Thursday, October 21, 2010


Is it crazy to call liberalism a tyranny against the masses? Americans know in their guts that something is terribly wrong inside the Beltway and are damned sick and tired of it. Take for example, Imam Obama’s appointment for the National Security Advisor. Does he pick someone from the military? No. Does he pick someone who served in the military, retired, maybe opened up his/her own security business? No. Does he pick a former CIA agent who might have some critical world experience? No. This community organizer, without a shred of real world experience or executive level experience HIMSELF, picks Tom Donilon. WHO is Tom Donilon you ask? One, he was the top lobbyist at Fannie Mae and fought against the reforms of Fannie, which led to the housing bubble courtesy of Frank and Dodd. Before that, he was a lobbyist at O’Melveny and Myers, which had Fannie as a client. And of course, lastly, he once worked as a paid consultant for, you guessed it, Goldman Sachs. This clown’s experience is in taking whatever he can get, while running our economy into the sh*thouse and not in hunting down terrorists or other security matters facing this nation.

Tyranny is the usurpation and abuse of power and this is exactly what we are seeing inside our government today and not just from the liberals but their allies, the RINOS like Crist and Murkowski, who blatantly ignore the will of the people who put them in office. Liberal tyranny rejects America’s social and religious customs and traditions, studiously ignores human nature and the nature of their society, in order to force some sort of goals on them, i.e., affirmative action, forced diversity quotas, etc, that set that society up for a fall. As we have seen time and gain, Liberalism and liberal tyranny is progressive, always demanding one more push, a few more dollars, a little more sacrifice (from others), a little more intrusion of government, grabbing, grasping, and glomming more and more power, as it strives for a utopia unobtainable on this Earth but to hear liberals, it’s just around the next corner, if we can just give more in taxes.

In regards to liberal tyranny, we have, at the forefront, political correctness in all its ugly forms. For example, Juan Williams was fired from the taxpayer sponsored NPR for saying a factual statement about Muslims. Well, under liberal tyranny, we can’t be having any of that! Ready to vote CONSERVATIVE yet Juan? These Liberal Progressives (LibProgs) main focus of effort is to re-engineer public attitudes in any way possible, much as the Pentagon today is trying to change the culture of the military to accept homos into the service openly. Why try to fix something that ain’t broke? Because the officers inside the Pentagon, came up through the Clinton Admin years, are little more than Perfumed Princes, who toe the line when liberal leaders snap their fingers. We must be politically correct when it comes to things like affirmative action, even if it means hiring someone LESS qualified and which may hurt the business in the long run. Kinda like putting a community organizer in as President, even though he was barely qualified to work at McDonalds. Open Border? Must have them and to hell with the people who want secure borders. Why? Because mass immigration helps the Federal colossus through votes and more tax money to spend! The politicians go home to their gated communities and summer at the Hamptons, while the rest of us have to suffer with the hell of illegal aliens driving drunk, robbing, raping, murdering, kidnapping, etc. (FLASHBACK: Soros give NPR $1.8M to hire 100 reporters...)

What Americans are feeling now is the effects of liberal tyranny on our society that gives us the Piss Christ while protecting the Koran, gives idiots like Lady Gaga a political platform to spew her idiocy from, demands that boy dresses as girl and girl dresses as boy at the prom if they so desire, and demands that businesses provide sex change health insurance for the nutjobs in San Fransicko. Instead of fostering mutual respect, it fosters mutual contempt as the protected classes reap the benefits of wealth forcibly seized from the "unprotected" groups, i.e., the evil white man. That there are "protected" groups in America is in and of itself, tyranny. Liberal tyranny prevents Americans from recognizing our heroes because that calls into question the liberal’s hatred of the military as well as their refusal to serve this nation either through cowardice or malignant feelings for the military, i.e., BJ Bubba’s, "I loathe the military." Remember how fast the Left pushed Jessica Lynch into the limelight as a hero only to find she really wasn’t, but the special forces men who rescued her were never touted. Or how fast the Left worked to denigrate the sacrifices of Pat Tillman, from his leaving football to his paying the ultimate sacrifice to his nation. Those who venture forth from the lib’s plantation cannot be allowed to succeed as that reveals the abject shared mediocrity and slavery of liberalism.

