Sunday, August 7, 2011


Liberals are the filth of the earth. They truly are like infants, eating, crying, and sh*tting and producing nothing but filthy diapers. They are like a host of ticks who infest an animal and drain it dry, owning it nothing, giving it nothing (but disease), and then ultimately killing their host. They have spit on us, thrown sh*tty diapers at us, hurled invectives at us, vandalized our recruiting stations and monuments, and they have shown no respect for us, our values, beliefs, traditions, our the nation. They exist at the beneficence of others and shoot their suckholes off in the freedom that we not only provide for them but protect for them as well. They deserve only out scorn and contempt.

They truly are the scum of the earth and the Gunny prays that Satan has enough room in the lowest level of Hell for them and that damn soon.

Liberal scumbags at the HuffHo weigh in on the deaths of the US Navy SEALS in Afghanistan...

1.  Larry MaineManLarry: "These invaders have killed thousands of innocent Afghan civilians. May the good Afghan people continue to repel or kill these war criminals."

2.   marathon43: "They got exactly what they deserved. They voluntarily traveled half-way around the world to kill people who had never done them any harm. They people they were trying to kill killed them first. That’s exactly how things should be. Let’s also remember that our troops have weapons far superior to anything possessed by the people they are trying to kill. Our troops are picking on someone who can’t fight back. That’s called bullying and cowardice. They got what bullies deserve."

3.  swerver: "These are no longer “Brave men and women” they know they are hired guns for the Military industrial complex! They are stupid people who listen to the Ad’s saying “be all that you can be” or ” join the navy see the world”. or ‘ get a college degree and serve your country” The only thing they are taught is how to kill people and who to kill. They sign up to kill people, plain and simple!

4.  TAIsabel: "We created Bin Laden and Al Quaeda. The Taliban did nothing against the US. We create our own Frankensteins."

5.  Hiddenfangs: "We attack and invade then seem startled when people fight back. Did you think the Taliban and other Afghans fighting us would happily allow our soldiers to land and then attack them?"

6.  Clark Nova: "The military is a waste of good men (and women), most of whom enlisted because they couldn’t even get a job at Wal-Mart."

7.  HK79: "They are evading someones country what did they expect."

8.  Recalled: "So who cares? I mean, really. Really."

9.  FoxNewsCreationism: "The leaders are to blame but the soldiers as well. Remember WW2....jus­t following orders is not and excuse or a defense. There very presence and participat­ion in the illegal wars make them guilty as well. The leaders are to blame but the soldiers as well."

10.  thogue7464: "Todays military are mercenarys who joined just to get a job."

11.  ready4you: "Not at all the case. In fact my empathy for fellow human beings extends to those families and children daily murdered by u.s soldiers and army personnel. I don't exempt the u.s military from moral accountabi­lity simply because they're "our boys."

12.  FoxNewsCreationism: "These men did not deserve to die BUT they are not great men. Stop becoming a teary eyed romantic when looking upon young uneducated men whose job is to kill for the empire. Hardpresse­d to find better men? HA! I can find better men very easily. In many walks of life and better educated as well."
There is far more there but this enough. The fact that these fat-assed poltroons, who do not have the stuff to make it through boot camp, much less SEAL training, can open up their oral sewers and post their drivel, is sickening. When the Gunny thinks that he is being too hard on the maggots on the Left, they somehow manage to remind him. And if that ain't enough, the spelling and grammar of these libtards is on par with say, a third grader, or an 8th grader from Wisconsin.

Now if you will excuse the Gunny, after being inside the HuffHo with the squirming maggots on the Left, he needs a HOT shower and a decon with lye soap and a scrub brush.

(hat tip Cpl T-Rex)

SAVED ROUND: Sixty nine years ago today, the finest fighting force the planet has ever seen hit the beaches on Guadalcanal, ending Japanese expansion. VIVA 1st MAR DIV!


  1. It's the way the left has always felt. Of course they are too valuable to waste in war. That job goes to us, the great unwashed. Also most in the left likes to talk smack untill they're confronted, then they squeel like pigs!

  2. I would just like to say that my thought and my heart goes out to the fallen.

    I will admit, I never served, but I do hold the men/women who have in the highest regards. After-all, because of them you and I can have internet blogs.

  3. I was going to hit this issue up too.
    Maybe instead of sending Seals to those dirtbag countries, we should send liberals...since it's win-win for us.
    The libs will either get laughed at while their heads get hacked off or, the Taliban will suffer from "Islamic guilt" and be rotted from within their own ranks...or go broke paying for leaches sucking their system dry...either way, it's good for America!

