Monday, August 1, 2011


The recent Kabuki theater on the debt limit, default, etc, is all crap. We all KNOW that the government takes in enough money EACH MONTH to meet their required obligations as per the Constitution, will extra thrown into the mix for other items. What they DO NOT want to do, especially the Left, is cut off the freebies that they toss out to the mob of parasites, that will cost them votes. The Left was especially mindful of Comrade Obama's head on the chopping block, in a default, since that is required of him ala the 14th Amendment, not that he hasn't already violated the Constitution and pissed on various Amendments, with Congress looking the other way. No, this whole thing was a clash of ideologies and the Gunny decided that WE THE PEOPLE need a program to follow the jerkoffs inside the Beltway.

LIBERALS: The bottom line is that they believe that government action solves everything. The government must step in to regulate every aspect of our lives, from equal opportunity to alleviating social problems to protect civil liberties, especially for the "protected classes" (ya gotta love how some “classes” are more protected than others, white men, that means you are screwed), and the needs of every citizen, from the cradle to the grave. ObamaKare’s provision for children to the age of TWENTY SIX to be on their parent’s policy is a perfect example of that.

CONSERVATIVES: The bottom line for us is that we hold dear to personal accountability and personal responsibility. The government is there to protect the nation from invasion and protect the freedoms necessary for the citizenry to pursue their own goals in life, i.e., Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We cherish free markets, individual liberty, a strong national defense, military service, and traditional American values. It is up to the individual to solve their own problems.

Take, for example, the Death Penalty. Blue States, run by Liberals, are awash in violent crime, i.e., flash mobs in Filthadelphia, Sh*tcago, etc., whereas in Red States like Texas, there is violent crime but they end up on Death Row and the needle. Liberals believe that the death penalty should be abolished because it risks killing an innocent person although they cannot name one executed criminal who was "innocent." They feel that putting a murderer in prison, at exorbitant costs, is the appropriate punishment. Conservatives have the opposite view. It is fitting to execute a criminal for violent crimes against their fellow citizens! If they murder, rape, kidnap, then they deserve it. A swift and fair trial, followed by a swift execution if found guilty. THAT is equal justice under the law.

On the economy, Conservatives believe that Capitalism and the free market system provides the greatest opportunity for everyone to get ahead in life and that it does provide for a higher standard of living for all citizens, even the Parasite Class. Case in point, people in "poverty" in America have TV’s, cell phones, a car, computers, Xboxs, etc. We believe that the absence of excessive government regulation allows for more economic growth, more jobs, and more revenue into the Treasury and this was proved to be correct by the economic boom ushered in by Ronaldus Magnum. Liberals, on the other hand, want, need, and desire a centralized market system that is heavily regulated. Unfortunately for them, this has failed miserably wherever it has been tried but then again, that is Liberalism, (doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different outcome each time). The government provides a level playing field for everyone and if it takes redistribution and regulation to do at, at the expense of some, so be it.

Take our public school system for a PERFECT example of the difference between them and us. Obama, as with all liberals, are AGAINST school vouchers (in order to support their union buddies and the dues that end up in the DNC’s coffers) whereas we are FOR them. They want to throw more money at the problem, giving more in salaries to teachers (equals more dues) but it does not work. For example, DC pays over 25K PER STUDENT but yet 50% of the population in DC is functionally illiterate. Conservatives believe that with vouchers, you create a competition for the funds, with schools that operate at a top level of performance getting more students and thus, more money. That way, ALL students get a good education. It is starkly apparent when 100% of Liberal politicians send their kids to private schools, as does Obama.

On energy, Conservatives know that using our energy resources builds a strong nation. For example, we build more modern nuclear plants, drill for oil, mine for coal, and export the surplus, thus bringing in revenue and creating thousands of jobs for Americans. Increased drilling means more jobs and a more secure America, which is pure fact. Government needs to get the hell out of the way and let the States utilize the resources within their borders which lower prices at the pump as well as lessening our dependence on foreign oil. Liberals are 180 degrees out of plumb on this issue, with a desire to throw massive amounts of taxpayer dollars at wind and solar power facilities, all of which have failed (most recently the one at Fort Devens). In other words, Conservatives want what works; Liberals want more regulation and more spending, which means higher taxes.

On guns, the difference between Conservatives and Liberals is like the difference between Mila Kunis versus Rosie O’Donnell. WE cherish the Second Amendment which gives citizens the right to keep and bear arms and we have the God-given right to defend hearth and home. We also know that gun control laws do not prevent criminals from obtaining guns. Liberals, on the other hand, erroneously think that more guns mean more violence and that laws will prevent criminals and kooks from getting guns, although they did nothing, for example, in the case of Jared Loughner. Liberals also believe that the Second Amendment does not give citizens the right to keep and bear arms and that individuals have no need to possess firearms for protection, just call 911. More laws and more regulation is their plan.

