL ideas. Two can play that game.

  4. Forgot something. Check your dead drop. It's "for the children". bwahahahahahahahaha

  5. Just look at the riots around the world these days. It is almost all whiny youth who are pissed that their free rides are coming to an end because governments can't pay out anymore. It will happen here as well, when adults take over DC, but the REAL people will not put up with the riots. The rioters will be met by CHL holders who will defend themselves, their families, and their property.

  6. Hey Guns...
    Remember, The Pied Piper didn't have a clue that we were in Washington on 9/12(snicker) and nor did he pay any mind when 8/28 occurred on the Mall. And, apparently the WH sites have scrubbed all mention of Israel...It doesn't get any better, does it? Shameless plug. too. New Post at my place.

  7. Like the old saying goes "the osamaone could f up a wet dream" he jumped in with both feet to change the USA into the USSR, his ideal (Eric Von zipper). The real strong head wind that he still aint seen yet is US. We aint gonna set idly by and let him do the wilful and wanton destruction of our home. The ones who do not see this being done on purpose have one helluva surprise coming once they finally have the scales removed until then all we can do is keep dragging them toward the truth.

    Once the osamone and dem backed race riots get here in their own back yard they may come to their senses, we'll see.

  8. Craw,

    I agree. Those living in the inner cities of Blue States are in deep doo-doo. Once the welfare checks stop, it'll hit the fan. Even the Mayor of Filthadelphia sees it.

  9. Great post Gunny. About that evil assclown Soros, if he was the one who made that monstrous profit, it wasn't actually 1 billion. The gamble was 950 million against 10-to-1 odds that our credit rating would be downgraded, which it did, resulting in a 9.5 BILLION profit, or just under 10 billion. I don't have a lot of time to write today but just wanted to enlighten you and the readers on this. Thanks for another good post Gunny. Well-written and also you have a knack for knowing your audience and what us hard-working Americans are really feeling about the demise of our great country.

  10. Sgt R,

    THANK YOU for correcting the amount Soros made on that deal. I am 99% sure that Soros did it simply because he owns the DNC and Obama.

    Thanks for the kudos and as a hard-working America watching his country swirl the bowl AND his savings go bye-bye, it ain't hard to write what I see and hear. I get emails from fellow patriots who are PISSED and rightly so.

  11. Gunny, I have a question regarding posting on here. It says up under "followers" I'm logged in as Sgt_R_USMC but when I go to comment on here I always have to choose NAME/URL and retype it in and it doesn't put my avatar on the comment. How do I correctly post on here? I've not had any problems on other sites I post on like Breitbart and links off of Drudge. Thanks.