Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Now for something you WON'T see from the US Lapdog media, who busy themselves with sniffing the Obama's anal fumes and swallowing whatever Barry puts in their mouths!

From the UK comes this report:

EXCERPT: "The Obamas' summer break on Martha's Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets. But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.

White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers' money on vacations alone in the past year."

C'Mon Brits, don't y'all KNOW that the Obamas are OWED this extravagance!? Who CARES that more Americans are on food stamps than ever before!? Who CARES that unemployment is rampant and growing!? Who CARES that Obama and Bernanke have almost destroyed the Dollar!? Who CARES that inflation is hitting and food prices are climbing!? Who CARES that Americans are pissed off and tired of their corruptocrats!?


DAMN the bills and FULL SPEED ahead on this $38,000 rental called the "winter" white house!

MILLIONS to stroll through Costa del Sol? It was only a few MILLION! Moochelle and her friends MUST BE afforded every opportunity to vacation on the taxpayer's backs, they are OWED!

A ski trip to Vail on AF Two? WHO CARES!?

This is the very woman who was OWED her job at a hospital, doing nothing and making 300K a year! Just like Barry was OWED that non-job as the president of the Harvard Law Journal! SO WHAT if Moochelle has take 42 days of holiday in 2011, that cost us $375,000 for a Spanish holiday and four days skiing in Vail, where taxpayers footed the bill for a $2,000 a night suite! And if that house they're renting for nine days in Martha's Vineyard costs us almost $100,000 bucks alone, who are we to complain!?

And two BILLION to stay here in India? 200 Million a DAY? 600 rooms for friends? Pish-posh after ALL Obama has done for us...

Well, just consider that they're owed and leave it at that. After all, buying up businesses and giving them to the unions, destroying the dollar, selling out our allies, pissing on the Constitution, lying again and again to the American people, this is serious WORK folks. They. Are. Owed.

And if the First Grifter wants to drink martinis made with top-shelf vodka (only the best for the Obamas mind you!) so what. Think of all of the years she spent hating the US, hating whitey, listening to racists like Rev Wright and Ogletree, hating whitey some more, and having to deal with a job, that never had any work to do, for a measly 300K a year, and ONLY being proud of the US once her partner on the flim-flam team got elected president.

Why, it's enough to make ya want a vacation after your vacation!

The Gunny has one more vacation planned for them in January 2013...

Free Food. Free Golf. Free al-Jazeera. They'll be among their friends and allies...

Why, the Grifters in the WH will love it.

UPDATE: More friends join the fun.


  1. "let them eat cake"
    rebel with a cause

  2. Gunny,

    I agree with Dennis Miller. He said that he "would rather have Obama on vacation than back here and out to lunch."

  3. I am starting to be glad they call me a terrorist. Life in Gitmo is starting to sound pretty good.

  4. I'm not sure where the justification comes in for Michelle to travel to Spain or Somalia or wherever on our dime.
    Nor am I sure she rates a separate jet when her and hubby have the same destination...
    I think she is sticking it in the collective eye of a country she was never proud of and folks she still despises.

  5. I disagree with the statement "this is a PR disaster". This is more along the lines of the Titanic in terms of disasters.

  6. Gunny,
    I got a feeling the osamaone doesn't fly with moochelle because of her diet and thin as he is and with what she allows him to eat in her presence he can't defend himself. I bet he gave her this same order(Pentagon to Marines: Stop farting -, just insert osama to moochelle)but she refuses to obey and he just can't take the fumes she emits on board.

  7. rebel,

    That's what this regime is all about.

  8. CS,

    Indeed. But I'll take it a step further, I'd rather see him as a private citizen back working for ACORN.

  9. TGP,

    I don't think the reeducation camps that Obama who host for us would be so nice. Looking back on what Wilson and FDR did to American citizens...

  10. Buck,

    I agree. I was being satirical here. Both of them are affirmative action examples and takers.

  11. Clyde,

    And let's hope his presidency follows the Titanic's lead...

  12. R E,

    I have no doubt that she rules the roost! haha. That is why he is such a petty tyrant.

  13. Great piece Gunny - saw that article and am gather further info for my own post too.
    It is just outrageous what these people are getting away with.
    2012 can not come fast enough!

  14. It's not their money, what do they care? And let's face it, if it were not for us simpletons that comprise the population and our perpetual resistance to being transformed into a progressive utopia, maybe their job would be a lot less tiring.

    The really sick part? While the sarcasm in my post is obvious to most people, I have absolutely no doubt that there are people out there who actually believe it wholeheartedly. Maybe not with that exact wording, but the basic gist of it.