Perhaps the biggest difference between them and us is the difference of how we look at immigration. Conservatives SUPPORT LEGAL immigrants, who come in through the front door, are screened, tested, and checked out. We OPPOSE ANY form of amnesty for the criminals who are here illegally. Thus the term, ILLEGAL ALIENS! They have already broken the law by being here. We believe in SECURE borders, as stated in the Constitution as a Federal mission. The Federal government MUST enforce the immigration laws, not sue states who enforce them ala Holder vs. Arizona. Liberals, on the other hand are again, 180 degrees out of plumb (as usual) since they not only support blanket amnesty (think Ted Kennedy) for all illegal aliens, they also think that illegals have a right to everything that American citizens do, i.e., welfare, social security, Medicaid, in-state tuition (California), and that it is WRONG to arrest illegal aliens and deport them.

The Gunny could go on and on, outlining the differences between the Leftists and Us but will close with the two items that clearly separates the Left from the Right.

WELFARE: Conservatives believe in a hand UP, not a hand OUT and that LOCAL facilities, like churches, know who really needs help in their areas and can minister better to them than a faceless bureaucrat in DC. We then oppose long-term welfare and that those on welfare must be trained so that they can be come self-reliant, i.e., better to teach them to fish vice give them a fish. A productive citizen is better for the health of the nation that one dependent on the crumbs dispensed to them from the government. We KNOW that welfare, over a long period, encourages those on it to become dependent and lazy. Liberals, on the other hand, believe in long-term welfare, even over generations! It is the safety net for American economic life. To a liberal, welfare protects the poor and that something (money), taken from someone, and given to someone else, is okay. If you are on welfare for life, it is okay because that provides another state/fed job for a social worker.

TAXES: Conservatives KNOW that lower taxes and a smaller government with limited power will improve the standard of living for all because lower taxes work to create more incentive for people to work, invest, save, and attempt entrepreneurial endeavors that will serve to create more jobs, more revenue, less welfare recipients, etc. Those who earn the money know best how to spend it, especially in the areas of charity, than the government could ever do. Liberals, once again, are on the opposite side as they cherish higher taxes (especially on the rich – class warfare) and a massive government bureaucracy to redistribute tax dollars from the rich to the poor, especially those "protected classes." More taxes equals more Government programs, which in the mind of liberals, is the way to provide for the poor and needy in society.

Thus then endeth the lesson. The Kabuki dance that has gone on in our government centers all on these issues and it is all bullsh*t. We have the money, we have the resources, we have the assets but one side refuses to "allow" us to use them and works against common sense solutions. The Gunny will give you three guesses as to who that side is and the first two don’t count.


  1. Ya get another traditional Navy "Well Done!"

  2. Craw,

    Thanks brother. I have been thinking about this for awhile now, especially since many in the GOP CANNOT speak to Conservative values and beliefs to save their asses.

  3. Your initial compare/contrast between Liberals and Conservatives is concise and to the point. Now if you can only get those definitions to the more sane independents, we might get somewhere.

  4. Excellent world-class post. Time to chuck the GOP over the side. Chalk up another sell-out by the assholes who comprise the "leadership" of this hapless bunch. Gave the BECS every damn thing he wanted. Bastards. The ONLY chance will be if SANITY prevails when the vote is taken. Right now,it is too close to passage.

  5. "...although they cannon name one executed criminal that was innocent."
    Same bullshuit George Bush uttered.
    How many cases have exonorated death row inmates since DNA?
    I know of one in Texas who was on Death Row for 19 years. For a crime he did not do.
    The sad part of your argument is this:
    There are advocacy groups who do try to find proof if innocence of condemned inmates. Right up until the time they throw the switch. Then they quit and start on another person claiming innocence. There is no knowing how many innocent folks have been executed on such things as eyewitness testimony or circumstantial evidence.
    I am not against capital punishment. But don't believe for a minute there have been no innocent people executed.
    The Ox Bow Incident.

  6. Gunny, a very good article on the difference between the two ideologies. I don't see how these two so different ones can come together. The divide is worse than ever. You did a good job of showing the differences.

    I particularly have a big problem on our energy uses. Not being able to use what we have here in such great wealth is making me incensed. Coal in KY is being shut down in some places due to the EPA's harsh regulations. Coal is cheap and plentiful. Now our electric bills are skyrocketing but we have no alternative. It is all bull shit and I'm sick of it. The sooner this mad hatter in the WH goes the better.


