Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Gunny could not concur with this article more fiercely. This regime outed these men and they paid the price for Comrade Oblowme and Gaffes Biden's quest to make themselves look "presidential."

And to further rub salt into the wound, Comrade Asshat shows up at Dover, when the SEALs families asked him NOT TO, for a photo op. (Under a Pentagon policy set in 2009, media coverage at the Dover base is allowed only when family members of the war dead approve.) So the media is BANNED yet Comrade Simpleton gets a photo op and makes it, "the pic of the day." Disgusting.

The lowest pit of Hell is reserved for Democrats and traitors (but the Gunny digresses).


  1. Gunny,

    I saw the picture on It was a posed pic, taken by a White House photographer, released by the White House. I'm not opposed to the picture, but it should have been classified until Obunghole has been out of office for ten years. Because of shit like this, it is impossible to like this crappy POTUS. "You don't want publicity over the death of your son? I'm sorry, but I'm campaigning and this will buy votes. Request denied."

  2. What really pissed me off is that Oblowme has made them a target forever by outing who killed OBL. It should have been made classified for 100 years.

    This is just like Sandy Berger shredding stuff to keep BJ Bubba out of the 9/11 mess when we all know he was neck deep in it by ignoring OBL and al-qaeda.

  3. Yeah, I just posted about that. Bubba is more responsible for 9/11 than any other American. He should have put his pecker away and took care of business. First World Trade Center, USS Cole, embassies in Africa. Do nothing and kick it down to the next guy.

  4. The libtards will ALWAYS apologize for their leaders, it is what they do.

  5. This asshole would know as much about honor and valor as Tibetan monks do about fornicating.C in C my ass.

  6. This episode is Paragraph One for my Saturday column.

    Democrats only like the military when it gives them a frickin photo op.

  7. Not only have they shit on the SEALS but, the family of Brian Terry's (the border patrol agent killed by a F&F ATF gun) family has been denied "victim status" by...the DoJ!

  8. Ah, Gunny, you're not're simply being redundant!


  9. What's he saluting? I'll bet it's his own reflection.

    That opportunistic bastard never ceases to bring new meaning to the term "low standards".

  10. Those SEALs were set-up.
    Spec-ops don't travel around 30 packed in a Skyhook.
    They were set-up to give the ragheads a hero.
    Yeah. The raghead who shot them down is now a hero. Dead hero, maybe, but a hero. They figure maybe he got the one that got Bin Laden.
    Yep. They were set-up.
    Who has that power?
    You figure it out.

  11. cut and run osama could have never done anything different than what we see now. Those who voted for this fool should be prosecuted and ... for what has happened to America under this illegal regime.

  12. That's a salute? Looks more like he's thumbing his nose.