Monday, October 25, 2010


It appears that Obama cannot seem to get this simple paragraph right, so maybe the Gunny can help educate this graduate of the liberal run indoctrination center of Harvard.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the CREATOR [emphasis here for Barry’s benefit] with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…"

It was Abraham Lincoln who stated that when future generations read this, one of three of the finest documents ever crafted by Man, that, "they have the a right to claim it as though they were the blood of the blood and the flesh of the flesh who wrote that Declaration." And you know what, we lost sight of that fact, somewhere between when Lincoln said the above and now, when an out of control President, Congress, and Senate, have trampled on the rights of not just us, but EVERY American, Conservative, Liberal, Independent, unknown, etc, although it falls on us, we commoners, to fight to regain those rights. Who could have known that the excesses of this Congress, run by criminals like Pelosi and Reid, and topped off by the election of a nincompoop so out of touch with America and Americans, that he can’t or won’t produce a legitimate birth certificate, would produce a REAL grassroots movement, called, "The Tea Party Patriots", with nearly 3,000 chapters and over 500,000 members nationwide! This Tea Party, scorned by liberals who scorn it simply because they FEAR IT, united around the Declaration of Independence, the Bill Of Rights, and most importantly, rallied around the Constitution of the United States of America, which the left would eagerly run through a shredder and flush down the toilet, if we let them.

It was John Adams, defending REDCOATS in a Massachusetts court, who stated:

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence: nor is the law less stable than the fact."

The facts of the matter are that liberals have violated their oath of offices wherein they SWORE to support and defend the Constitution, time and time again. The people pass Proposition 187, a ban on health care to ILLEGAL ALIENS in California and a judge throws it out. Elena Kagan states that "some speech can be disappeared," right before she is installed FOR LIFE, on the SCOTUS, by a corrupt Senate, thus tossing out the First Amendment. Yet again in California, a federal judge ignored his oath of office by striking down Proposition 8 (marriage is between a man and a woman) and called it a mistake by voters who imposed their moral views in the voting process. The voter’s freedom of speech and freedom of religion was struck down in one fell swoop by this judge. And worst of all, yet another judge, one Virginia Phillips, naturally appointed by Bubba Clinton, ignored the Constitution when she tried to vacate "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell," something specifically reserved for Congress and the President, not one lowly Federal judge. It is quite evident that they no longer teach in liberal law schools what John Adams said about the law: "The law, in all vicissitudes of government, fluctuations of the passions, or flights of enthusiasm, will preserve a steady undeviating course; it will not bend to the uncertain wishes, imaginations, and wanton tempers of men."

Apparently, liberals think it can and try to twist it at every chance.

So we the people pick up the guidon and march with it, holding our Congress, our Senate, the President, and those who would judge us, to the oath of office that they swore to, and it angers and infuriates them. We uphold our clearly stated constitutional rights in the face of liberal taunts, lies, and attacks. It angers the Left that a free people stand against a tyrant and his minions, in fact, so much so, that their puppeteer, Soros, has to give 1.8 million to National Propaganda Radio to step up their attack on us! We the people in the Tea Party stand fast WITH the Constitution while the Left stands with a criminal who seeks to subvert it. Our case stands strong because we demand that the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, those three documents that reflect our values en toto, not only be upheld by all three branches of our government but that a strict originalist interpretation be reflected in our laws and not "guessed at" by our so-called judges.

We on the Right DO claim the Declaration of Independence as our own as we truly ARE the HEIRS to what our Founders gave us, Lincoln was right! We suffer the attacks of the Left on every front as our traditional values and beliefs are spit on and ridiculed by idiots to dull to understand that their actions erode our Constitutional Republic, or maybe, they DO understand it and that is why they do it. And still we march onward. We have even challenged the Ruling Class and GOP bluebloods and have spanked them soundly as we criticize their actions, their illegal policies, their bypassing of our legal processes, and we take them to task in the public arena, again and again. These fetid elitists seek to impose their will on us, in a clear trashing of the Constitution, and seek to make the consent of the governed into the consent of a few in the governance of the many. This was not what our Founders had in mind. What the Left and their RINO myrmidons have forgotten is that in 1776, we fought for freedom from a tyrant and a Republic was born. America is the land of freedom, not entitlements; a land where the citizens have a moral and civic responsibility to run the government that then works FOR the people, not against them. A land where success and failure are allowed to happen on an equal basis, without government intervention, bailouts, or some enforced bogus law of affirmative action. WE run this government, not the other way around. We have rediscovered America and what it means to BE Americans, and the Left hates and fears it.