  7. Mrs AL,

    I would personally send it out to all of them if I could. The knowledge IS out there, they [indies] simply don't want to take a side, that is why they are fence-sitters.

  8. clyde,

    Let us HOPE that the Tea Party reps stand in the way of this sell out. The fact that the ONLY thing Comrade Asshat wanted, the debt going PAST 2012, he got! ONLY so his reelection effort would not be hampered by THAT!

    Damn the lot of them!

  9. Buck,

    Sorry we disagree on that. In fact, I would go one further and say only ONE appeal to the next higher court annd then a swift execution of sentence, life, 20 years, death, etc.

    I only care about the cost of keeping them locked up AND that they can one day get out and do it all again. An eye for an eye.

  10. Pep,

    I could not agree more. My electricity bills are up and I live in the land of plentiful gas, oil, and coal. Too bad Obama forbids us to drill/mine for it.

    "energy costs would necessarily skyrocket." Obama 2008.

  11. Taxes.
    Well, let's see.
    Smoking bans. Liberal control over your choice.
    Seat belts. Liberal control over your choice.
    Helmets. Ditto
    Gun laws. Encroaching liberal control.
    On and on ad infinitum.
    Add to that,
    Taxes. Liberal control over your money.
    Got it?
    You're right. They want to control everything in your life from bassinette to back hoe.

  12. Buck,

    Basinette to back hoe. Classic. I'm stealing it.

  13. Gunny,

    We need a third party. I wrote my congresscritter (copied on my blog) and told him to retire. He has an addiction, along with the rest of them.

  14. The differences are quite stark and your article pointed them out very clearly. It's hard to believe that folks can think like that but, that's what they probably say about me. I look at it this way, if left unchecked which ideology will destroy the country? Not hard to figure that one out.
    Thank goodness for the Internet and the message getting out on what is really going on. Never got that from the MSM but, now we know better.

  15. TGP,

    I am of the opinion that a third party will keep that idiot Obama in the WH; HOWEVER, if we can clean house and remove RINOs in the GOP, we can RETAKE it and America in one fell swoop.


  17. TGP,
    Gotta disagree with you on the third party theme. Ditto what Gunny said. Perot made a good run and we got BJ Clinton for it.

  18. Gunny,

    I'm okay with the third party taking over the Republican Party, but I am not in favor of just joining them.

  19. You have a great talent for not mincing words.

    I used to have a blog at TH & have written extensively on what motivates liberalism. Anyone who reads a great post like yours should be scratching their heads in an effort to understand the puzzle of liberalism. We all assume, incorrectly, that liberals ultimately want the same thing as we do: a secure, financially solvent country where people are reasonably free. The truth is, liberals fall into 3 groups depending on what they care about: (1) They want to be taken care of by a nanny state; (2) they want to feel good about themselves and pat themselves on the back for all their good deeds; or (3) they want to control everybody else. None of those goals is consistent with what conservatives want, which is why we’ll never understand them. We simply need to defeat them.

    I do want to add one quick word on the death penalty and Buck’s comment. I consider myself a staunch conservative and I am a strong proponent of the death penalty because – bottom line - it’s what some people deserve; however, I have a very keen interest in the subject of crime & punishment and have probably seen 100’s of shows and read 100’s of articles on the subject and I’ve been astonished and deeply disturbed by the number of people who are wrongly convicted. Almost every case I’ve seen has been due to negligence, laziness, ineptitude and/or corruption, and there’s a simple answer for why it happens: there are essentially no consequences for those who fail to do their jobs, including defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, witnesses and jurors. Eliminating the death penalty is the liberal answer and, like all liberal answers, it fails to solve the problem. Liberals want to save innocents from execution by letting them go to prison for life (some consolation, eh?). All of us have a duty to care about the integrity of our justice system – it’s what differentiates us from someplace like Mexico. We need to pay attention and demand that people who hold the fates of others in their hands take their jobs seriously and suffer the consequences for failure.

  20. You want names: Thomas & Meeks Griffin, Timothy Evans, Johnny Frank Garrett, Wayne Felker, Jesse Tafero, Claude Jones, Gary Graham, Carlos DeLuna, Ruben Cantu, Larry Griffin, Joseph O'Dell. All found after about 10 seconds of looking and all were exonerated or had significant evidence (DNA) demonstrate they were innocent. Furthermore, the death penalty process is more costly than LWOP process. Particularly when you find that 70% of all death row inmates are commuted to LWOP (conviction alone costs more than 5 times what LWOP conviction costs.)

    Do some research, the real difference between liberals and conservatives is brain structure. Conservatives have an overly developed fear center and liberals have an overly developed empathy section.

  21. Anon,

    You are using today's technology on old cases. If you view the case when it was on trial, with evidence and technology that was current THEN, then it was valid.

