Friday, August 5, 2011


Well fellow Patriots it has happened. We have been downgraded by Standards and Poor's and after weeks of the Kabuki theater in Congress, with honorable people like Rand Paul calling for deep cuts to perserve our credit rating, the Liberals and the RINOs have betrayed us. They passed a bullsh*t deal, Obama ran out and pissed away ANOTHER 2 TRILLION and BOOM! here we are.

The Gunny has but one thing to say to these SOBs who brought this about:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." Cicero

The traitors in America are Obama, Bernanke, Ghietner, Nutsy Baloney, Dingy Reid, McLame, Grahamnesty, Carter, Dodd, Frank, Goolsby, Sunstein, and many others. G.K. Chesterton was right...

"It's terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hung today."



1. First POTUS to bash the USA (EX: Cairo speech)
2. First POTUS to bow to foreign leaders.
3. First POTUS to sue a state for defending its borders (Holder vs Arizona)
4. First POTUS to top ONE TRILLION in Debt.
5. First POTUS to have our credit rating downgraded.
6. First POTUS to allow 16 nations to sue a state AND then JOIN IN! (hat tip Nanna)


  1. I emailed Priebus several times about this crap the last couple of weeks,with the standard boilerplate response:"Thank you for your interest in this matter"."Please send your most generous donation". Ran clean out of F bombs with the last email to the asshat.I did manage to keep it clean enough to send this along: "Rest assured I WILL be doing the best I can to RID the party of the old guard"."Since it is the VERY PEOPLE you and the entrenched fools are backing that HELPED get us INTO this mess".

  2. There are many in this government to blame and they should ALL be held accountable. I wish that we could put them on trial tomorrow.

  3. But somehow I get the distinct feeling
    that even if the GOP captures both houses and the oval office they still will be too cowed to bring these criminals to justice.

  4. Buck,

    I could not agree more. Operation Fast and Furious goes right up to Obama, no one can tell me different, yet nothing is done. His abuses of Czars, EOs, and rogue agencies is even worse. His recent violation of campaign laws by filming in the White House is another. I guess they want him to really rack up a list!

  5. The Tea Party has been proven 100% CORRECT tonight!

  6. Oh...and SHAMELESS BLOG PLUG!!!!!!
    (I went a bit long for this edition)

  7. I wrote my Critter, Walter Jones, and told him to retire fore we kick him out. The guy fooled me and voted AGAINST the bill! But he's still a RINO and has to go.

    By the way, his response to what I thought was an ugly email was Thanks for supporting me. What a maroon.

  8. Gunny,I'm not at all surprised about this downgrade. S&P said the cuts would have to be around $4trillion to make a difference,and of course,since NO ONE in DC today seems to get that this is REAL money,not goddamn Monopoly money, none of the simpletons got it through their skulls full of of goat shit to do the RIGHT thing,let alone what common frigging sense would dictate.

  9. Amen...Cicero's got it right...Can I come to AK to live? It would be safer! :)

  10. Having control of only the House and not the Senate or Presidency, our goal between now and November 2012 is to fight as hard as we can to minimize our loses.

    We cannot truly start to put things right until November 2012. And that's when the truly hard work will come.

    It has taken decades to get us into this bad shape. it will take decades. It will take decades to undo the damage.

    Let's not give up.

  11. Now I seem to have attracted TGP's troll.

  12. Been frosted for weeks. Even more disgusting are the liberal media trying to spin and SAVE those who sold America's credit "down the river". \

    I spoke of "Bob Dole Butte Kissing Lipstick and it's a Boehner product now.

    37 fund raisers for the "Oval Oriface Occupant" vs only 7 at this stage by Bush before.
    Wisconsin race riot of Thursday August 4,2011 at State least nobody was KILLED..YT dragged off motorcycle and out of cars...pounded. Celebrating Big Bigot's B-day I suppose.

  13. Craw,

    Yep, the Tea Party was 100% spot on and the Left hates it.

  14. Dave,

    Rest assured amigo, I'll NEVER give up the fight. Thanks for the post.

  15. Nee,

    Plenty of work up here, low crime, everyone packs heat! haha

  16. Sage,

    I saw that about Obumfvck's fund raising, it is all the SOB is about. As for Wisconsin, if a victim would have pulled a legally registered firearm and blasted one of the thugs, Jesse and Al, the race pimps, would have been there in a NY second.

