Thursday, August 11, 2011


MAN! The way the tyrant-in-thief blames everyone but himself, we're soon gonna need programs to know the players!

NEW BLAME: "President Obama blasted Congress from the road Thursday, saying things would be worse if lawmakers returned to Washington. "There is nothing wrong with our country," Obama said in a speech at a Holland, Mich., plant. "There is something wrong with our politics." Obama criticized and mocked Congress’s months-long fight over a deal to raise the debt ceiling and reduce deficits, and said he would not heed suggestions to call Congress back to Washington during the August recess."

This from a clown who is supposed to LEAD America and yet did virtually nothing but whine and moan during the process and who was ONLY concerned with getting two things:

1.  That 2 TRILLION in additional spending in order buy votes.

2.  The debt limit extended PAST the election so it can't be used against him.

This from a clown who is the class warfare chump who extorts his thugs to attack people, like a black conservative at a Tea Party by his SEIU Brownshirts (in purple t-shirts). Once again, it should be noted that the Gunny stated back on his old TH blog WELL BEFORE THE ELECTION that this idiot could not lead a platoon of thirsty Marines to free beer or Ted DRUNKennedy to a tanker-truck of Cutty Sark.

This from a clown who had a SUPER MAJORITY of Dummycrats in the Congress AND the Senate from January 2009 to November 2010 and all he could do was ram more regulations on us, ram ObummerKare down our throats, and sign a massive amount of Executive Orders (edicts from the tyrant).

What America does NOT need is four more years of this idiot. Moreover, if Congress stopped hiding under the bed and found their balls, they could impeach this clown (Operation Fast and Furious or Illegal fundraising in the White House or the Sony classified film) and rid America of his presence BEFORE November 2012. Then Comrade Oblowme could run around blaming everyone and bashing America, joining Jimmy the Dhimmi, his long lost father.

Perhaps the real shame here is that Obongo blames the TeaParty for the downgrade in our credit rating yet it was because there was not enough cuts in spending and that Obonehead had never passed a budget, even when his Jackass Party owned the government! Laughingly, the idiot actually wanted the debt ceiling raised unconditionally, even after HE ALONE has quadrupled the budget deficit to the tune of 16 TRILLION now. At 100% debt to GDP, ANYONE voting for this clown or believing what he says, is too stupid to vote.


  1. I fully believe he has found a way to bank some of the money he keeps getting his hands on. I don't think he made millions on those lousy books of his.

  2. No doubt he will bank most of it. Soros has his back because Obama has Soros' back.

  3. Gunny,

    "Couldn't lead a platoon of thirsty Marines to free beer?" If that is true, and by all signs it is, that alone should be grounds for impeachment.

    I was taught from a young age that decisions should be made promptly, and if conditions prove you made the wrong decision, make another one promptly. I could not imagine taking more than four minutes to make the decision to take out the somali pirates, and the decision to "go" on Osama wouldn't have taken four seconds, even if my mouth was full. The guy just can't make a decision, and that is what leadership is all about.

  4. TGP,

    My dad always said, "DO SOMETHING, even if it is wrong! but DO something!"

    But really, liberal presidents have ALWAYS sucked at leadership, since JFK and the Bay of Pigs.

  5. "There is nothing wrong with our country". OH,YES,indeed there is. Namely the BECS who is the current potus. THAT,along with the majority of his fucked up party is EXACTLY what is wrong with our country.

  6. You better believe he's pocketed a ton of the money he has extorted from the public. That's what thief thugs do. There is something wrong with our politics and it's name is osamabinbastardobamster a known illegal radical mussy commie sob and enemy of the USA.