Monday, August 15, 2011


The Gunny was going through his archives last night, deleting old stuff, etc, and came across an old essay published in 2007 on his old TH blog. Read this and ask yourself how accurate was this four years AFTER it was written, especially considering the whiner the Left put into the Oval Office. 
The mental disease of liberalism is actually a combination of three different mental disorders, 80% Spoiled Child Syndrome, 10% Stockholm Syndrome, and 10% Manic Narcissism. As P.J. O’Rourke noted: "at the core of liberalism is the spoiled child miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless."

Let’s examine the main symptom of the disease of liberalism. The Spoiled Child Syndrome is characterized by extreme self-centered and immature behavior, usually a result of the failure of parents to enforce consistent, age-appropriate limits. When did this disease make its first appearance? If one traces the history of liberals back far enough, we can see the onset of this disease in the mid-60’s with a full-blown disease evident by 1967 as liberal flower children simply refused to grow up. They DEMANDED that a society that had functioned well for 191 years now give them total acceptance in the area of open sex, drug use, p*ssing on society’s mores, living on the sweat off of other people’s brows, and refusing to fight for their country, right or wrong. Indeed, since THEY were too afraid to go, too LAZY to go, or too UNDISCIPLINED to go, they decided that NO ONE should go and instead, focused on aiding and comforting the enemy until their final victory. This is something that they have done consistently since then, with the following examples of their treachery below.

(Think Obama's Cairo speech)

1930’s/40’s: The NY Times and many liberals across America and in Hollyweird showered praise on Uncle Joe Stalin even as he murdered millions of kulaks and other "undesirables." Hollywood screamed bloody murder when McCarthy outed commie sympathizers in the FDR and Truman Administrations as well as in Hollyweird. The liberals, aided by their allies in the mainstream media, went about destroying Senator McCarthy’s reputation, in character attacks soon to be finely honed for usage by Team Clinton. However, when the FBI declassified the Venona Project papers in the 1990’s, McCarthy was proved correct but Clinton preferred to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to George "I’m off to Cuba" McGovern but not to a real American hero who did the RIGHT THING even at a hazard to himself. Unfortunately, McCarthy was dead and only able to receive satisfaction for being right about liberal traitors in Heaven. Even today, liberal teachers in public schools continue to vilify McCarthy to their captive audience. But the seeds were sown as lazy liberals gave birth to spoiled liberal children, coddled and sheltered from day one.

1960’s: The disgusting flower children went on a rampage in this era. From sending aid to North Vietnam bought with money collected on their universities, to marches protesting the draft, with riots on and off campuses, and a virtual eruption of anti USA, anti US military, and pro-communist rallies, bought and paid for with the money of people like Hanoi Jane Fonda, Chappaquiddick Teddy (he counseled Hanoi John Fonda Kerry for his bogus Winter Soldier testimony), and numerous other Hollywood dregs like Lou Asner (more on him in a moment.) The SDS organized students to gain support for the coming "leftist revolution." Perhaps the blackest spot on their souls in this era was after Tet 68, when the communists had not only had their a**es waxed up and down Vietnam but their highly touted "people’s" uprising in the South was about as effective as a popcorn f*rt in a hurricane. This CRUSHING military victory was hailed by Wally Kronkite as a US DEFEAT and spoiled liberal flower children across America, reeking of BO and patchouli, went on an orgy of defeatism, thus encouraging the commies to "hang on" until the liberal’s could finish the job for them. The C-in-C for the NVA, General Giap, described this event and the tremendous “moral support” they got from the hippies, in his memoirs. Who knows how many Americans died because of the actions of these liberals, who now, run the DNC and the House.

In yet another fine example of liberal hippie perfidy in the 1960’s/70’s, Jerry Rubin, the mouthpiece for the "ME-ME" generation, wrote a book called "Do It!" in 1970. In it, he goes to great lengths to glorify terrorists like the Weathermen (Obama’s Buddy William Ayers is one), Black Panthers, the VC and NVA, murdering White policemen (he calls them pigs), open sex, free love, illegal drug usage (tune out, turn on, and drop out), and a total abandonment of and form of self-discipline, restraint, or work ethic. This book made its way across universities encouraging those afflicted with the Spoiled Child Syndrome that THEY were right and the rest of us were WRONG!

1970’s: Simply put, this decade was when liberalism reached its apex and began to recede like dirty water swirling down an unplugged drain. The liberal majority in Congress, in an orgy of spending, raised taxes to the 90 percentile and began to give it to the lazy and stupid in our society, thus rewarding laziness with other people’s money. Spoiled children now spoiling others under the cloak of the "War on Poverty." It would have been better named the "War on Working People’s Wallets."

And now, we're reaping the benefits of it all with those wonderful flash mobs in liberal cities.

Who can forget Jimmy Carter, without a doubt the [secondmost] worst POTUS in our history? He aided and abetted our enemies on every front, from sabotaging American businesses at home, to helping a Mad Mullah gain control of Iran, to leaving 52 Americans hostage in Iran for 444 days. He encouraged our enemies a hundredfold when he did nothing when the Soviets assassinated the US Ambassador in Kubal.