  17. Gunny,

    1st POTUS to party while Americans suffer.

    Good post amigo.

    We will see if enough fools are willing to re-elect zero next year.

  18. Am trying your advise.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he also the first president that allowed 16 foreign countries to sue one of our states,(Alabama) for a law they enacted, and not only allowed it, but joined in on it?

  19. Am trying your advise.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Obama the only president that has ever allowed 16 foreign countries sue one of our soverign states for a law that was written for that state. And not onlyallowed them to sue, but joined in the suit!!

  20. Well, finally Carter has something to be grateful for.

    Bat Ears has replaced him as worst President in history.

  21. every thing is going according to plan obumbles and soreass are having their way with us.DAMN THEM ALL rinos and dumb ass repubs along with the libturds.time to clean house one way or the other.PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMO!
    rebel with a cause

  22. Hardnox,

    NEVER NEVER underestimate the stupidity and idiocy of liberals. They would vote for Stalin if he was on the Jackass ticket.

  23. Nanna,

    EXACTLY RIGHT. Added it to the list.

  24. Brian,

    Yep, and Bat Ears can take over for Jimmy the Dhimmi when he takes the express elevator to Hell, sooner, rather than later, I hope.

  25. rebel with a cause,

    2012 WILL be our year IF we stay the course and demand justice. We are in the right.

  26. Does your noose suggest that you wish to hang the President?

  27. mud_rake,

    Why, do you? Or do you simply wish to keep your lips pressed against his ass?

    Traitors deserve a traitor's punishment and that punishment is death.

    BTW, maybe you should research how many times you libvermin hung Bush, Cheney, and Palin in effigy. Guess that's okay right?

  28. So, Gunny, do YOU wish to hang the President?

  29. Retired General Paul Vallely says that his inside sources tell him that Congress will never bring the fraud up on charges because they are afraid of a massive black uprising.

    Ret.Col. Larry Sellins states it is too late for them now as they are all felons under the law covering this long for the fraud.

    The moment the imposter sued Arizona (with Mexico) he should have been brought up on charges right then and there IMHO.

  30. Gunny,

    Sorry, but I apparently got some shit on my shoes and am tracking it wherever I go. Sorry Craw, I got some over at your place too.

  31. Congrats Gunny! Muddy dedicated a posting to you!

    "BTW, maybe you should research how many times you libvermin hung Bush, Cheney, and Palin in effigy. Guess that's okay right?"

    In muddy's world it's ok to hang them because they're white...but, it's "rayyycist" if it's Obama.

    This government needs a visit from the orkin man.

  32. mud_rake,

    Hell no. I want him impeached and them hung around the neck of the Jackass Party like a dead chicken around the neck of a brokedick chicken-killing dog.

    I want him to live for another 50 YEARS so we can point to him AND your party and use them as an example of how screwed up you idiots are.

  33. Pepperhawk,

    I don't doubt it. Just another fine example of guts in politics.

    Were I in Congress, I'd be filing impeachment charges as fast as they were denied and I'd do it publicly.

  34. TGP,

    Nice analogy of a lib troll! Something smelly you stepped in and tracked around...

  35. Sepp,

    It would take a few hundred Orkin men and a few thousand gallons of insecticide to clean out DC. But as my Royal Marine buddies would say, "let's give it a go shall we?"

    I can't WAIT for 2012.

  36. Dang, he "inherited" a AAA from Bush.


  37. Gunny,

    Check out my polished turd piece. I see a whole line of liberal action turds for the kiddies under the tree this year.

  38. "Dang, he "inherited" a AAA from Bush."

    Best quote all day and right on the money!

  39. I quite enjoy the 'depth' of conversation here, gentlemen. It brings me back to my high school days when my emotions ruled my brain.

  40. Mud,

    That couldn't have been much of a fight.

  41. All you racist would be wise to read the following to suppress your innate violent personality and racism

  42. Of course you anti-americans will censor any post you don't like. You should be lynched. I'll shoot you right in the fucking eye

  43. Most of your facts are wrong bu then when hatred and racism motivate you, that's to be expected. I sure hope the secret service is paying you a visit. Lynching indeed you sick pathetic nobody.

