Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Poor Mikey Mann, mouthpiece for the gloBULL warming, gloBULL cooling, climate change disruption, or any other bullshit name the leftists attach to their false religion of Gaia worship.

On 8 October, 2010, on the WaPo, Mann whined like a little girl:

EXCERPT: "As a scientist, I shouldn't have a stake in the upcoming midterm elections, but unfortunately, it seems that I -- and indeed all my fellow climate scientists -- do. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has threatened that, if he becomes chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he will launch what would be a hostile investigation of climate science. The focus would be on e-mails stolen from scientists at the University of East Anglia in Britain last fall that climate-change deniers have falsely claimed demonstrate wrongdoing by scientists, including me. Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) may do the same if he takes over a committee on climate change and energy security.

My employer, Penn State University, exonerated me after a thorough investigation of my e-mails in the East Anglia archive. Five independent investigations in Britain and the United States, and a thorough recent review by the Environmental Protection Agency, also have cleared the scientists of accusations of impropriety."

This is HILARIOUS! Penn State investigated Mann and exonerated him! The EPA exonerated him! ShaZAM! This is like the Nazi Pelosi Congress investigating Rangel for tax evasion, etc. Oh yeah, THAT will be a circus maximus. A libcommie investigating another libcommie for fraud! That’s like letting BJ Bubba Klintoon be the Headmaster of a girl’s school. You KNOW it’s gonna end up bad. Just like the leftists voted against the Impeachment of one BJ Bubba. Typical

No, what this liar and fraud is afraid of, is getting his comeuppance after Issa, soon to be the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, investigates this hoax that has been foisted upon the American people at the cost of BILLIONS! Hopefully, Issa will end the existence of the EPA as well, who is now working to regulate CO2 if the Senate doesn’t pass Crap and Tax on us ASAP. Issa surely needs to investigate every iota of this fraud, from Imam Obama on down, nabbing all of these snake oil salesman, including huckster Owl Gore, who declared the "consensus was in" and who ran from debating Lord Monckton like a straight male intern from working for Bonnie Fwank, the banking queen.

Pay particular attention to the two paragraphs starting with: "The basic physics and chemistry…" Did Mann REALLY graduate college or simply buy his PhD from a diploma mill? We have been COOLING for YEARS now. The ice in the arctic is GROWING. Oh, and the sea levels that Imam Obama was supposed to reduce with his election, never rose. Amazing. The population bomb that John "sterilize them all but us" Holdren and his fellow nitwit Erlich whined about, never detonated. The birds did not go extinct as that one idiot libtwit Rachel Carson mewled about. The one truism for liberal "scientists" seems to be that we can always count on them to cry that the sky is falling when it’s bright and sunny out. And they wonder why their credibility with us stinks on ice. Duh.

Follow the money folks. THAT is what Mann, Penn State, Owl Gore, and the other false prophets DO NOT want Issa to do. Instead of testing their theories in the OPEN, as real science does, or did when the Gunny took science courses in high school, these clowns hid, dodged, lied, falsified, and declared those who refused to believe in their dog crap science, "DENIERS!" in the same manner that the zombies in, "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" did. Fingers pointed. Mouths gaping. Exhorting Owl Gore vengeance on them. We were, HERETICS! Non-Believers! Infidel defilers of the religion of Gaia! How many MILLIONS in taxpayer dollars were funded their way? How was it used? Who benefitted from it? Oh Mikey, what a tangled web you did weave, while you practiced to deceive. Time to pay the piper libby.

This really could be laughed off as liberal stupidity in the face of facts if one, they had not bilked us for BILLIONS. Two, if Owl Gore, Imam Obama, and the rest of the lib elites had NOT tried to scam us with the Carbon Credit Exchange located in all places, Chicago. (The fount of sewage in American politics today.) Three, if they hadn’t of lied to us and treated US like idiots. Four, if they had not of gotten the UN IPCC involved in this crapulence, trying to ensnare us in a global government, and treaties like Kyoto and LOST. Lastly, if they had not of tried to mix science with "progressivism" and then used it to try and screw us. How about that rising polar bear population huh Mikey? Yet ANOTHER fact ignored by false prophets posing as scientists.

No, Rep Issa needs to go after them ALL, with a fine tooth comb, to get all of the nits in this hair brained scam, and bring them to justice. Pseudo scientists like Mann should have their credentials stripped away and run through a gauntlet of angry and highly pissed off Americans who watched while Congress banned the incandescent bulb, tried to regulate our thermostats (like we’re too stupid to do it), and wasted MILLIONS and MILLIONS of our tax dollars chasing this fraud. If the morons in Congress can waste 125K an HOUR investigating steroids in baseball (who really cared about that huh?), then they can do this. God Speed to Issa because after he gets done investigating this, he can then investigate Obama’s AWOL birth certificate, Frank and Dodd’s role in Fannie/Freddie, and the rest of the antics of the Nazi Pelosi Congress since they took over. He can investigate WHY the WH stood in the way of offshore drilling with an unconstitutional ban. What were those shady deals behind ObummerKare. And on and on.

As Captain Redlegs so aptly said in "Outlaw Josey Wales," "doing good ain’t got no end." Congressman Issa, get busy ASAP. Oh, and if you need any help organizing the gauntlets, the tar and feather platoons, etc, just ask, because their ain’t NOTHING like a good piece of hickory on a jackass’s, er, liberal’s head to work wonders unclogging their stopped up brain housing group.


  1. Well Gunny you know the research I've done on this topic, and EPIC FRAUD is kind. What's funny is that the proof of this fraud abounds for anyone that is willing to look for it. None of their so-called evidence holds any water.
    You know the one thing that is the biggest Smoking Gun of all is the fact that the initial invester that paid for the research into AGW in the first place was BP. Some of your readers tha tdidn't know this just said "Why"
    Where do I begin...

