Saturday, October 9, 2010


(Hat tip: Mr ZSki:)

So the Gunny gets an email from a buddy about the NY Obama Times reporting that the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $700,000 grant, that is almost 3/4 of a million dollars, to those of you in Rio Linda (haha), to a theater company named Civilians, located in NYC, to pay for these liberal idiots to produce a play about climate change. Didn't Owl Gore already make an epic failure movie on this hoax? Yet ANOTHER dramatic waste of OUR TAX DOLLARS! A play about the Hopey/Changey of gloBULL warming, gloBULL cooling, and the epitome of it all, climate change. (PSST. Hey libidiots, the climate changes a lot. Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter)

The Gunny has an idea for a play and wonders if HE can get funding for it. It goes like this.

Act I. The population is angry, muttering, curses, oaths, and fist-shaking towards DC.
Act II. The politicians give speeches about how they care when they do the opposite.
Act III. The politicians are overheard calling the populace dull, smelly, stupid, ignorant. Anger grows.
Act IV. The people erupt in anger, gathering pitchforks, torches, and carrying buckets of hot tar and feathers.
Act V. The closing act shows politicians hung from lamp posts, beaten and tarred and feathered, run out of DC on a rail, and exiled from the country on pain of death.

Epilogue: Citizen-politicians are elected, with term limits, no pay, no bennies, enviro-nazis are bagged up and relocated to Bezerkely in a massive liberal holding pen, walled off from us (and unable to contaminate us any further) and America returns to the economic juggernaught she used to be. The citizens are happy again.

But maybe we should just be glad that John "Kill Em All but Us Elites" Holdren isn't making movies about euthanizing us...yet. The NSF needs to be purged and scientists with a brain, not an ideology, need to be appointed. Just another liberal tentacle coming out from under a rock, exposed.


Worldwide Science Organizations
Asia/Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)
European Network for Research on Global Change
Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research



  1. I seem to remember a Steve Coonts book that had a popular revolt in it..."Under Siege"
    highly recommended!

  2. Gunny!! I love your idea for a play!! But, But.. we really do need some serious dress rehearsals, don't we???
    Are you going to be the "hero" out in front saying, "Go get em guys!!"?
    Yeah, I really like it!

  3. Hmm.... You ever get tired of bashing libs,(I know,I know,ain't happening)you just might have a future as a playwright.Liked Act V the best!

  4. The consensus is in that owlgore is a big fat idiot.

    R-12 can to recharge your vehicle ac about $3 a can at k mart, walmart or any where BOG. (before owlgore)

    R-12 now, if you can find it,$29 a can or $325 a dozen er price subject to change before we can ship it, thank you owlgore and BJBUBBA.

  5. Craw,

    I'll have to check that out ASAP! Revolting against tyranny is ALWAYS a good read...or deed.

  6. Okay Nanna, NOW you're just teasing me. I could definately enjoy slapping some hot tar on a few well known lib pols and kicking them around in a bin of feathers. In a dress rehearsal! haha.

    Running this crop of vermin out of all three executive branches will be great but we cannot stop until THEY'RE ALL OUT! STAFFERS, ETC!

  7. clyde,

    Hmm. I'll never get tired of bashing libs, they have EARNED an eternity of it. This play would be called: The Second American Revolution, starring Nazi Pelosi as Benedicta Arnold, Dingy Reid as some other scumbag, and Imam Obama as King George the unhinged! haha

  8. R E,

    And the new refrigerant doesn't get as cold as R12 did. Once again, ANY TIME liberals "fix" something, in reality, they "F" it up.

  9. "The NSF needs to be purged and scientists with a brain...need to be appointed."

    Uh. No.

    The NSF is just a propaganda machine and needs to be ...what is the word in DCspeak? Defunded.
    Along with all the other alphabet agencies.
    The government needs to get out of all grant providing for everything from studying monkeys on cocaine to studying why alligators like rotten meat.
    EVERY research project, in past years before big government takeover, every research project with merit found a patron. It ws just one of the things rich folks did. Before they had to give their surplus dollars to the government.

  10. Gunny,

    Tell the NSF that you are gay and that you want to do a documentary on gay muslim NASA workers and their contribution to science.

    You'll have the check next week.

  11. For some reason these lyrics came to mind...

    Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away
    Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air
    You better watch out
    There may be dogs about
    I've looked over Jordan and I have seen
    Things are not what they seem.

    What do you get for pretending the danger's not real
    Meek and obedient you follow the liberals Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel
    What a surprise!
    A look of terminal shock in your eyes
    Now things are really what they seem
    No, this is no bad dream.