Thursday, October 28, 2010


EXCERPT: "The top US consumer protection agency has dropped an inquiry into data collection breaches by Google, even as regulators in Europe and Canada have stepped up their scrutiny of the internet giant’s privacy policies. David Vladeck, the director of the bureau of consumer protection at the Federal Trade Commission, said the FTC had decided to drop its investigation into Google’s allegedly inadvertent collection of consumer data in 2007 because it was satisfied that Google had adequately addressed the issue internally." Then, "Google admitted for the first time last week that the cars it had used to photograph residential streets for its Street View mapping service had illicitly collected some personal e-mails and passwords from the homes it passed. The breach was first announced in May."

WHAT is it with liberals and corruption? With liberals embracing criminal behavior? With liberals always showing a weak spine when moral character is required?

So David Vladeck drops the case? Kinda reminds the Gunny of how Eric Holder dropped the clear-cut case against the New Black Panther Party in regards to their voter fraud in Filthadelphia.

So WHO is David Vladeck?

1.  Vladeck spent nearly 30 years as a lawyer at the Public Citizen Litigation Group, the litigation arm of Public Citizen, an advocacy organization founded by Ralph Nader. So you KNOW he is far to the Left. Especially working for Nader who talks about the end of the earth with birds in a cage.

2.  He served as the group’s director for 10 years.

3.  His mommy and daddy were lawyers and worked for, get this, workers’ rights. Lib-commies.

4. FAMOUS Vladeck quote: "I don’t believe that most consumers either read [privacy policies], or, if they read them, really understand it [sic]. Second of all, consent in the face of these kinds of quote disclosures, I’m not sure that consent really reflects a volitional, knowing act.”

In other words, you rubes are too dumb to understand and need lib-elitists to 'splain it to you and to protect you from yourself!

5.  In June 2009, shortly after Vladeck assumed office, the Bureau of Consumer Protection settled a case against Sears. (Sears offered consumers $10 to download software that tracked their Internet browsing. The software collected information such as medical prescriptions and financial information. The software contained a privacy policy with detailed disclosures about the type of information to be collected and how it would be used, and consumers suffered no economic harm when they downloaded it. Nevertheless, the FTC sued the company for its practice. Vladeck stated that "under the harm framework, we couldn’t have brought that case," but that because "there’s a huge dignity interest wrapped up in having somebody looking at your financial records when they have no business doing that."

So, they SUE Sears for a privacy issue but let Google slide. Things that make you go HMMM!

WHO appointed Vladeck?

1.  Jon Liebowitz. (No, not the Jon Liebowitz-Jon Stewart clown). No, this idiot is a stone Dummycrat and a Clintonite and best of all, married to a lib "journalist" at the WaPo, a lib rag.

2.  He is an advocate of "Nudge." (Leibowitz wants to ensure that only healthier foods and beverages are marketed to America’s children.) Again rubes, YOU are too stupid to know what is good for your kids.

3.  And of course, he has co-authored amicus curiƦ briefs before the SCOTUS on, oddly enough, gun control.

4.  And best of all, his agency is getting ready to unveil a new set of voluntary privacy guidelines. Voluntary? Yeah, and pigs can soar with eagles.

It is ALL about control over the masses for these lib-commies.

Okay, so where does Google fit into the scheme of things? Remember that when it comes to liberals, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS FOLLOW. THE. MONEY.

Top 5 contributors to Imam Obama.

1.  University of California $1,591,395 (Figures the scumbags in Bezerkely would top the list)
2.  Goldman Sachs $994,795 (Small wonder so many of them now work in this regime)
3.  Harvard University $854,747 (Ah, Barry's Alma Mater, maybe, if we saw his transcripts)
4.  Microsoft Corp $833,617 (Think of THAT next time you buy a Windows product)
5.  Google Inc $803,436. OH OH!

So Google gives over 800K to Imam Obama's campaign and the clown that let Google off of the hook is a huge donor himself to Imam Obama and the Dummycrats.

VLADECK, DAVID 9/30/08 $1,500 Obama, Barack (D)
VLADECK, DAVID 6/30/08 $1,000 Obama, Barack (D)
VLADECK, DAVID 1/30/08 $1,000 Obama, Barack (D)
VLADECK, DAVID 10/2/08 $800 Obama, Barack (D)
VLADECK, DAVID 7/31/08 $300 Obama, Barack (D)
VLADECK, DAVID 1/31/08 $1,000 Obama, Barack (D)
 (Thank You
Maybe Sears should have given a bundle of money to Obama and the Libs and then they might have gotten a hookup like Google did.
Lies. Treachery. Corruption. Crime. Scumbaggery. Facism. All buzzwords of the liberal tyrants.


  1. Excellent piece Gunny. You do know this is very prevalent with both parties. I'm sure this is just a drop in the bucket from all of congress and the white house. In Washington, money talks and everyone listens whether they have a (D) or an (R) after their name.

  2. JPKnowMad,

    I agree but I find it is more prevalent on the Left. The big difference in my opinion, is that the Left takes money from people who wish us ILL, i.e., Soros, while the Right takes money from defense industries, etc.

  3. Guck Foogle. This crap is why I do not use Google for ANYTHING,and sold the 400 shares of their stock.

  4. Just came in from the 'back 40' and the lil' woman was watching a new hen's show, "The Talk".
    They had Megan McCain on. Of course every idiotic thing dribbling from her mouth the brain dead 100% flemale audience applauded on que like the dronettes they are....
    Specially when she and Sharon Osbourne said Palin was crazy, nuts and whatever else...
    Watched it thinking some bright young executive might have had an idea for a conservative show to counter "The View".

    no dice


  5. Buck,

    Megan McLame, as sad as her old man. Every time I hear her open her suck hole, I'm reminded how glad I was voting for Bob Barr.