    I, as a Conservative, fear little, I do not know what you are referring to. I DO know that criminals do not get rehabilitated and are released to commit crimes again, on innocent people. I DO know people who have had a loved one raped and murdered by, guess what, a criminal out on parole who had committed a violent crime in the first place.

    My sympathy for criminals lies between shit and syphillis in the dictionary.

  22. CW,

    Good post.

    I simply want to see justice served. Murder someone. Rape a woman. Kidnap a kid.

    You die for it.

  23. Love this post Gunny but I have to disagree with your liberalism argument on the economy. You state that the "liberal" government wants to give a level playing field. ("The government provides a level playing field for everyone and if it takes redistribution and regulation to do at, at the expense of some, so be it.")

    Liberals don't want a level playing field so much as they want level results though redistribution and regulation. Capitalism in itself along with a government that DOES NOT over-regulate and redistribute is what provides the level playing field. Libtards want to try to make sure we all cross the finish line at the same time no matter how much one person might have made better decisions than another.. (again, personal responsibility, a liberals worst nightmare)

  24. Sgt R,

    Thanks for polishing that up! Well done and I agree.

    You're dead on the money about them wanting all of us to cross the finish line at the same time, I saw that in my kid's school!

  25. @ Peppermint - I grew up in South Florida but after serving 8 years in the Corps I ended up in WV after about 7 years in Kansas City. Because of Obama and his over-regulating (and unelected) EPA, the tri-state area here just lost 350 good paying jobs with the closing of the AK Steel coke plant in Ashland, KY. It got so bad at the end they were buying coke from a "clean" coke factory just to meet their customers' demands and follow new EPA regulations.

  26. Loved your post on liberals wanting us to call 911 instead of exercising our 2nd amendment rights by owning and using our own weapons to protect our homes and families. Here's an old saying that's appropriate and why I reach for my gun and then a phone: "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away".

  27. @Gunny, Again, great writing, I really enjoy your site. I feel if I had the time I could really do something on par with this as well. I work full-time, take more than a full-time load at Marshall University every semester, and have a family with 2 kids of my own and 2 stepkids. I can't stand the fact that the country my children are growing up in is not the one that I did. I have no doubts that we are eventually headed to another civil war because when the entitlements dry up and these people have become so accustomed to having "Big Daddy" take care of them then we will have riots all across the nation. There already is an epidemic with these "flash mobs" lately. It's just a matter of time I feel. We can no longer sustain just over half of the able-bodied population taking care of the do-nothing half. I don't understand how the libtards who actually work can be ok with all this social program nonsense. It's insane that people in "poverty" have big-screen tv's, air conditioning with no electric bill, rims on their cars, and satellites hanging on every building in the projects while I'm forced to pay for insurance for my children and food for my children and a mortgage or rent.. just doesn't make sense does it?

  28. Sgt R,

    Liberals have their heads up their asses when it comes to the Parasite Class. I have heard libs mouth some of the dumbest sh&t about this heedless about how they are scammed.

    The bottom line is that liberals DO NOT THINK.

  29. Sgt_R,

    You should start a blog. I have four kids and work all day every day, but I still find a few minutes every day to just blow off steam. Sometimes I write two or three things a day, sometimes I go a month or so without writing anything.

    If it is possible to have peace through educating libs (and mainly the not so far gone libs) who seek the truth, we should try to do it. If it comes down to it, I would prefer to make converts instead of corpses.


  30. One more try.
    I am not against capital punishment.
    I AM against capital punishment in a trial where conviction was based on
    1. Circumstantial evidence;
    2. Eyewitness testimony.
    Too many times since the advent of DNA testing has innocence been proved due to dna. Also it has shown eyewitness testimony is one of the most unreliable of all evidences. This is most serious when a black person identifies a white person or a white person identifies a black person and no telling what would happen if we threw an Asian into the mix.
    "Eyewitness" testimony has been proven so unreliable in both court and college that it should never be used as an instrument for asking for the biggie.
    The man I mentioned earlier in Texas was convicted on eye witness testimony.
    Granted, there is NO perfect criminal justice system.
    I believe in
    Better a hundred go free than one innocent man get convicted.
    If you feel differently, just try..try to think how you would feel if you, an innocent man, was having to stand in court and hear a jury declare you guilty... Specially on "eyewitness" testimony.

  31. Buck,

    I hear you on this and agree. For the death sentence to be imposed, there must be irrefutablr evidence. AND, on appeal (I feel that, like the military system) there should be only ONE automatic appeal to the next higher court for review.

    What I am against is violent criminals getting paroled and doing the same sh8t over again, going back in, etc. IMHO, they are human garbage.