Saturday, August 27, 2011


Acting President and red diaper baby Barack Obumbles took charge at the National Response Coordination Center and ordered Hurricane Irene back out to sea. Thank goodness that Irene veered out to sea and downgraded otherwise, if it headed inland, it would have likely been blamed on Bush, or maybe the Tea Party. Obama was heard to say to the head of the Hurricane Center, "I have just flown in on Air Force One, so step back, I've got the conn! Don't worry all, I have no experience with weather forecasts but last night, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!"

"This is going to be a tough slog getting through this thing," Obama said, "especially when I can't golf in this weather or fly on Air Force One and Marine One to various vacation sites."

Thank God Obumbles DOES have experience with disasters as he has created them in our economy, military, nation, southern border, etc., so one more Obama disaster won't matter. Nothing like a fake photo op from the Leftists. Now where are those fake doctors in those white coats?

"Irene is acting stupidly. I'm calling for a beer summit."


Geologist Barack Obama discovers new fault line in the US after recent earthquake. It runs from Texas, through Virginia, into DC. He named it the Bush fault line.


  1. To top it off, PMSNBC brought in an expert on hurricane preparedness...RAY NAGIN! I can't make this kind of idiocy up!

  2. OMG! This is too funny! They brought in schoolbug Nagin!?


  3. The Bush Fault Line.mwahahahahahaha. Classic. This nit has to be happy there is a small disaster he HASN'T made happen. I saw Chocolate Ray as well. About pissed myself laughing at the idiot.Most of the limpdick media,especially the damn Weather Channel has gone absolutely nucking futs.Moe-rons.

  4. Lol gonna guess he is a damn libtard. Hell I was I a car wreck a few years back wonder if I could get on the board of the DOT? I doubt it though I was smart enough to dropout of public school :) , but yes I did get a high school diploma.(A year early at that). Ok I'm gonna go apply for my DOT job I'll let ya know how it works out.

    "I will gladly go to war with my government to save my country"- Me

  5. Did you notice the name cards in front of everyone? Obama's said Barak Obama-- President of the United States. to me that alone was a riot. Sure made it looks as if he just dropped in to check things out heh!! :-)

  6. This just in:
    Obama says he could've succeeded where King Canute failed.
    Where is that tide??

  7. Weather Channel is funded by the left, what else are we to expect from another Global Warming mouthpiece? Gore is screaming this generation's anthropogenic global warming deniers are racists! This sick, useless ahole was once our VICE PRESIDENT.

    What made me suspicious regarding the Irene thunderstorm was the drama coming from the lib media. I saw some CNN ahole bracing himself against the wind while in the background, NY'ers were seen strolling about calmly.

    The real BS is the damage from the storm to an antiquated, electrical system/grid and damaged, old-school, overhead wires that get little maintenance or upgrades as the property taxes are already spent on welfare or teacher's pensions in the northeast. My friends (tax payers) up there report no cell service and no electricity and some flooding. But the ATM food stamp cards are working just fine!

    The media is desperate to remain relevant by linking a rain storm to global warming. There hasn't been a hurricane on land since '05, but you won't read that in any lib media wire.

    The Imam's poll numbers are sinking into the floodwaters and his negatives are rising with our blood pressure (Gallup this morning). Make sure you get out to vote in Nov., '12.

  8. Rich b the mechanic from Los Angeles...

    That Hurrican watch photo begs for some creative Photoshopping and captioning. A few callouts would add to the hilarity.