Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Glenn Beck has discussed the The Fabian Society, a cabal of kooks created by wannabe mass murderers Sidney and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw, and some other rabid socialists. Here is a little more research on these vermin and WHO is involved with them. You WILL be surprised, or maybe not, if you are tracking the scumbags in this regime and BJ Bubba’ regimes. (EARLY THURSDAY EDITION)
Their plan? To implement world socialism incrementally through legislation. Once again, we can see liberals embracing a path to totalitarian rule over the masses.

Their Creed? They aim for the reorganization of society by the emancipation of land and industrial capital from individual and class ownership. They also work for the extinction of private property in land. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Social Justice. Redistribution. OUR LOSS, other's gains.

And naturally, they targeted the "intelligentsia" in the ivy league colleges, gaining a convert named Felix Cohen, who was a law professor at Yale. This clown wrote:

"It is possible to attempt the overthrow of capitalism as an economic system without at the same time attacking the substance of capitalist law. Socialists can learn from their adversaries that it is always possible to attack existing law, in the name of democracy, justice, and liberty, in the name of the great ideals of the American Constitution, and in the name of law itself."

Get that? Using our legal system to basically crash the system. That would involve asshats like Justice Frankfurter, naturally appointed by the Great Socialist FDR, to the SCOTUS, who would work diligently to take our rights away from us. Oddly enough, the ACLU was founded BY Fabian Society scumbags named Norman Thomas and John Dewey. And we ALL know how well the ACLU has attacked our nation on all fronts. In fact, it was Clarence Darrow, an ACLU attorney, who was the shyster at the Scopes trial. Other Fabians are well known commies, Rev Harry Ward, William Z. Foster, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and good ol’ Eugene V. Debs. Oh, by-the-way, John Dewey is considered to be the father of modern progressive education. He invented the dumbing down system used by the public education system today and oddly enough, just YESTERDAY a report came out that American students are “whollfully ignorant” of US History. Gee, no kidding?

Their target? Our individual rights. How many times have YOU heard the ACLU attack religion and base it on the Constitution? The eco-nazis use this same tactic to tie up businesses in a bizarre maze of lawsuits, making it impossible to start a business, drill a well, build a refinery, etc, all in the name of screwing this nation long and hard. Judge for yourself on how well the ACLU has destroyed God in public life. Try putting up a Nativity scene this Christmas. Chances are, it will "offend" Muslims (who use the same Fabian tactics) and the ACLU will slap a lawsuit on someone, and force it to be taken down.

The Road to Serfdom. No, not the AWESOME book by Hayek but the offshoot of Fabians called, Communitarians, and the road they want US to take. The Gunny wonders if a community organizer falls under this heading?

Their Preamble: "American men, women, and children are members of many communities--families; neighborhoods; innumerable social, religious, ethnic, work place, and professional associations; and the body politic itself. Neither human existence nor individual liberty can be sustained for long outside the interdependent and overlapping communities to which all of us belong. Nor can any community long survive unless its members dedicate some of their attention, energy, and resources to shared projects. The exclusive pursuit of private interest erodes the network of social environments on which we all depend, and is destructive to our shared experiment in democratic self-government. For these reasons, we hold that the rights of individuals cannot long be preserved without a communitarian perspective."

In other words, it takes a village. In other words, your individual rights can only exist within the community and the community itself guarantees your rights. Evidently The Creator doesn’t figure into their scheme. (Enter ACLU). In other words, YOU OWE YOUR COMMUNITY. Less is more. Peace is War. To read more about the Communitarians, it is ALL about the family, or so they say.

Who is the father of the Communitarians? Why, that would be Amitai Etzioni, a professor from, get this, Bezerkely and Columbia. And of course, he HAD to serve in a president’s admin, and that would be Jimmy "the Dhimmi" Carter, as the Senior Advisor on Domestic Affairs and from there, to, wait for it…

HARVARD! Man, when we get around to purging these universities, we got A LOT of work to do.

