Thursday, August 4, 2011


that is if you are a stupid liberal, who thinks Comrade Douchebag is doing a bang-up job with the nation. Now libs, us NORMAL people, when we have a fiscal crisis, do stupid things like, cancel cable, stop going out to eat, cut back on vacations, work overtime, you know, things that help us, "tighten our belts." But no, not your little tin god messiah.

Consider this headline on Drudge.

1.  Obama admin adds 608 regulations -- just in July! COST: $9.5 billion...

If the Government is OUT OF MONEY, then WHY is the Tyrant imposing new regulations on us to the tune not only of 9.5B to implement, but the long term cost of the damage it does somewhere in the US, preventing some business from being built, or some farm from expanding, or an oil well being drilled, etc. This is all from his behind-the-scenes scumbag named Cass Sunstein. (Bailiff, bring in a chair for Mr. Sunstein as a Defendant). The next President in 2013 should spend much of his time revoking all of the Obama regime's bullsh*t. Or appoint a special committee to do it. Maybe America can follow the Stalin line and airbrush the dirtbag out of our history.


How nice. What else can you say here!? The tyrant and his minions are SO STUPID that they SHRINK and WRECK the economy even as they BORROW MORE! Now liberals, this is just plain stupid, what your tin god is doing. Now you CAN borrow more IF you are expanding the economy as Ronaldus Magnus did, thus ushering in a TWENTY YEAR LONG ECONOMIC BOOM and he did it with a Libcommie-run Congress and a Libcommie-run Senate. So right now libs, your jug-eared guest lecturer that you installed as potus (lower case befitting his stature in the eyes of the Gunny) has us at the level of Italy or Spain and we're on track to end up as Greece with debt equalling 150% of their GDP.

3.  Obama, Bernanke out of ammo to boost jobs, growth...

Libs, the Gunny has to tell you what the rest of America already knew, while you b*stards were circle-jerking back in November 2008 and that is, "your clown could not think his way out of a thick fog." He merely confirmed it by putting another dumbass named Bernanke in, basically as a rubber-stamping jackanape. (Bailiff, please bring in another chair for Mr. Bernanke) It really isn't funny but these two jackoffs thought up the Stimulus Plan (Porkzilla) and then QE1, QE2, and QE3, none of which worked, at all, nada, zilch, nil. Nay, Porkzilla merely paid off Obongo's union pals and the Quantitative Easing shate merely meant the printing presses ran night and day and the debt from the left pocket was paid off with money from the right pocket. Now THAT is liberal creative thinking for ya. And libs whined about Enron.

Which brings us to the crux of this issue. The Weimar Republic/Zimbabwe moment.

Germany, after WW1, borrowed heavily to pay its war costs and this led to inflation. And rest assured America, inflation is HERE NOW and will get worse, thanks to the regime in power. By late 1923, inflation in Germany was so bad, it took 200 billion marks buy a loaf of bread. Many Germans lost everything and were penniless. How could this happen? The government was printing and issuing a tsunami of new money, causing prices to rise, and inflation gained momentum. In America, EVERYTHING is now more expensive thanks to 32 months of having an idiot, surrounded by other idiots and neer-do-wells, in our government. Oh, and enabled by gutless RINOs (the Gunny ain't forgot you sumbitchs either).

No one then, like now in America, had the political courage to stand up and raise hell. And before you Ron Paulistas chime in, your boy loves to stick pork in bills he knows WILL pass, and then bitch about them in public like he's the Caped Crusader in the corrupt halls of Congress. So Please.

And Zimbabwe is even worse. But don't worry America, just keep voting Dummycrat and watching American Idol and worrying if Beiber is gay and things will get better, really.

U.S. debt shoots up $239 billion -- in one day!
Gov't will borrow $72B next week...
S&P hits 'correction' territory...
Gold soars again...
Gold at $2,000 by year-end...
Gains for year erased...
Deeper than post-TARP plunge...

Bye-Bye America, it was nice while it lasted.

"It's terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hung today." GK Chesterton


  1. The end days are near for not only this admin, but also for this government. The one good thing that will come out of this collapse is the chance to start anew. A new continental Congress, the same Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of these United States reinstated as the law of the land. Don't you just love the future? No more libs, if the people rise up they will call us terrorist and immediately surrender. Dumb fucks.
    Excuse the language Gunny but I love that fucking quote soon someone fix that problem hopefully.

    "I will gladly go to war with my government to save my country"- me

    On a side note somone asked me two days ago if I really meant what I say, Hell yes

  2. I can EASILY envision an America without liberals. Strong. Vibrant. Moral.

    I have NO PROBLEM with hanging politicians after they have had a fast but fair trial. There are a large number of them that need to adore a gibbet.

    Try to watch the F-bombs, Clyde exceeds the daily quota here already! haha

  3. SIR! No f-in problem SIR


    " I will gladly go to war with my government to save my country"- me

  4. GFP. The Lie Of The Day: Republicans CUT Pell grants. From $4 billion to $13 billion. HUNH???
    Clyde OWNS the quota,is what you MEANT to say. OK OK,I'll try to clean it up! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha.

  5. Hey, I've got a business idea now. We need to manufacture about 300 gibbets (low-ball estimate) by 01 FEB 2013.

  6. clyde,

    you would not be you brother if there were not a few F bombs tossed in hither and yon!

  7. Craw,

    300 IS a low ball estimate. I would include a few extras for czars and minions hiding inside the regime who are also guilty of crimes against the US. Hmm, maybe a few union bosses as well.

  8. Sir, once again you hit the bullseye. Keep it up!
    Fellow 3%er

  9. Anon,

    Thanks. Just trying to refute the bullsh*t coming out of the mouths of libs like Obumbles, the Lapdog media, Frau Debbie Schultz, etc, etc!

  10. Gunny,

    I need the work, even if all it pays is freedom. I'll start building gibbets tomorrow.

  11. I'm a newby to your site but you give me daily shnit's and grins. Agree with everything you say. Obozo and his ball of commie worms must be defeated or it's all she wrote for our country. Didn't realize how long and how deep the communism goes in our great America. Thank you for my daily dose of realville.

  12. It's sick that this clown can do everything in his power to chase jobs away while claiming he's going to create them...and idiots still buy his line of bullshit.
    This crap is no accident by a long shot because there has to be somebody close to him asking "WTF are you doing?"

    Then again, anyone close to him probably knows what his game is and are accomplices to it.

  13. It can't happen here.


    it can't......................uh...I'll trade you 3 .30-06 rounds for a dozen eggs.... 4 .45ACP for a Budweiser....??