Sunday, August 28, 2011


Once again, the Gunny's gotta say it. Thank YOU Owl Gore for inventing the Internet, it provides such a fantastic research tool, ya just gotta love it.

For example, last week we read in the Liberal Lapdog Media that Eric Holder's Gestapo raided Gibson guitars looking for illegal imported rosewood and other materials.

Guess what? Holder was enforcing Indian law because the government of India wants only their guitar craftsmen to use rosewood in THEIR products. So it appears that Holder can't enforce AMERICAN LAW, like in the case of the New Black Panther Party vs White voters BUT he has the time to enforce the laws of India? Odd huh? Something rotten in Denmark, so to speak?

You betcha. Hat tip to Mr. Z (inside the belly of the beast himself) on this one.

The CEO of Gibson guitars is a REPUBLICAN donor. But wait, there's more. There is another company that makes guitars out of imported rosewood and they are C.F. Martin & Company. Did Holder's Gestapo raid C.F. Martin & Company for the use of imported rosewood? If you answered NO, then you win a cookie. Why not you ask? Because the CEO of C.F. Martin, Mr. Chris Martin the Fourth, is a DEMOCRAT supporter to the tune of $35,400 in contributions to Crime Incorporated, also known as the Democrat "Jackass" Party! Even better is that they even advertise that "East Indian Rosewood" is used in their guitars in their catalog! But evidently, Eric "sellapardon" Holder missed that clue.

The Gunny hopes that Gibson's sues the Regime, putting both Holder and Obama into the lawsuit as defendants, and makes them point out WHICH AMERICAN LAW was violated! The judgement should be forced to be paid by Holder and Obama PERSONALLY, not out of the Treasury, for their corrupt action here. Folks, this is nothing more than a preparatory action for when Obama joins with the UN on their Small Arms Gun Ban. Their precedence is invading legitimate shops for guitars and legitimate gun dealers in the Southwest, bypassing Congress and the Senate, like Obama loves to do is a test on what Congress will do and Congress has failed. Holder hides behind enforcing the laws of ANOTHER NATION, refuses to enforce OUR LAWS, i.e., illegal aliens, and thus it is clear that this jackoff racist will eagerly enforce the laws of the UN in direct contravention to the US Constitution.

Crony Capitalism, the Shitcago Way.


As the late great Paul Harvey would say, "now you have, the rest of the story."


  1. Please help me by reading my appeal on my profile

  2. Gunny,
    At one time many many years ago, I knew the people at Gibson guitars. They were honest and conservative. Most of the country music people are conservatives. (or were)
    I think Obama wants to destroy anyone that has conservative roots. He wants to hurt the South, and figures he hasn't hurt them enough, because so many southern states are right to work states, and their unemployment rate is lower than the national average.

  3. Just frigging figures,doesn't it. Bastards.

  4. ALZ- Will you stop with the shitcago. We're not all bad. At least we had enough sense to pawn him off on the rest of ya:)

  5. Gunny,

    I'm sure that Party affiliation had NOTHING to do with it. Wink-Wink

    Couldn't we have just elected someone directly from Levenworth or San Quentin and saved some money in 2008?

  6. Gunny,

    I for one would be happy to show Holder and/or Obama my guns.

  7. Nanna,

    No lie there. Notice how Obumbles has not visited anywhere in the Midwest where there were wicked fires nor has any federal disaster money been allocated to them.

  8. Clyde,

    Yep, it is all about payback with these cruds.

  9. JOB,

    When the last Conservative leaves there, take the flag with you please or some libtard will burn it.

  10. Paladin.

    Good point but the entire Dummycrat Party is just one big criminal enterprise and had been since they're inception so one is just as bad as the rest. Until we hold trials and incarcerate them all, America will continue to suffer.

  11. TGP,

    A donation of lead and copper might be in order! It depends on how vicious their Gestapo gets once Obumbles suckles on the UN and tries to put that gun ban in place.

  12. He can suckle on that U.N. teat till his lips bleed. Won't do him any good. There are too many here willing to fight for what made us great. Too many that know what we have has never come for free. I come from a long line of military men, a tradition I failed to follow. Health was an issue, but young stupidity(Not illegal stupidity, just general stupidity...) was a greater issue. And it's probably the one thing I'll regret until I can regret no more.

    But when it comes to bowing to that grand collection of egocentric douchebags known as the U.N., I'll fight till the last brass is tossed from the chamber. Then I'll grab the Harper's Ferry smokepole if I still have the pulse to stuff that .577 minie down the tube.

    I can accept change, but it has to come from the people that are supposed to be in charge of this land, not from some self-annointed world power. I'm sorry if it seems egotistical, but I find it hard to swallow that someone half a world away can decide for me how I should live. And I would never dream of telling them how to live. Don't pee in my pool, and I promise I won't swim in your toilet.

    They forgot what this nation was founded on. I pray we never have to remind them, but I won't back down if it comes to that.

  13. We usually say when schidt like this happens, "..and not a word from the MSM."
    But now we can say, "...and not a word from the GOP."

  14. The subjugation of the U.S. to outside law is a liberal dream that fits right in with their m.o. At least one of our liberal Supreme Court justices has argued that the laws of other countries should be taken into account when the SCOTUS rules on U.S. matters. It’s a notion that allows them to bypass the will of the American people and justify imposing their preferred ways of doing things. It is, of course, absurd because it defeats the purpose of being a sovereign nation.

    Getting back to your point on politically motivated targets of the Justice Dept., did you see news coverage of Holder’s meeting with the families of 9-11 victims who might be impacted by the scandal involving Rupert Murdoch? Holder wasted no time at all honing in on that prime target.

  15. More family we didnt know about....

  16. Not only was it Indian law but Holder did not even bother to interrupt the law correctly.
    He just made it fit is need/case.
    His guy is getting more brazened - what a maroon.

  17. GVii,

    As far as I am concerned, the UN is the enemy.

  18. CW,

    I saw that and it figures. Holder is Obama's like lapdog lawman. What a joke. The guy who sold pardons for BJ Bubba in as Atty Gen!

  19. Anon,

    I'm on it like Michael Mooreon on a stack of free Big Macs.

  20. Kitman3,

    When one is as corrupt as Holder, there is no NEED to interpret the law correctly.