We on the Right have many duties, my friends, one, that we can never again go to sleep for the LibProgs, like evil, never sleeps. We have learned in this fight that supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States and OUR RIGHTS as free men and women, is a full-time job. Two, that our freedom, we now know, is far important than land, property, money, and perhaps, even our lives! We can ill afford to relax our efforts as this mid-term election draws near. Three, we MUST be willing to devote our time, our money, our energy to electing those who swear to uphold and defend our cherished rights and liberties and then we must WATCH THEM to ensure they do. Four, we must teach our children and our grandchildren that America is LIVED, it is not lived IN and that our nation is a free nation, a republican form of government, with ALL rights and powers retained by the states or the people, not the Federal Imperial Government. And in order to fully take back what is ours granted from our Creator, we must demand:

a. No bill can have any attachments to it. One item per bill. No more than 5 pages long.
b. All bills must be fully read and attested to such in writing by the Representative, Senator, and President.
c. All bills will have a 30 day period for review at every level before a vote can be taken. The only exception is to declare war or a severe natural emergency measure.
d. All bills must list where in the Constitution that they derive their authority from.
e. All Reps/Sens/President will publish, in writing, his/her opinion of the bill, for yea or nea before voting on it and it must be available for public perusal.
f. All officials in this will assume that any action taken by the government attacks the Constitution in some form or another and thus, any action must be justified in full BEFORE said action can be taken.
g. The SCOTUS must publish the opinion of each Justice on all cases that they decide on. No more hiding behind the Chief Justice’s opinion.
h. The 10th Amendment must be returned to its rightful place in American politics.
i. A repeal of the 17th Amendment must be immediately performed so that Senators are again under the rule of their home states, as it was in the past.
j. States must have immediately impeachment authority of ANY judge in their state who ignores the Constitution, willfully or through ignorance.
k. NO more pay or benefits or retirement plans for Reps/Sens. Reimbursement for authorized travel (justified before an ethics committee) only and travel ONLY on commercial air, train, etc.

And last but not least…

l. Term Limits for all elected and unelected officials and appointees.


  1. Good list Gunny, although I believe 99% of what you wish to accomplish would be handled by K and I was going to suggest substituting the word execution in place of impeachment in J but maybe that's just a hair over the top. Then again maybe its not.

  2. 1. Appropriation bills are gonna be a LOT longer than 5 pages.
    2. The Chief Justice doesn't write most opinions. The senior Justice on the majority side of a decision assigns the Justice to write the majority opinion, and the remaining members of the majority either sign on with their concurrence or write their own opinion to expound on the points that they see as key to the decision. Same thing for the minority opinion.
    3. No pay for serving in Congress? Change that to them ONLY getting their paychecks, and no pay from slush funds, PACs, lobbyists, etc.
    4. Completely agree on all bills being "clean". If you want something passed, vote on it by itself!

  3. A gem of enlightenment. Well stated. For a Jarhead.

    Yeah, Gunny, those folks are really dull minded when it comes to the Constitution. When asked about the constitutionality of their bill, amendment or proposal they respond with things like, "I don't care about the Constitution." or, "..are you kidding? Are you kidding?"
    They REALLY believe the Constitution is no longer relevant other than an historical document.
    After all... They went to all the correct schools, and all the correct schools teach that.
    So for years that extend beyond my lifetime We, the People must become educated in our political process and education system. Americans do this and I have complete confidence in the rebirth of America and American freedoms.

  4. Good stuff. Not much I can add to it. C'MAAWWWNNN next Tuesday! Ol'BJ Bubba was here in Detruit yesterday,to a packed house of less than 500,in a gym that can hold 4 times that many.Guess the ol'magic just AIN'T going to work here for "the angriest mayor in America".He's still down by 20 points.

  5. Jim,

    I think that execution would be appropriate for some of these traitors. For example, I would expect that Waxman would have been tried and executed for treason 100 years ago, for what he did to help Code Pink assist terrorists, in Fallujah.

  6. Crawfish,

    Thanks for fleshing that out but you know what I meant to say, and that is, everyone involves needs to have their position public.

    Congress should be serving for free. We can build them a chow hall, a barracks, and have shuttle service to and fro with buses. It is good enough for the troops, it is good enough for them. We can supply them with a commerical ticket to and from their home state or they can drive their POV and get reimbursed for mileage, just like I do. Rich people like Nazi Pelosi and Hanoi John Kerry DO NOT need a paycheck from the people.

  7. clyde,

    I can't wait until the Clintons are dead and gone. They befoul the political scene and make me want to puke.

  8. You got it right Gunny!!!
    My blessings!!:-)

  9. Gunny,
    I agree with your list of A through K. Sounds good to me. The only thing I have to disagree about is your view on judges. The prop 8 reversal is not infringing on anyones religion or speech. Your position on prop 8 is also wrong. Have you ever heard of checks and balances or judicial review? That is one of the judicial branch's responsibilities. I'm sure you would appreciate judicial review if a prop was passed outlawing heterosexual marriage.

  10. JpKnowMad,

    Thanks for your comment but I agree to disagree on Prop 8. I don't care what people do behind closed doors, in their own homes, etc, but marriage is between a man and a woman has this has been codified over 5,000 years of common law. Only a man and a woman can propagate the species w/o the aid of science. Just my stance amigo.

  11. I have no problem with your stance. My problem is forcing it on others. It would not take an individual church's right to turn away whoever it did not want to marry. No church is forced to marry anyone that it does not want to marry. That is how it stands now and allowing gay marriage to be legally recognized would not change that. I don't understand how over ruling prop 8 infringed upon anyone's constitutional rights. Thank you for staying civil btw.

  12. JpKnowMad,

    No problem on staying civil, that is HOW IT SHOULD be but isn't. The Left, unfortunately, forces us to BE combative.

    I agree that a church could refuse to marry a gay couple but how long would it take the ACLU to take them to court to force them to perform the marriage?