1980’s: Remember when The Great Communicator called the commies in the USSR "the evil empire?" The spoiled lib-children screamed like little girls! Then, when Ronald Magnum told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, liberals literally called Reagan "cruel" for his attacks on the "evil empire." The wall came down and not only did the liberals NOT CELEBRATE, Hollywood STILL has not made a movie about Ronald Magnus and his greatness. They DO however, make plenty of movies that are anti-war, anti-military, anti-USA, and that portray America as racist Jesusland bent on controlling the world through our evil imperialistic desires!

Ed Asner: He ran the Committee of Concern for Central America, who invited Sandinistas commie Daniel Ortega, to tour American cities for nine days. The Washington Post reported that this tour was to counter the disinformation put out by the Reagan Administration on Nicaraguan Gov't. At the last event Ortega raised his fist and vomited: "If the United States commits the error of invading us, we know we will struggle with you at our side," the scumbags in the audience cheered. Mike Farrell is also noted for operating on a terrorist responsible for murdering four Marines in El Salvador in a drive-by.

1990’s-Present: You ever notice that those who WANT abortions to remain legal are also survivors of Roe v Wade? Funny that. These days, the ONLY fighting that these spoiled children will do is to save the life of a scumbag like Tookie but not for an innocent fetus. They’ll throw down like Rosie O’Donnell being held back from an "all-you-can-eat" buffet bar for the rights of a drug dealer but a rape victim? Uh, she should have just laid back and enjoyed it. (Liberal advice to women in the 70’s on avoiding rape.) They fight like wildcats for the terrorists to get free trials here in the USA (paid for by you and me) but spit on the US military and protest in front of military recruiter stations. Why, the useful idiots in Code Pink even collected money and aid and sent it to the foreign fighters aka terrorists, in Fallujah, reminiscent of their glory days in 68, who were busy trying to kill America’s sons and daughters. In the money arena, liberals fight like rabid dogs against ANY type of welfare reform but somehow go to sleep when the tax hikes are being forced on the rest of us.

And Obama? He has run around the world blaming the US for everything even as he bows to foreign leaders.

In closing, when America has to go to war in order to protect ourselves or an ally, liberals rise up in anger like the spoiled children they are, blaming America as a reflex absent of any coherent thought. When a fetus is murdered, they’re calmly sipping Starbuck’s Lattes but try and execute a convicted child rapist and YEOW! it’s Katy bar the door. The spoiled child is never satisfied no matter HOW MUCH mommy and daddy give in. It’s always gimme-gimme-gimme. Witness a recent event wherein Red Nanny Pelosi REFUSED an up or down vote in the Congress over drilling for oil. The American people are BOGGED DOWN by high gas prices but the liberals, like the French, consider vacation more important than our needs (the French took vacation in 2003 leaving the elderly to die at home.) Thus, since the evil Republicans refused to knuckle under and instead, crowded the floor chanting VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Red Nanny, like a spoiled child, shut out the lights and turned off the mics, like a crybaby taking her ball and going home. They even went so far as REFUSING to vote on a budget before the 2010 elections so as not to reveal their true tax and spend colors!

Liberalism is a mental disease rooted in the 60’s with spoiled children deep in its grip. Hopefully, as these spoiled brats take an eternal dirt nap, America can one day get back to what we were, a melting pot sans liberal crap like forced diversity, multiculturalism, and political correctness.

And WHO plays the blame game any better than one Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM!?


  1. Gunny,

    Note the current argument between me and the Mud Turd. He says we're all born libs, then at some point devolve into conservatives. Spoiled children is a great analogy to libs. Take, take, take, but refuse to give. Sickening.

  2. Slow death to liberty kind of crept up on us didn't it? But now, we have opened our eyes, and must turn things around.
    Just heard that a federal Judge (appointed by Obama) just overturned O's law on drilling for oil and put Bush's law back into effect. So soon we can drill again!!

  3. Just as good now as it was then. And as appropriate.

  4. TGP,

    MudCake is an idiot. A typical libtard who thinks that he is more educated than anyone else and very condescending. Doubtful he would last ten seconds in the real world.

  5. Nanna,

    Indeed. We need to KEEP ON STICKING it to the Left on a broad front. Like "whack-a-mole", you hit them wherever they pop up!

  6. clyde,

    Thanks. When I come across stuff I wrote back in 2005-2008, I am surprised at how close to the truth I was. Not alone of course, many others were too.

  7. Liberalism probably got its present day audience with the parents of baby boomers who all read Doctor Spock.
    No, not Mister Spock. Doctor Spock.
    Another factor, and I, a prewar baby, saw this with my own father returning from the Pacific theater.
    He was bound and determined my half sister, born after WWII would not suffer the pains of war as did his generation. He was real anti-war in every argument.
    Me? Schidt! My HEROES were out of WWII. Even including Dad, even though he and I didn't agree.
    So anyway, to make a theory if there were legions of returning vets who counselled their children that war was to be avoided AT ALL COSTS maybe that was also an incubator for the legions of "Better Red Than Dead" idots.
    I loved my dad and he was a hero to me but the only stories I heard were from his shipmates.
    War effects different folks in different ways.

  8. Gunny,

    That was good. Kudos brother!

  9. Buck,

    Good theory. Best as any. My Dad saw four years of war in the Pacific and was not anti-war. His stance was, go in and crush them.

    I wonder how many WW2 vets went to college and got a little socialist/liberal taint to their education from the Progressives who had aready infiltrated academia?

  10. Deleting old files?! Forward all to me bro' are my reference library out here fighting these nitwits tooth and nail. Good new look, btw. JoeDaddy in NC