  4. Gunny,
    Like you, occasionally I visit the troll sites to see what the other side is doing. I am revolted by their complete lack of appreciation for America. The same America that has provided them with so much. Their embrace of everything anti-American is nauseating.

    Since America is such an evil place for them I wish they would just leave.

  5. These folks might have been good Americans. Might have been.
    They are products of a government controlled primary education system and a Marxist controlled higher education system.
    They have no ability to think for themselves. It was criminally denied them in their learning process.
    Yes, I dispise them.
    But I hate those who warped them so out of shape more.

  6. Guns...
    That shit makes me cringe. They're just ignorant losers and don't have a clue about anything. DO turn the other cheek and feel sorry for scum like that, they know not what they speak...even if they think so.

  7. I don't have the proper negative adjectives to describe these "people".

  8. O.M.,

    Thanks for the comment and you're smack on. I for one, can't wait for the 60's dregs to die. They were a useless waste of skin then, as now.

  9. J.O.B,

    Thanks for the comment and I agree. All that the maggots on the Left needed to do was say thanks for the sacrifice and STFU. I laugh when I read that stuff (usually) because I know it is from envy that they say it.

  10. Sepp,

    The First Lib Div is on their way! haha. Hell, just hold em up in B52 and carpet bomb Afghanistan with them, call em stupid bombs. Drop em and the colective IQ in Afghanistan goes into sub numbers.

  11. Hardnox,

    If they won't leave on their own power, I say, let's drive them out.

  12. Buck,

    Indeed. Scum like Ayers and Dorhn and the rest of the professional students from the 60s.

  13. mud_rake,

    If you are going to be the festering boil on my ass here, figuratively speaking, then at least have something pertinent to say.

    Am I a Christian?

    No, I consider myself more of a warrior-poet who hates his sworn enemy, liberals, and won't stop until they are driven from America or hunted down like the dogs they are. Either way works for me.

    BTW, God hates liberals to. 80 million murdered infants later...

  14. Nee,

    I see you point but I'm way past that now. Liberals are destroying this nation and what makes it so bad is that these maggots are 20% of the population (Rasmussen).

    Time to shove them into the closet and get on with making America better.

  15. Craw,

    Indeed. After posting this, went out and busted a few caps into my lib targets and felt much better! haha

  16. It hurts to lose any U.S. serviceman or woman, but especially these well-trained motivated SEALS. While we all should say God Bless and Thank you to each and every one of these heroes for their service, it makes me sick to see those comments from the HuffPo that you put up. I know Sun Tzu said you must know your enemy but I can't bring myself to read that drivel or watch MSNBC for more than 10 seconds without feeling the need to wash off the "dirty".

  17. Sgt R,

    After that session, I felt like I had waded through a pig sty without waders. My contempt for libs has actually reached a new high so maybe I should THANK THEM!

  18. Once again, John Stuart Mill's comment on War is appropriate.

    You know: "War is a ugly thing but...."

  19. "God hates liberals too" * your qualified to interpret the political views of an imaginary being as well huh? Wow you people really do crack me up! And the whole "lets drive out the liberals" thing, is that not a bit contradictory to Freedom of speech? All that bullshit? Nah, who needs it huh? If they don't believe EXACTLY what you believe than they are wrong, aren't they? Its people like you that will ensure us another victory in 2012! So keep up the good work!

  20. All the more reason to annihilate them. Thanks for posting those shitbits. Always good to know what the enemy is thinking.

  21. Oh God, Gunny, I can understand how you felt you needed a good scrub after reading that crap. In fact it's worse than crap, but I'll be polite here. I hate these liberals too. I would like to see them all sent off to someplace like Siberia where they can see what they can do there. Dumb asses have no idea how good they have it here and don't love this country one bit. And to say the things they said about our troops puts a knife into me, having so many of my relatives fight in all the wars we've had since WWI. It is breath taking to read this hideous stuff. And I feel as though I could cry now knowing we have this kind of vermin in our midst.
    Semper Fi

  22. Gunny,

    First, can you research the education of the men on that chopper? I'm willing to bet they all had some college, and of course all of them know a lot about algebra and geometry, what with trajectories and ranging, etc. I am offended that the libs think a man is "uneducated" because he hasn't been brainwashed.

    Second, please don't say my pigs are as filthy as the HuffHo.