Here are a few of his acolytes:

1.  Peter Strauss: Columbia Univ. (The same place Herr Ackmadinejad speaks at)
2.  Margaret O'Brien Steinfels: A "Progressive Catholic" who edits "Commonweal."
3.  Robert N. Bellah: Bezerkely U/Harvard U/Member Communist Party of USA
4.  Henry Cisneros: Harvard/FORMER CLINTONISTA
5.  Stuart Eizenstat: Harvard/FORMER CLINTONISTA/Partner at: Covington&Burling, the same firm that employed ERIC HOLDER and who defends GITMO terrorists.
6.  Betty Freidan: Feminazi/NOW
7.  F. Barton Harvey: Chairman of the Enterprise Foundation. THEIR members are:
Frank Blake (CEO of Home Depot-another reason to shop at Lowe’s), Henry Cisneros, Robert McNamara –Asshat of the Vietnam War, Edward Norton-wannabe actor, Franklin "90 million dollar bonus baby" Fannie Mae Raines, Michael Roth-CEO of Interpublic Group (Global Marketing/Communications).
8.  Nicholas Katzenbach: (Testified for the defense of W. Mark Felt (Deep Throat) who also was the Deputy Director of the FBI, found guilty of ordering illegal wiretaps on American citizens.) Also knows Ramsey Clark, noted liberal scumbag who defends enemies of America like Saddam Hussein.
9.  Lawrence Korb: Working to end DADT and works for the Soros funded Center for American Progress.
10.  Kurt Schmoke: Board member of Global Rights. THEY include such stalwarts as: Judy Woodruff (PBS NewsHour-NO LIB BIAS THERE!), Russell H. Carpenter, Jr., a partner at…Covington & Burling
11.  Newton Minow: Huge LIB. Daughter works for Mullah Obama.

See also: Agenda 21: They seek to control global land, redistribute wealth, control health care, control education, track, inventory, and distribute global resources, discourage religion, push enviro-nazism. All brought to you by the UN and William J Clinton, head of Global Initiatives and a corruptocrat. Buddies with Oil for Food Architect Kofi Annan.

See also: Millennium Declaration Goals: More UN redistribution and control.



  1. Gunny, This is such a good post,(as usual)
    I have been wondering what in this world can be done to drive these people out of our high places now that they have such a foot hold. It is an awful situation.
    Something I heard about, and I can't remember where it is,( I hate when I lose something like that) I do know the people sound southern, But they had a Christian flag flying at a veterans memorial, and the ACLU has stepped in, and has said thry will sue. The little town said they can't afford to fight it, it will break them, so they are going to take down the flag. The towns people said "How many of our rights are we going to lose before we do something about it?"
    Everyone in town began flying a Christian flag, even kids on their bikes, a US flag on one side, and a Christian flag on the other. They have stationed a guard at the memorial to guard the flag.
    It may do no good, but it's a start.
    Pray for them, and for our country.

  2. Gunny,

    It would be a gargantuan task to remove these vermin from influence given our current lobbyist/campaign coffer-stuffing system.

    First, I propose term limits on congress. Influence peddling would evaporate as would lobbyist influence. Actual representative government might actually function again.

    Second, I propose that the new congress review each piece of legislation (current and pending) and determine if it is allowed in the constitution. That would eliminate most of the government and all foreign aid.

    Third, terminate every agency not authorized by the constitution.

    Forth, eliminate earmarks (pork) in new legislation. Our deficit would diminish in short order.

    I realize that I’m dreaming and the above would have about as much chance as a snowball in hell…but I can still dream.

    Our system is so corrupt at every level that it would take several generations to fix it short of a revolution.

    Slavery beckons at our doorstep. Make no mistake about it. The American middle class is about to be crushed. The euro-weenies are protesting all over the continent and they are better off that we are. The problem is that Americans aren’t pissed-off enough about things yet. When they realize it, it will be too late and they’ll be working for the collective.

    Listen to the term “International law” and how often it is invoked in the media, congress, the courts, the UN, and from the euro-weenies.

    We're not going to fix this mess anytime soon but we Patriots have no choice except to persevere until our last breath.

    We are in for a long fight.

    Semper Fi

  3. Gunny,

    I forgot to add "Nicely Done"

  4. The subject about the Fabian Society is a phenomenal example that really gives one pause as to how poor, yet fragile, the modern educational system is and how it is possible for any civilization to become susceptible in being fundamentally transformed in the light of day. . . . by the will of the devil.

  5. Roxanne Quimby has been appointed by the Obama administration
    to the board of directors of the National Park Foundation. Quimby has
    been buying tens of thousands of acres of land in Maine to flip to the
    Federal government in order to eliminate private property rights.
    She and Burt are the founders of Burt's Bees products. (Since bought by Clorox)
    That's where she made her money to buy land so no one can use it. She fought for years to stop development in northern Maine. Any time a business wants to expand or build up there, she fights it. (And they're hurting for jobs up there) Any time anyone or business wants to build homes or any kind of development, she fights it.
    She is part of a radical group called RESTORE the North Woods.
    This link will tell you a little about them and the help they're getting from the same people who helped put a lot of the Northwest off limits.

    This is who Obama is installing in his administration.
    Tells you a little more about where His Majesty Sir Golfsalot stands on this stuff.

