Monday, August 29, 2011


Figures, it takes a patriot to lay it out. If Americans REALLY knew the lies in this regime and REALLY cared about the lies, the corruption, the crony capitalism, the loss of freedoms and liberties, I-95 would be lined with liberal politicians and RINOs hung up by their heels. Anyone who prevents US from drilling for OUR resources IS. THE. ENEMY!


  1. Good post. Glad a professor can see the BECS lies like a frigging rug.Need a WHOLE bunch more like him.

  2. He's a Tea Party guy, and he gets it. One of the few academics that hasn't gotten a lobotomy.

  3. Good one Gunny,

    I heard today that illegal oyango obama got a dui. The first thing I thought of was his name is oyango obongo same as the illegal foghorn in chief the malaise of the day that 'changed everything'

    Good Lord willing and the creeks dont rise he'll be moving on down to the shitcargo side come 2012.

  4. How about this description: a liar, fraud, Muslim and enemy of Israel?

  5. The Lame Stream Media continue to ignore Uncle Oingo Boingo and yet constantly come up with "reports" and phony reality television shows featuring Southerners as hicks and rednecks. Anyone see the hypocracy here... nahhh.

  6. clyde,

    He laid it out there and even LIBTARDS can understand it.

  7. Hardnox,

    I am sure that he is hated wherever he teaches. I wonder how often he debates a libtard and wraps them up like a pretzel?

  8. R E,

    I'd contribute for a ticket to send him and his BACK to Kenya!

  9. Bupkiss,

    I could not have said it better. Kudos.

  10. Greasywrench,

    Good post and spot on. I hear that the snobby NE media outlets sneer at Perry for his southern accent.

    What losers.

  11. Actually the founding fathers had the right idea.
    They bundled up all the English loyalists (Tories) and sent them North to Canada.
    When the dust settles over the next bru ha ha maybe the liberals cum leftists cum socialists cum Marxists should be bundled up and shipped to the nearest socialist country.

    You know today the aclu would file a lawsuit and it would go to the supreme court and in a 5-4 ruling the court would say the loyalists had a constitutional right to dissent against the rebels and for the crown.
    But then there was no supreme court.

  12. Between the North Slope, the Bakken, the tired old Black Warrior, and the Green River, the US has enough oil to tell the rest of the world to eat shiite and chase rabbits. The only reason that O'Vomit and his minions do not want us drilling is that the Dumbocrap/Socialists lose control if the US becomes completely self-sufficient.

    I agree with Buck, it is time to rid our country of all the Liberal scum.