  23. AntiLib answers, Am I a Christian?
    No, I consider myself more of a warrior-poet

    Oh, that's a relief. For a while there I thought that maybe you WERE a Christian but, with all of that 'hate' stuff that you posted, Jesus would weep bloody tears at your anti-Christian rhetoric.

    I suppose that none of the other people who commented here are Christians , either, seeing how they all agree to hate other human beings.

    Like you, I feel that it's good to hate. Nothing like a good, fat HATE session to purge oneself of all of the nasty toxins that build up within. It's a cathartic experience from time to time.

    Do you feel refreshed after a good hate session, AntiLib? Raring to go, bright-eyed, optimistic about tomorrow- new challenges, fertile ground to plow?

    I'd urge all of those who comment here to do their own hate-session from time to time. Quite cleansing of body, mind and soul.

  24. Goodlaugh
    Your moniker describes exactly what you are good for. I'm sorry that you don't believe in God and that you have your head buried in the sand and cannot see what your vote for The Pied Piper is doing to our country. Would you fight for your country? Or will you stand back and watch the ruin and let someone else protect it? Yep. Just what I thought..another superior liberal who pretends things and never stands for them. That's the difference between us and you people.

  25. Good Laugh?
    You accuse Gunny of intrepreting the views of God , and then say God does not exist. Which is it?

    Freedom of speech? I suspect you don't understand the principle.

    Your last two sentences are good for a laugh, considering the stock markets dive today.

  26. Good Laugh:
    Don't be a total moron.
    We are not infringing on their freedom of speech, although none of them ever did anything to preserve or protect it.
    We have let them have their say.
    And we don't like what they said.
    So we are going to replace them.
    THAT's the democratic process.

  27. TGP,

    I can't remember where I read it but many of today's NCOs and SNCOs have BA/BS degrees and many officers have Master's and some PhDs. In addition to knowing THEIR jobs, they know the other team member's jobs, as well as those at least one level above them rank wise.

    libs can barely walk and chew gum

  28. mud_rake,

    I was never one for the touchy-feely crap. I leave that to you and your fellow ball-licking, cork snorkling libs.

    I simply consider you as traitors to this nation and never give it a second thought. Your removal from our shores can only better the nation. Maybe I'll be like Obingo's buddy William Ayers and consider murdering 25 million Americans who "don't fit in" with the collective.

  29. Hey Libtards,

    How's that fundamental change working for ya?


    Fresh stimulus considered!


    Hey, that first one went well.

  30. Well, comments like that are the result of internet anonymity.

    You just know there's no way people would write comments like that if they thought there was the slightest chance in the world anyone would know who they really were. They might then have to actually face the consequences of their actions.

    And in all honesty, I've seen that work both ways, as we all have. I've seen some conservatives post some pretty awful things, too.

    I guess I'm not as sensitive to this stuff as a lot of you, because I'm a Viet vet, and we heard that stuff every single day. You guys are just a bunch of kids!


  31. Hey Mud and other Libturds,

    Read the book of Revelations. Then come tell us how Jesus would cry. Jesus will return and lead an Army of the Lord in an all out fight against evil. Who do you think will be the soldiers of the Lord?

  32. Why wait for Jesus to return when the enemy is standing before us on a daily basis? I think he'd understand if we got started without him...and, forgiveness is always easier to obtain than permission!

  33. You guys are pretty hateful.
    I'm somewhere in the middle, I'm not liberal or conservative. I believe in building a consensus.

    What I see here is the dehumanization of people who don't share your views. "Vermin", "scum", "maggots". We've seen this done in past history past with genocidal results.

    A lot of you guys are Christians, some of you even go to church no doubt. How do you resolve this behavior with being good and righteous?

    Are liberals right about everything? No. Are they going to make America better? Probably not but this is just hate speech for the most part.

  34. Read the book of Revelations? Good joke, Tenth. I gave up reading Fairy Tales a long time ago, about the time I lost my first tooth.

    I'll bet, Tenth, that you like the christian hymn, 'Onward Christian Soldiers.'Marching as to war.

    In your fantasyland I'll bet that you play medieval crusader- fighting to free the Holy Land from the godless Muslims.

    Are you, Tenth, a 'soldier of Jesus' in your bubble universe? Do you recall your European history class while in the GED program? Recall the idiotic Wars of Religion? I'm guessing not.

    I'll let you go back to your World of Delusion now, Tenth. Remember though, that Jesus taught, "Love one another."

  35. RD,

    You mean how this regime has called us terrorists? Issued reports from DHS on how the right wing and veterans could be domestic terrorists? You mean how Obama continues to dispoarage the right, Fox News, etc?

