Thursday, October 21, 2010


Maybe 75 years ago, the public schools, now little more than government indoctrination sites, taught that this flag was part of the revolutionary army that arose from the people. Maybe 75 years ago, the public schools, now little more than government indoctrination sites, taught that the only mention of of a separation of church and state was in Jefferson's letter to a friend and is nowhere else to be found, for if there is a separation of church and state, why is prayer done before every session of the Congress? Why is prayer done at an inauguration? Why are liberals so afraid of religion? Is it because it shows them to be immoral? Is it because it describes a Creator from whom our inalienable rights as free men and women flow, the Creator that Obama has TWICE left out of his address in regards to the Declaration of Independence? Is it because religion shows what is right and and what is wrong and liberals are often on the wrong side of morality? It appears that our Founders and those who fought for our liberty gave: "An Appeal to God," and yet another liberal myth now lies where it belongs, in the dirt.


  1. Liberals will find out if there is a heaven or a hell when they assume room temperature,just like the rest of us. Haven't spoken to a dead person,so there is no way of knowing. I believe it is called FAITH. Something,it seems,liberals don't have much of,except for government.

  2. Gunny,
    They hate God, and religion for all of the reasons you mentioned.
    Someday, they will answer to Him, and try and explain why they destroyed so many lives.

  3. clyde,

    Exactly right. I may lose faith from time to time but never completely. Liberals are w/o a trace of it unless it is in their mrxist ideology.

  4. Nanna,

    I'd hate to be Imam Obama and have to explain to his Creator as to WHY he voted YES on allowing survivors of abortion to die cold and alone in a back room, like garbage. Hideous.

  5. Guns-
    Remember, those without God, er, um, the atheists in society are those who seek only self gratification...they have to fill the empty hole they have from lack of faith or religion. It's all they know and to them, they believe themselves to be smarter than the rest of us. You know (snicker) more "cerebral"!!

    It would be nice for a day to be able to be them, just for kicks.

    Here is a great example from my former Army comrade: I am a bad man! Yep. I slept with married women!" No sense of morality and nothing but laughter and self agrandizing. I am embarrassed for him.

  6. It Needs To Be The Next Revolutionary Tactic

    At Friday Night's High School football game a local preacher should offer the benediction.
    If he is arrested then next friday night another preacher steps forward.
    If we could do this in every small town football game we would win immediately those religious rights that have been taken from us. Yes, our freedom of religion and "...PRACTICE THEREOF.." have been taken away and it is time for all the small towns in the country to fight back.

  7. Buck,

    Whether you like Beck or not, he nailed it when he said that some of us would lose our liberty in this fight to retake our nation. As we practice Civil Disobedience, the Regime will react predictably.

  8. Nee,

    Good point. At least the military still punishes adultery while the Dems celebrate it!

  9. The leftist formula;
    Seperation of church and state
    Seperation of property and people
    seperation of liberty and people
    seperation of life and people