Monday, October 25, 2010


Maybe one of the liberal idiot's in Congress will take the quiz (link below), find out how stupid they are concerning the Constitution, and do a 180, find their brain, and become a Conservative. We can HOPE for a CHANGE anyway.

A few of the many questions are:

1. Our country’s first constitution was called:

a. the Articles of Confederation
b. the Declaration of Independence
c. the “Federalist Papers”
d. the Emancipation Proclamation

2. Laws for the United States are made by:

a. the President (excluding Imam Obama's love for Executive Orders)
b. the Senate
c. Congress
d. the Supreme Court

3. The longest possible time a person could now serve as President is:

a. 4 years
b. 8 years
c. 10 years
d. 12 years

Educate yourself to prevent THIS:


  1. The questions at the website are challenging even to those of us who have read the Constitution many times per year. Most members of the Democratic Party would fail the quiz every time.

  2. They'd throw a hissy fit at having to answer those questions. WE all know they do NOT give a rat sass about ANYTHING concerning the nation as founded,only on how THEY can eff it up.

  3. Yeah, O'Donnell was ridiculed by LAW STUDENTS because she said the Constitution did not mention separation of church and state.

    Law Students!

    What the hell are they teaching in law school now?

  4. There are days Gunny, when I just want to sit and cry for my country.
    The bible says "My people are dying from the lack of knowledge" I know that it was speaking spiritually, but it so fits the United States now.
    People go about their business, never using their brains for anything but movie stars, rock stars, sports stars, gossip, and the favorite of all sex. They never take time to learn what might save their lives, and freedoms. They have no pride in themselves. They riot and burn cars, and break windows over losing a ball game, or winning a ball game. Yet these same people will give up their freedoms because they want to be "IN", They want to sound cool, and knowledgeable. They never think of the hundreds of thousands of brave American blood was spilt in order to give them freedom.
    I'm on a furious roll because I heard today, that Maine is willing to give up the precious right to vote to non citizens, they are already doing that in Chicago and other cities. In Washington state they have ILLEGALS regestering people to vote. They have foreigeners turning in votes, and already know that there are thousands that are fraudulent. I am fit to be tied..Anyone that has even considered backing this should be strung up!!!
    I have been angry before in the past few years, but this is awful, just awful!!

  5. And may I add.... Those same people were the very ones that thought it was cool, and the IN thing to vote for Obama....he was the rock star they had been looking for. One that would give them something for nothing.
    Why? because they never bothered to learn the truth about this wonderful country, our founding fathers, our armies (and marines), our government, our constitution, or anything that really matters. They are leaving God when they should be begging His forgiveness, and His help!!

  6. Do you think any Democrats have actually read the Constitution?