    Higher oil prices (most of BPs wells are at sea where it's very expensive to get oil, more money for less oil for them)

    BP gets huge grants for alternative energy research

    BP owns a lot of alternative energy technology that would become very profitable if oil becomes too costly

    BP is the largest trader in the word of Carbon Credits

    Hmm, why in deed!

  2. Jim,

    Both you and Gray Ghost have done much work in this area, debunking the leftist bullsqueeze.

    What makes me laugh is the lib's FEAR in all of this. The jig is up, we know it, they know it, and the axe is fixing to fall. I think life on a work farm (gulag) for these scammers is appropriate.

  3. Gunny,

    Great post, and thanks to Jim and Gray Ghost.

    Their FEAR is motivated by the knowledge that they won't be billionares as they had planned.

    Collectively we on the Right have peed on their parade.

  4. Off topic, but in need of Gunny's slicing and dicing....

  5. Anyone with half a brain could look around and know that global warming was a hoax. Even watching the weather report, they tell when the record was set, and how warm it was. The records were set in the 1920s and 30s. Some even earlier than that!!
    Weather has been up and down for thousands of years. As snow melted in iceland, they found towns that had been under the ice. remains of trees etc. Which showed it had once been warm, and then went cold. It has been the same in a lot of places. Even the mammoth they found in the arctic had been eating poppies when it died.
    I hope all of these people have to answer to the American people!! As I have said before, the EPA has caused more deaths than all wars put together. they bring poverty, death, and destruction wherever they go!!
    Keep it up Gunny!!!

  6. Libs learned that through fear they could reap the benefits, ie money and power, while demonizing all the worst possible ways who disagree with them...

    Fortunately the woodwork is being unraveled, scientists are moving away from the lie "theory," and people are seeing Al Gore for what he is, a giant hypocrite.

    Now what to do about the EPA...

  7. Gunny, we have enough oil in this country to serve our needs for the next 500 years. As many have said before me, Follow the money. The whole Globull Warming/Climate Change movement is the largest scam ever played on the world. And it is making the leaders of this movement rich beyond their wildest dreams.

    BTW take a look at the newest Obama billboard in Colorado:;_ylt=AkQpPAsYkGcJYgxBT_nzFiVzfNdF

    The Dumbocraps are crying their eyes out about it. The election in November will be fun!

  8. Hardnox,

    And I enjoyed peeing on their parade, then, now, and in the future.

  9. The Crawfish,

    I saw that and am speechless. I stopped paying my VFW dues when Hal Dungheap stated that he was speaking there, etc. Figured they were unhinged then and am proved right.

  10. Nanna,

    On my old TH blog, I posted a picture of a NY Obama Times article about global cooling back in the late 1800's! Hell, the libidiots predicted an ice age in the 70's (Newsweak).

  11. Eric,

    Good post. Ban the EPA, DOE, NEA for starters.

  12. Gray Ghost,


    GO Grand Junction Go!

  13. Gunny & Crawfish:

    Go to the VFW's site ( to see their comment on the VFW PAC endorsement.

    Now, just wondering who is allowed to use the VFW name/logo and the National VFW has no say???


  14. Guuny & crawfish
    I listened to Laura Ingraham yesterday about this VFW BS and it's only and it's only a small PAC not the WHOLE VFW The main VFW members are P.O'd about these libnuts. I think they're the types like vets for peace and just a small group. Not the mainstream VFW. She had one of the main VFW leaders on and HE WAS PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS CRAP. Sorry that was off topic. GLOBULL WARMING IS THE BIGGEST HOAX FOISTED ON US SINCE PILTHDOWN MAN. F-owlholegoreleone and the psuedo scientists the believe this dog squeze!!!!!! GO F YERSELVES rot in hades. Can't buy a incandescent bulb soon WTF OVER!!!!!

  15. Opps it's early out here made mistakes in my post DUH Haven't had my coffee yet and didn't get much sleep last night YAWN

  16. A year ago I was taking a college class. Geology something or another. Anyway, we had to do a presentation instead of a term paper at the end. The teacher is a big global warming fan. Two guys did a joint presentation on global warming (it was a geology class????) Frankly, they did a horrible job stammering and interrupting one another and basically stating b.s. "facts". In the real world, the presentation would have been embarrassing, not necessarily the subject but the way it was presented. Nevertheless, the instructor practically had an orgasm. She went on and on about how wonderful their presentation was.

    The instructor knows I have a strong meteorology backgound (Navy and college classes) and consider global warming a load of crap devised by a bunch of PHd's to get money to do studies that always have inconclusive results because they didnt get enough money. But, having learned my lesson earlier about making a non pc statement, I kept my mouth shut.

  17. Craw & Gunny
    I saw that as well. Since I am a life member the dues issue is dead, but they have gotten my last dime until they get rid of ALL those turds at the national level.
    Same with the damn NRA!!!!

  18. While Issa is right in going after these shysters,let's concentrate on FIXING what these rat bastards have SCREWED up the last few years,and THEN go after the shitbirds.

  19. We are supposed to be in the midst of the new Ice Age. Didn't anybody tell them?

  20. Gunny -- I'm so glad you are all over the "Climate Change"/"Global Warming" scam/swindle. It's exactly that. All the carbon trading is just trading the "right" to pollute, and giving money to scammers in the name of "carbon credits". If my memory serves me, isn't this what ENRON was doing, and it was a huge money loser; then the ENRON executives and their accountants were cooking the books to make this "energy trading" seem profitable? I think it was. It has been done before, and Algore is GOING DOWN. Michael Mann too.
    Mom in Wisconsin