    You talk about a consensus? Bullshit. Liberals NEVER want a bi-partisan solution, they want the GOP to roll over and let them do what they want.

    As far as religion goes, that is a strawman argument because the left, of which I am sure you are one, wants a separation of church and state so we give you what you want!

    Hate speech? Maybe you glossed over what the libturds were posting on the death of some SEALs who are finer Americans than they, or you, will ever be.

  36. You're nuttier than a Christmas fruit cake.

    I am the GOP. I think you guys have gone ideologically to the right of the GOP altogether.

    Church and state are already separate. Do the nuns teach the kids in school? Do they run the orphanages?

    I agree that Liberals say some bad stuff but I'm talking about the text printed right here on your web page. Don't try to conveniently change the subject to what the other kid in the playground said. (seriously, you sound like a child).

    I brought up religion because I'm a Sunday school teacher and the stuff you are writing here would cause the old folks in my church to lay hands on you to cast out your demons.

    You have an anger issue and have completely lost control of your tone. Guys like you bring down the GOP. You make the party look extremist and scare away the centrists that DECIDE who gets to run the country.

  37. RD,

    You need to re-read your Bible. Liberals are Satan, and they are evil. I'm no tambourine whacker, but I am tired of all you candy ass Christians saying turn the other cheek. The old timers that came before your old timers would think you're a pussy. You can't just accept evil in the world and expect to get to Heaven. By accepting liberal ideas like homoism and abortion, you encourage people to sin, God will judge you for being tolerant. You have to stand up to evil, or you won't make the cut.

  38. 10th generation...I can't agree with you there.
    I don't support homosexuality, and I don't believe in abortion.
    I read my Bible every day and the only thing you wrote that was actually in the Bible was to turn the other cheek.

    If you want to publicly disassociate yourself with Christianity, go ahead. It is obvious you have no understanding of the Bible anyway. Jesus did not raise up armies. Paul did not overthrow Nero...

    I'm taking issue with the tone here. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Do you want to enact change? Run for office, volunteer for a candidate you believe in. But to hide on the internet and spew's just cowardly and you guessed it, evil.

  39. RD,

    Read Revelations. The time has come to stand up to evil. You are either with God or against Him. I hope you figure it out.

    By the way, I am not a Republican.

  40. So basically you think we're in end of days? Well, let judgment come then. I know I have lived according to the word. I can't say you have after looking at some of the things on this site. To hate is to sin brother.

    One last thing, read the whole Bible regularly, not just John's revelation. People always think we're approaching the apocalypse and use this as an excuse for just about anything. Don't selectively lift pages from the Bible. Spouting things like "The time has come to stand up to evil" and then advocate violence is an inappropriate use of God's word.

    Some reading: Matthew 5:44
    1 John 2:9-11

    If you truly want to refer to the Bible, you need to know it and follow it.

  41. RD,

    End of days? Where have I stated that? I only advocate violence in self defense or defense of others.

    Thanks for the input tho.

  42. Calling a liberal a maggot is nothing compared to a liberal cheering over the death of US soldiers that sacrificed their life for ALL Americans. You can dish it out, but can't take it. You're as inhumane as the Muslim scum that danced in the streets on 9/11.

    BTW mud_ape religious wars? If it wasn't for the Crusaders, we'd be worshipping a black stone Kaaba right now. The Crusades was a response to 400 years of jihad. I'm sure a pansy like you would have no problem letting his sisters and kids be enslaved and put in a Harem as long as you're safe. Be a doormat Christian, pay jizya and let them spit on you.

  43. Liberals are parasites that live off the good of populace once a nation has reached some sort of glory. They are the mushrooms that grow after a tree rots in the forest ground. If you see them in significant numbers it means the republic is in trouble. Ive seen it before, in south america, in asia, on the streets of failing african nations.

    In England before WWII it was the liberals who wanted to make sure all citizens were disarmed and when the war came about people were scrambling to change laws and get guns! In england its illegal to defend yourself with a gun and so on amazon UK the sale of Baseball BATS went up. When the libs got a hold of it they shut down the bat sales.

    In Canada if you defend your home with lethal force EVEN IF the criminals who break in have guns --YOU are liable and will go to jail.

    Im in Canada, I should know. I spit at these liberal dogs. My grandfather killed 20 Nazis with his rifle in the first months of invasion in his home country (Greece) --he told me "never let them take your gun". I'm moving to Texas I hear you can still defend your home in Texas.