Friday, October 29, 2010


John Adams on said: "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

For almost 100 years, America has been under attack by the liberal/progressive movement, which has been silently working to impose a new ideology on the American people, who were asleep at the switch, and never caught on the coming enslavement ideology. H.L. Mencken said two things that still resonate loudly today:

1. "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule."
2. "The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it's good-by to the Bill of Rights."

The LibProgs come at us, as Ray Liotta’s character in "Goodfellas" said: "with smiles, they come as your friends," with a false face of genuine concern for us. We had years of BJ Bubba telling us, "I feel your pain," jutting out his lower lip, a crocodile tear hanging from his eyelashes, while on the inside, he was planning his next liaison with a fat intern, and we were left hanging. They served America a platter of uncontrolled and now under ObamaKare, taxpayer-funded abortions, rampant illegal aliens swarming over the border like roaches in a NY tenement, high divorce rates, teenagers getting pregnant at ever lower ages, putrid TV shows and filth pouring our of Hollywood like an open sewer, constant ACLU attacks on religion, except Islam of course, rampant drug use, which Mexifornia recently legalized, a rotten public education more concerned with fat kids than in actually teaching them anything, liars, corruption, and thieves inside the Beltway, continued attacks on our Founding Fathers and our history, a weak stance on crime, a laughable foreign policy stance, and a dimming future for America.

It is painful to state that liberals are the enemy, as they are our fellow Americans, BUT, the truth of the matter is that liberals have acted since the days of the Copperheads, maliciously and spitefully against that which made America great. They have wholesale slaughtered over 70 million infants with abortion and recently, some abortion doctor puked up that women who abort their children really care about motherhood! Talk about upside down thinking! Indeed, we now have a false prophet in the White House who voted YES on allowing infants who survive an abortion to die cold and alone in a back room, like a piece of garbage. Making war on infants? Only a liberal could do it. Yes, these very liberals are the ones in the Fabian Society, the ones who espouse euthanasia for those who, as liberal George Bernard Shaw stated: "their lives cannot be justified," or as the kook in Britain said, putting a pillow over their face to end their suffering. But waterboard a terrorist and it is Katy bar the door, here comes the ACLU and the Left to twist their hankies and sue to free that poor freedom fighter!

Our liberal enemy is only concerned only with the satisfaction of their own desires, much as a spoiled child or an immature teenybopper is, and the problem is, is that in the past, they’ve sh*t where they’ve lived and then escaped the consequences of their actions by getting out when the getting was good, and letting the stupid fools in the GOP clean up the mess, i.e., Welfare Reform Act forced on BJ Bubba by the GOP and their Contract with America. Liberalism has been a tottering corpse since Ronaldus Magnum drove a stake into its heart but unfortunately, RINOs like McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, etc, have readily let the corpse keep staggering along, with their aisle-crossing antics, turning the RINOs into little more than useful idiots who are "allowed" to assist the liberals, which lets the Lapdog Media claim that there is bipartisanship going on when in reality, it is liberals doing what they want and clowns like Juan "Reform Institute" McLame going along for the ride.

Modern Liberals are so out of touch with the Americans in "flyover country" and so wrapped up in their Ruling Class elitism, aided by Country Club Republicans, aka RINOS, that they make the pre-revolution French aristocracy look good! They have studiously ignored the interest, traditions, and historical preferences of the great majority over whom they wish to rule! As Dingy Reid stated in regards to the Visitor Center (which was millions over budget and years behind schedule), "In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. It may be descriptive but it’s true." So not only are we too stupid to know what is good for us, but we’re smelly rubes as well. That pretty much sums up the Ruling Class elites in our government. And we have serial traitor, Logan Act violator, and overall asshat Hanoi John Fonda Kerry (HJFK) calling us, "know-nothings." Well HJFK, the Gunny knows one thing for sure, YOU Lurch, are little more than a prophylactic with the end cut off.

We Conservatives have been playing catch-up for decades, mainly due to the fact that the American people were asleep, and have fallen behind as the Left, aided by clowns like Kronkite, Jennings, Brokaw, and the rest of the Lapdog Media, shaped events through lies, ignored facts, glossed over issues, and yellow journalism, but our main weapon is that our intellectual principles are rock solid and our love of America is anchored in bedrock, and thus we continue to do what is RIGHT, what is TRUE, and our conscience is clear. We KNOW that everyone is not equal and have no desire to make everyone equal. We disregard the liberal ethos that we will have a utopia when we fully embrace humanism and chuck religion, free will, and reason to the four winds. We Conservatives are free to act on what we know to be right, to think as we will, and to be free men and women living in a free society of personal responsibility, limited government, and with both arms wrapped around the free market. We must acknowledge that Liberalism HAS been victorious in the past but only with an extreme effort of lies, obfuscation, and treachery and it Liberalism will come to an end and that right soon.

