Friday, October 29, 2010


Fellow Conservatives, check what is probably the best summation of this failed Regime and indeed, the abject failure of liberalism. Be of good cheer because WE ARE WINNING! Keep up the pressure and VOTE! We MUST have a heavy turnout to cover the Dummycrat's voter fraud, already being reported.

The Communist Party of America ENDORSED and CONTINUES to ENDORSE the ProgStats. THIS is the enemy that our vote fights against.


  1. The problem with the American left is the pseudo-intellectual idea that you MUST listen to both sides.
    They do not understand, "The end justifies the means."
    That means lies are part of the program leaving no reason to listen to what they have to say as they will say whatever advances their program.
    "The end justifies the means."
    Their motto, not ours.

  2. A couple of good videos Gunny. A racist anti-communist right winger, a badge I wear with Honor. In fact I want them to register my political party with that name on my voter info card.