RINOS are no better folks. Here in Alaska, we have Lisa Murkowski, who voted YES on the bailout only to come back to Alaska with a dozen reasons WHY she needed to vote thus. She voted along with the other thieves in the Beltway when she voted YES on 192B more stimulus money, YES to another 10B for federal education, YES on Crap and Tax, NO on the require to have a photo ID to vote in Federal elections, YES on ANOTHER PAY RAISE for Congress, YES on lobbyist gifts to Congress, and NO on establishing the Senate Office of Public Integrity. We know something is wrong inside the Beltway and across this nation and we know where it all flows from, the District of Columbia. This breed of traitors includes McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collings, Crist, etc, who sell us out every single day. They are the enablers of liberal tyranny. And she bold-faced lied about supporting the winner of the Republican primary here. Lies are all we get from the Beltway these days.

We FEEL the oppression of liberal tyranny every single day folks. Our voices are stifled and we simply can’t pin down the why of it. We’re victimized by affirmative action by some unseen bureaucrat and we never get the reason why. Our conversation is limited because political correctness must be obeyed. We can’t DO because a myriad of rules and regulations, written in legal mumbo-jumbo, and in thousands of pages, tell us no no, like some little child. We rail against it and when the tools of the libs, i.e., the Lapdog Media, challenge us, we have a hard time explaining it because it exists in a shadow world, like the shadow government formed by Soros and the Democrats. Thus, WE are called stupid rubes, morons, teabaggers, racists, Jesusfreaks, bigots, haters, homophobes, etc, because only liberals can have the last word on any issue because they are smarter than we are. After all, THEY went to HARVARD don’t ya know!

The power of liberal tyranny is its ability to destroy the basic principles and conditions that are required for freedom to thrive. It also gains its power over us simply because we cannot fathom their attack on our values and beliefs, which have been handed down to us generation after generation of decent hard-working American families! We see government as a tool that serves us while the Left see a centralized government as a good thing that rules over the people. We see government as something to be limited in scope while the Left sees government as something that implements program after program, which forces changes on our society, without the consent of the people, and that usually, no, always forbids any dissenting about them! Remember when the Obama Admin posted an email address to report those who spoke out against ObamaKare? THAT is not America! THAT is Soviet Russia. Nazi Germany. Cuba. China. Iran.

Liberal tyranny has destroyed the family, religion, traditional values, beliefs, and morality, and the cultural tradition that once made America great. Every bit of degeneracy that has attacked America has come from the Left, from Roe v Wade onward. To date, thanks to liberals, we have lost or are losing, our American culture, our morality (please stand BJ Bubba Clinton), our religion, our personal identity as Americans (one world governance), the identity of gender, but more importantly, we are losing our relationship as AMERICANS. Once it was enough simply to be an AMERICAN. Our birthright was to be blessed, held dear, and we thanked God for being born in America. No more. Now liberals damn America along with our enemies.

How to recover?

It is going to take a lot of work to rebuild America after the war waged on us by the liberal tyrants. We are going to have to kick to the curb, once and forever, any liberal tendencies that hamper American exceptionalism. Anything that hampers our creativity, ingenuity, our industrial power must be banished. Anything that attacks decent morals and values must be booted out. We are forced to tolerate rapists, child molesters, illegal alien criminals, thieves, etc, in our midst where long ago, they had a one time meeting with Ol’ Sparky, and rightly so. Our social fabric MUST be re-knit that allows discussion of the issues but at the end of the day, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS, not the hyphenated type mind you but REAL God-fearing, red-blooded Americans. This WILL NOT happen overnight. It WILL not happen by 2012. We are going to have to continue to fight for the best life obtainable for us and our descendants, as those Americans in the past did. It will be hard, it will be difficult, we will suffer setbacks but rest assured, we must push forward for not to do it means the death of the Republic and a sentence of slavery. Stay the Course.


