Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This guy would slice and dice the chump who calls himself the president of the United States in a debate. Sans teleprompter of course, and Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! would be a babbling idiot (more so than normal).

President Marco Rubio of the American Conservative Party. Sounds good. Speaking of the American Conservative Party, we'll take the Conservatives in the GOP along with all of the Americans who want limited government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, a strong military, adult-style leadership, a no-nonsense foreign policy, and who embrace American exceptionalism vice running us down, in, say, Cairo. The rest can get the hell over to the corruptocrats in the DNC where they belong, i.e., McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, etc.

Apologies for y'all having to see the tax-dodging, POW/MIA betraying, widow-chasing, Iraq troop slamming, anti-military, Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry in this video.


  1. His only mistake was not invoking the Constitutional limitation upon the federal gummint. That would have made it a slam dunk.

  2. Saw this video the other day Gunny and sent it out via email under the subject line of Florida's only real Senator tells the truth. Can you believe john skerry aka Lurch? About as much brain activity as scrambled eggs and now he's on the dirty, stinkin, filthy, lowlife, dingy reid panel.

  3. Well said, for sure!!!

  4. Craw,

    I am sure he would have but he was talking to Hanoi John and it would have been lost on that commie puke!

  5. R E,

    My contempt for hanoi john fonda kerry is enormous. I would spit in his face if I was in range. He is filth and should have been in prison decades ago.

  6. Nanna,

    I can easily see myself voting for Rubio for POTUS.

  7. Gunny - with the news that Sony is in cahoots with the WH we should take a page from the left and start a boycott of all Sony products and Sony films - let's show them some pressure.
    To bad Rubio will not run for president.

  8. Gunny,

    How many quarts of Listerine did Rubio use after tongue-lashing Hanoi Jane? Talk about out, out damn spot. I admire him for not telling Lurch to sit down and shut up. I would have.

  9. Agree with Crawfish. Christ,my Golden Retrievers outclass Hanoi John Effin Kerry.