Let us shake off the constraints of Big Government and return America to the Constitutional Republic that it used to be. Our true nature is to be FREE so let the Left chain themselves with the need for political correctness, the need for massive regulations, high taxes, massive entitlements programs, and a broke economy. This is the type of ideology that has revealed liberalism to be nothing more than an ideology of slavery. Liberals are slaves, we are free citizens, who have finally awoke from the nightmare. See you at the polls now and in the future.

"If not us, who? And if not now, when? Ronaldus Magnum


  1. What an absoloutly wonderful post Gunny. It is so TRUE!!

  2. I am shocked! Absolutely shocked that you don't believe in the goodness of heart of our liberal rulers! Especially the One that Walks On Water!
    Ouch! I think I just sprained my tongue in my cheek! Sarcasm is getting harder and harder these days.

  3. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kudos. You know me, sticking a finger in the eye of liberalism is what I do!

  4. The Interface,

    Evil IS as evil does. Beck nailed it when he called the Dimocrat Party, Crime Inc.

  5. Good post Gunny! Conservatism seems to work well when it is proactive, reminding voters what it stands for (and actually doing it once in office). The Tea party has been invaluable in that respect this election cycle, even if its genesis was a reaction to overreaching progressives. Nov 2nd is almost here, it's getting exciting now!

    "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see." Winston Churchill

    O/T: funny, liberalism is a birth defect.

  6. rikdergis,

    I read that! Now if they find a cure that doesn't involve tar, feathers, and hickory sticks, America will greatly benefit!

  7. Gunny,we may have to go easy a bit on the poor progs.Didn't I read this week somewhere in the news that they've found a gene that causes liberalism? We knew all along it's a disease.

    Ah nuts,forget that.There were leper colonies once upon a time designed for folks with disease,it's time we started a liberal colony

    Keep the pressure up gunny...we can't let 'em win.

  8. Affirmative Action didn't work.

  9. Good Lord!! I read that some democrats may resign if the Republicans take over the House. I don't know what's stopping them now frm resigning.

    Liberals are not really liberals. I won't get into name-calling, but I do recommend a book just out that's about each of us & taking a stand. A thriller but so real cause things are not going to get better after Tuesday.

    History may be calling us to fulfill our true destiny.

    The economy has been destroyed & tyranny has well established itself. Tough times are before us.

  10. Good shit. Kerry calling ANYONE a "know-nothing" is laughable. Coming from one of the biggest dunces around.Asshat extraordinaire.

  11. A Few Comments:

    (1) "...For almost 100 years, America has been under attack by the liberal/progressive movement,..." THAT'S the ol' "Salamai Theory" as forwarded by the John Birch Society some 46+ years ago.

    (2) 70 Million. Wow. That's getting up there close to Stalin's count. Stalin, whose reign was longer than the time since Roe v Wade. What I am trying to say I guess is the libs have done a much better job at killing in shorter time than Uncle Joe...

    (3) Good ol' Hank Reid. I guess he and Hanoi John consider us, "The Great Unwashed Masses."

    (4) Do NOT sell the CPUSA short on brains. When they realized they were not going to get a massive class uprising ala Russia October 1917 they changed tactics by sending in their "sappers". These "sappers" wormed their way first into the education system where they were able to indoctrinate young minds. This educational indoctrination (which continues to this day) spawned even more sappers who undermined the legal and journalistic foundations. To totally defeat the leftists/Marxists we MUST revamp our educational system. Then we must replace the communist fellow travellers in all 3 branches of government. We are off to a good start on one phase.

    (5) Jefferson said, "Trust the American people. They will make mistakes but they will correct them."
    How do you correct a mistake of a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land?
    I suppose Jefferson made that statement before the establishment of the 3rd branch.

  12. usaeagle1,

    I agree. The perfect place? Northern Cal. They already have a freak show set up in San Fransicko. All we need to do is herd them in there and wall it off.

  13. Beck was ripping him on the radio about him not paying his taxes on his new boat! Lurch is a scumbag.

  14. Buck,

    I agree on the commies. They are smart, they look ahead, but IMHO, they revealed themselves too soon and underestimated the American people.

  15. Gunny
    You're right.
    We beat them back this time there'll definitely be another time but don't look for them to make such an obvious power grab again without first getting rid of the 2nd Amendment.

  16. Gunny, at long last I have found a home. You have said it best of all. When I speak, I get so upset with the mess this country is in that I can't articulate. Now I have found my mouthpiece and it's name is "Gunny". Thank you.