  44. Anon,

    Wow, you are scary. A toughie hiding behind their keyboard.

    flash mob lately?

  45. Sherry,

    WOW! Another ad hominem attack! I must be hitting the "X" ring! haha.

    Please point out WHICH facts are WRONG. (If you can) Most likely, you can't because you're a stupid liberal who eagerly swallows whatever Obama puts in your mouth.

  46. Interesting rhetoric on this blog. Why should anyone see you as any less of a clueless thug than a Nazi, a Stalinist, a Klansman, a member of the Red Brigade, or any other terrorist who threatens people because they disagree with him?

  47. Interesting rhetoric on this blog. Why should anyone see you as any less of a clueless thug than a Nazi, a Stalinist, a Klansman, a member of the Red Brigade, or any other terrorist who threatens people because they disagree with him?

  48. Paft,

    One point of fact here is that I have noticed that you libidiots HAVE FAILED TO REFUTE ONE FACT I HAVE NOTED!

    The Nazis were Leftists, as was Stalin and the Red Brigade, kinda like your messiah Obambi.

    As for Klansman, ain't me shitbird. I want LtCol Allen West, a REAL black man, as POTUS!

  49. No, the Nazis were not leftists. Claiming that they are requires believing in a vast conspiracy of historians and contemporary journalists, letter writers, etc. who pretty much universally described Nazis as right wingers. Is it really your premise that every contemporary observer of the rise of the Third Reich was a liar?

    Facts? You barely offer us any. All you do is equate liberalism with treason, and yes, I do challenge your claim that all liberals -- including relatives of mine who fought in WWII -- are guilty of treason. You seem unable to grasp the difference between simply disagreeing with someone's politics and desiring to kill them, and in that sense, you are identical to lefting and right wing thugs of that type.

  50. Paft,

    Wow, how stupid can you get?

    NSDAP stands for National Socialist German Workers' Party or in the German, National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

    Socialist = Leftist. In fact, the red in the Nazi flag was designed to attract repetant commies to the Nazi party.

    But I LOVE condescending of a asshat like yourself who can't even get the facts right. I would suggest that "research is your friend" but liberal idiots run from FACTS like Rosie O'Donnell from slimfast.

    I laugh how you leftards are all boiling over this post! Thanks for making my day. It is okay to hang Bush and Cheney and Palin in effigy but YOUR clowns are off limits.

    See you morons in 2012.

  51. Gunny,

    Did I track all that shit in your house? I'm sorry, I'm throwing these boots out and get a new pair.

  52. As any historian or contemporary observer of the Third Reich will tell you, the "Socialist" part of the Nazi Party name was a meaningless attempt to attract working class members. Using your rationale, Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard was a branch of the GOP.

    Facts? Bring-em-on. I'd LOVE to go head to head with you on the facts of Third Reich history.

  53. Paft,

    You're the perfect example of why I tell my fellow conservatives NOT to waste their time yapping with assh*le libs like you. You can pile a ton of actual material and you blithering idiots will still manage to ignore it.

    Contemporary observers? So you are a revisionist historian? In other words, a moron.

    Here are two websites that back me up and both are reputable with other links.

    Please try to refute the Mises Institute. That really WILL make me laugh.

    Buh Bye little girl. Go back and play with your dollies. Next you'll be telling me you've got a PhD, blah blah blah.

  54. Uh, no, I'm not a "revisionist historian." If I were, I'd be claiming that HItler was a leftist, an assertion contrary to pretty much what every historian says about Hitler, and contrary to what everyone said about Hitler while he was alive.

    Why should I believe Mises and not every reputable writer and observer of Hitler? And do explain why, if the Nazis were leftists, they enjoyed such ardent support from the military and wealthy industrialists -- among them Henry Ford.

    You can't seem to make up your mind. First you declare that liberals run from facts -- then you you advise your fellow right wingers to run.

  55. Paft,

    You're an idiot and you are trying, without success, to use a well-worn liberal tactic on me, of belaboring a point with circular logic. It might work on your empty-headed douchebag lib friends but it ain't flying here. I know my enemy and I know the tactics of my enemy.