  6. Drones. Hundreds of them. Over Cambridge,New Haven,Ann Arbor,Berzerkley,anywhere there are nests of these vipers. THAT seems to be the only way to purge them.Figures this snake pit would include dhimmis. I'm certain one purple-lipped lying shithbag would be among them.

  7. I hate to group them all together, but all of these Leftist all want the same thing, they all just deny they are like any of the others, and say that their form of Socialism/Marxism will work. Of course it always ends the same way.

  8. Robert Welch said Eisenhower was either a communist fellow traveller or a communist dupe.
    And Columbia honored him with an honorary doctorate.
    Columbia, The Little Red Schoolhouse East.
    Maybe ol' Bob had something, there...

  9. Nanna,

    That is how we're going to have to do it. Defiance. If they impose a total gun ban, for example, how many of us are willing to say NO! and go to jail for it? We must continue to mark these people and hound them out of government or universities. We as Americans, must send our kids to colleges and universities that are not under liberal moonbat rule.

    Liberty U
    Hillsdale College
    Campbell U

    There are a few out there but until Americans stand up en masse and say, ENOUGH!, this crap will simply continue to come out of the liberal's cloaca.

  10. Hardnox,

    One, you need to run for office.

    Two, you are correct in that it is going to take an uprising of angry Americans to oust the bums and retake our government. I am convinced of that.

    Hell, I've been a big fan of term limits for decades. Two terms and OUT! No pension. No bennies. Just the satisfaction of serving the nation.

  11. rbblum,

    I would have to concur with your statement and add, that it helps the enemy when WE THE PEOPLE are asleep at the switch. Thx for posting.

  12. beachmom,


    Now let me ask you, have you written letters to the editor on this on various Maine papers? Posted flyers on this? Given this info to Maine bloggers?

  13. clyde,

    Oh, you can bet that Mullah Obama is involved with them somehow. It is a tangled nest of vipers. I was shocked to see that Cisneros was involved and so is BJ Bubba Clinton, which makes sense seeing as how they were a-hole buddies in his Admin.

  14. Jim,

    Indeed. They are ALL the enemy of America.

  15. Buck,

    The more I read about Ike, the more I don't like him. His allowing the commies to take Berlin inflicted about 100K rapes/murders on German civilians. I wonder if the Germans would have surrendered to US rather than fight as they did against the commies.

    Ike was weak.

  16. When people in their right mind like myself ;)
    write to the paper they don't print it. They are a liberal rag. They have run hit pieces on Paul LePage, conservative business man every day and puff pieces on liberal hack Libby Mitchell every day for months. They have a love affair with Democratic Socialist/Progressive Caucus member Rep. Chellie Pingree. They simply ignore Dean Scontras who is running against her.
    Believe me, Mainers know about her. She has closed access to atv's and snowmobiles and hunters on the land she has gotten a hold of. There are entire hunting districts that the state has stopped giving any deer permits to.
    Once Paul LePage is elected Governor, things will change a bit here. We also have some good conservatives running for state offices.

    The thing is, most people in the US have never heard of people like Roxanne Quimby. That makes is easier for Barry O to place them in positions of influence. Which makes his marxist goals closer to realization.
    They know how to play their dangerous game in stealth mode very well.

  17. beachmom,

    What did the American revolutionaries do prior to 1775? What did the french resistance do in WW2?

    They posted up posters and printed their own papers and distributed them to the populace!

    1. Do YOUR research on these bums and write it out. (Give the links to the material so OTHERS can research it)

    2. Get with likeminded folks, business owners, etc, and post this stuff in their front windows, hand it out to passer-bys, etc.

    3. Get someone who KNOWS how to speak effectively and get a soap box. It's your 1st AM RIGHT! Then lay out the trail of bread crumbs.

    4. ASK POINTED questions to the audience, i.e., "do you LIKE having your land taken away?" "Do you LIKE paying higher taxes for..."

    5. Corner them in Townhalls and VIDEO TAPE your POINTED questions and YOUTUBE IT!


    Get going girl, you're burning daylight.

  18. Gunny,

    Thanks for the kudo. Many of my friends have suggested that I run for office. I doubt many folks would appreciate my brand of honesty. Right now we have a good solid conservative republican congressman who I am supporting. If he turns into a troll I may think about it morse seriously. So far he has only served one term. We'll see.

    "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less." --Robert E. Lee

    Semper Fi

  19. here's a riddle. Bellah was quoted by Colson. Colson works with Warren. Colson and Warren are CFR and both are familia. If Colson and Warren along with Barton who is working with Beck are Right then why is the supposed Right quoting the far out Left?