  1. You left out one thing we need to do under "How to Recover?", Gunny.

    We need criminal investigations into EVERY member of the US Congress for the last 70 years. If evidence is found of criminal wrong doing, they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Their wealth must be seized and used to pay off the national debt.

  2. EXCELLANT! post as usual Guns---Williams is just antother sacrifice on the lib-alter of political correctness. --did you hear German chancelor Markels statement? "without a shot-Germany will become an islamic state"--shocking. The elections are less than two weeks away---WE GOT to get Constitutional freedom canadates---or this country will be North Korea.

  3. Gray Ghost,

    I could not agree more. Issa has his work cut out for him. I would LOVE to see scum like Kerry, Nazi Pelosi, Reid, etc, have their assets seized and their asses tossed into Leavenworth.

  4. 8th,

    Thanks for the kudos. I saw that on Merkel AND I'm watching the Swiss and the Austrians who are moving to the right on this matter. They realize that these immigrants are there for a free ride and don't bring anything but a warm body to the table.

  5. NPR= National Propaganda Radio. While I usually disagree with Juan,was he not hired to GIVE HIS OPINION?? Dumb shits at NPR ALL need to be canned,and let this almost-as-useful-as the goddamned U-fricking-N come up with THEIR OWN funding. COMPETE,like every other damned media outlet has to.Believe me,there would be NO problem someone picking up their BEST program,Sesame Street. Where most of our libbie "friends"started their indoctrination.

  6. The usual excellent points.
    Two comments. 1. Any half assed manager (or coach for that matter) knows that to be successful you must surround yourself with top notch people. Yes even, and probably especially, someone that you may consider a threat to your position. In the end, they make you look good. Barry, being the narcissist loon that he is, surrounds himself with the most unqualified, inept, buffoons he can find. This, he mistakenly thinks, makes him look smarter.
    2. I always considered Juan Williams a flaming liberal so to see him thrown under the bus by flaming liberals is sort of funny. Not that I'll miss him, I don't listen to National Propaganda Radio. If for no other reason, the breathless voices the announcers all use drives me nuts.

  7. clyde,

    I can't understand WHY we have to pony up the dough for NPR when Soros already funds it?

  8. Navyvet,

    Indeed. You know me, I LOVE a good round of schadenfreude when it comes to liberal suffering! haha.

    Good point on Bungler Barry. He truly is an inept idiot but he is good for a few laughs.

  9. Better than good post Gunny.
    Juan Williams just got a 3 year contract with Fox. Amounting to 2 million dollars. He will still be spouting liberal trash probably, but his speech will be protected.
    There is only one kind of good liberal. It's the kind that says they are a liberal democrat. At least then we know who our enemy is. But a Rino, is there to ruin everything while proclaiming to be on our side.
    I still say there are no good Muslims. (sorry) While they are Muslims, they are on the side of those that profess Mohammed. If they denounce Islam, then I will listen for a couple of years, and if they are truly outside of Islam, then they are a good ex Muslim. But no Muslim will go against Mohammed and the things he wrote in the Koran. So therefore they are for the killing and plundering and raping and pillaging, because Mohammid said so!!

  10. Nanna,

    I was wondering if Fox would hire him. Makes sense. There is no doubt that Juan is a leftist but he is an HONEST lefty and thus, a rarity. He will at least listen to reason but I have no doubt that he'd never be one of us.

    As far as Muslims go, I agree with Juan 110%. As the saying goes, "not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists ARE muslims."

  11. They Just Don't Get It
    Talking about the run of the mill voter who deems himself a liberal. They see all the "feel good" legislation as good and moral. They see that without seeing how the "feel good" legislation chokes out freedom.
    They absorb the leftist propaganda without thought so when you present them with unassailable facts (as did O'Reilly on "The View") their brain shorts out and when they cannot refute your facts they resort to:
    Defense Mechanism #1: Ridicule the message; or
    Defense Mechanism #2: Attack the messenger; or
    Defense Mechanism #3: Brand both message and messenger as 1. homophobic, 2. islamophobic, 3. racist, 4. radical, 5. un-American.
    Uh...did I miss any?