Wednesday, October 27, 2010


(Hat tip to Philosophocon)

EXCERPT: "From base camp in San Francisco, the Tides Foundation and its Canadian affiliate (Tides Canada) have paid $6 million to 36 organizations that campaign against Alberta oil. Over roughly the same period that Tides has been campaigning against Alberta oil, Canada's single most important export, overhead and salaries have doubled and tripled at Tides Canada and at the Endswell Foundation. Endswell is part of the Tides consortium of charities and is run by Joel Solomon, the biggest financial backer of Vancouver's Mayor Gregor Robertson.

In response to the Financial Post, the CEO of Tides Canada defended his charity, saying that there's "nothing nefarious" about Tides."
The Gunny has written about the Tides Foundation before, run by "state capitalist" (new leftist term for state run communism) and social elite, Drummond Pike. But as Philosophocon pointed out, this cancer has spread to Canada. There is a lot of "nefarious" crap not only in Tides, Drummond Pike, but also in everything they touch.

For example, Tides Canada is waging "war" against the oil industry in Canada and the shipment of it to the USA. This is so typical of rich green elitists who have an enormous amount of wealth, lack for nothing, but work to make sure that the commoners cannot work, cannot rise above the "station", and this, work to usher in what is now becoming known as the new feudalism. Our lords and masters, praising Gaia, keeping us oppressed, and no doubt thinking as John "Kill Em All" Holdren does, that the Earth would be better off with about 500 million less humans! In league with Tides and Tides Canada is the Bullitt Foundation, a foundation that funds eco-nazis.

Check out the links and observe how they direct funding into their bank accounts, making high salaries, as they busily ensure that oil field workers and their families get nothing, well, nothing but welfare and handouts, guaranteed to rot their souls through abject liberalism.

Perhaps the most alarming is WHO these scumbags fund:

1.  Acorn Institute Canada
2.  Campaign for Democratic Media (Bringing Al-Jazeera to Canada!)
3.  Check Your Head: The Global Youth Education Network (Working for Social and Environmental Justice) Oddly enough, funded by Tides and Tides Canada.

As Lenin stated: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

4.  Columbia Institute (Working for social and environmental justice)
5.  Democracy Education Network (Teaching kids how to me community organizers!)
6.  Ecojustice Canada Society (Changed their name but the game is still the same.)
7.  Sierra Club of BC Foundation
8.  Sustainability Network (Sustainability is lib-code for less humans on Earth.)
9.  Tides Canada Foundation
10.  Tides Canada: Social Justice Fund
11.  The Global Youth Education Network Society (
12.  World Peace Forum Fund (world peace i.e., socialism for all, Social Justice, and of course, Sustainability.)
13.  World Wildlife Fund - Canada (Eco-Nazis)
Ecological Sustainability has four areas: 1. Reliance on Solar Energy (doesn't work).
2. Biodiversity. 3. Population Control (Calling John "Kill Em All" Holdren), and 4. Nutrient Recycling. (Hurry up and get your Soylent Green!)

One of the largest donors to all of this is the Bullitt Foundation. ( Naturally, they are into Smart Growth, yet another liberal codeword for elites telling people how to live. The real enemies of humankind are the eco-nazis, like Drummond Pike, who use their wealth to live well and to oppress us! In fact, the charts on the first link at the bottom of the page (11 Million Dollar question), clearly show that these lib-socialists are not above awarding themselves FAT SALARIES while working against other people having a decent job in industries like oil, coal mining, timber, etc.

Liberalism is like a cancer that once it spreads, it infects the surrounding area, and contaminates that as well. In the researching the above, many cities of Canada are actually contributing TAX DOLLARS to this crap. FOLLOW. THE. MONEY. The Gunny wonders if the people there even know that their sky-high taxes are going to fund the very programs that seek to put them out of a job, i.e., oil workers, lumber, etc. Maybe the Canadians need to do a little Tea Party of their own!


TIDES (Soros funded):


  1. Gunny,

    You wouldn't be calling the lovable friend of the world geo puppetmaster soros a Shisterhosen betruger would you? Wait I think you are and your right.

    Liberalism a sickening putrefying disease that means controlling the peoples and taking their liberties especially defense (guns or whatever) away so that the lib doesn't have to fear the people but can then call them subjects and rule over them which is their goal.

  2. Got another good'un for ya, Gunny. Here's the "Uniter" in action!

  3. Someone told me Soros IS an American citizen.
    Now when that Hungarian naturalized citizen was found out to have been an SS guard at a NAZI concentration camp he was stripped of his citizenship and deported.
    Soros IS a convicted felon in two of USA's allied countries.
    Why the hell is he not stripped and shipped????

  4. Guns...
    There will be some great stories coming from Beck on Soreass and the minions. And it's looking like it might be a real doozy...

  5. You just don't get it Gunny, the ruling class has ENOUGH slaves. There are too many of the unwashed masses and by eliminating them it brings back the balance of nature (or more importantly to their check books).