Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The Gunny was chatting with a few folks last night and one of them voiced dismay over the continued fight against the Democrats, who are sure to cheat their asses off in the coming mid-term as well as in Election 2012. It is what they do and in example, student in Cincinnati got ballots with only Dummycrat candidates on them. Kinda reminds the Gunny how commies and tyrants like Saddam always ran their elections!

This is a fight for freedom, pure and simple. What happens when freedom is lost? Human bondage is the result, every time. Life does not get better; it gets WORSE when freedom is gone. For example, the Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians until one man stood up and said, "NO MORE!" and took them out of bondage. (No, not THAT kind of bondage Barney Fwank). The Gunny can hear the liberal’s shrieking reading about Moses and scripture like saying the word "it" to the Knights who no longer say "Ni!" The same can be said about when paganism was the order of the day during the Dark Ages (as libs would have it now); humans were put into slavery through their lack of learning, ignorance, and superstition. They had lost sight of what freedom was until the English laid out the Magna Carta and mankind began to rise up out of the muck.

Today in America our fight is against those who would take our liberty and freedom away and those forces are legion, that much is certain. It IS depressing to think that so many Americans hold their freedom as cheaply as they would a three dollar watch and that is why we HAVE to dig our heels in. For example, we failed to dig our heels in on seat belt laws and helmet laws. Oh, they’ll save LIVES the liberals and RINOs cry, how can YOU be against THAT? And we surrendered a modicum of our freedom. Click it or ticket mind you. Now, Ray LaHoodlum, another libnazi in this regime filled with lovers of totalitarianism, seeks to ban cell phones in cars, even with no-hands apparatuses employed. It will save lives LaHoodlum mewled, using the same line of bullshit that the Left always uses. That, or, ‘do it for the children,’ they cry. So because of a few morons, the rest have to suffer a loss of a form of freedom, the freedom of speech? In reality, this is simply an attack on our means to "instantly" be able to communicate things that we see, like SEIU members beating up a black conservative as we drive by.

Indeed, liberals LOVE to use the "it will save lives" mantra, to take away our freedoms, not in one fell swoop but incrementally, like a frog dropped into a pot of cold water. For example, the People’s Republik of Illinois demanded that residents therein HAVE to acquire a Firearm Owner Identification Card, FOID for short, before they can purchase and own a weapon. The leftists trotted out the "it will save lives" bullshit and the sheep nodded accordingly, and the fix was in. Another loss of freedom as the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution CLEARLY states, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Thus, the actions of the fascists in Illinois, Democrats all, were absolutely unconstitutional (Obama voted for it), and it did not save lives, it put them in jeopardy as now only criminals had guns, as the NRA’s argument in the 70’s accurately pointed out. 

Consider this, the Left passes the Fairness Doctrine in 1949, and it required that the holders of broadcast licenses MUST present controversial issues of public importance, and, get this, must do so in a manner that is, in the Commission's view, fair, honest, and balanced. It was chucked out by Ronaldus Magnum. Naturally, liberal fascists like Nazi Pelosi, Turban Durban, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, Jeff Bingaman, Anna Eschoo, and goose stepper Debbie Stabenow, all want the Fairness Doctrine back in. Why? Because they lost their lock on the liberal press when talk radio was free to broadcast that which they will. The free market calls the shots and El Rushbo wins, while Air America loses, three times to be exact!

We ARE losing our freedoms in America, bit by bit, with each new law, each new regulation, and each new bypass or outright trampling of the Constitution, i.e., ObamaKare. Take for example, the fact that Obama and the Liberal Fascists in the House and Senate (along with RINOs like Murkowski, McLame, Grahamnesty, etc) have inflicted an additional THREE TRILLION DOLLARS of debt upon our heads. This is yet ANOTHER loss of freedom, the freedom to keep the fruits of our labor for ourselves and our families. Children yet UNBORN have about a 40,000 dollar debt on their heads, how can this BE? We’re to be MANDATED to purchase health care? Lord, HOW DID we ever survive from 1776 to now without liberals holding our hands every step of the way, from the cradle to the grave?(http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20019931-503544.html)

Indeed, we are FORCED into the Social Security Ponzi scam by a government that has been stealing away our freedoms, a tiny nibble here, and a small gulp there, and the Gunny for one, if frigging sick of it. How insidious is this Ponzi Scam that steals 7.2% of YOUR PAYCHECK in return for a PROMISE of things to come? If you tried this, you’d be sharing a cell with Madoff in a NY second, yet here we are, with 2010 showing the Ponzi Scam to be bankrupt. END IT DAMMIT! Americans should have the RIGHT to decide how to spend their golden years and if you don’t save up, sorry, enjoy your Alpo dinner, bon app├ętit. Freedom is being free to screw up, to make a mistake, and if someone doesn’t wish to save, so be it. They can work until they die, which many of us will now have to thanks to Obama and the Leftists who have nearly destroyed the economy. The Liberal fascists are pushing out a $250.00 bribe to seniors over all of this crap, as they deny a COLA for the Ponzi scam for the second year in a row. The Gunny wonders if we had PRIVATE retirement funds and a government that kept their filthy paws off of our money, how well our retirements would be.

Moreover, these liberal fascists and their RINO cohorts have embraced the idea of a Value Added Tax imposed on America! Like the Eurotrash has done to their subjects for decades.
The Brits have just raised their VAT to 20% and the rest of them over there won’t be far behind. If they pass this, let us unite as a people and refuse to follow it. Let us sell things to one another and bypass it, let us perform services for services using the barter system, let us cripple it, hamstring it, and destroy it any way possible. THIS is NOT what America is all about. We have a playbook fought for and bequeathed to us by the Founders. We have a history of what works as shown to us by Ronaldus Magnum and Conservative presidents before him, i.e., how the recession of the 20’s became the “roaring twenties.” We are not Europeans, we are Americans, and we need not follow the lunacy that has resulted in riots in France and Greece, with more to come. (http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=TX-PAR-AHY81&show_article=1)

So let us take heart in our fight for freedom. Marines on Wake Island fought for freedom against huge odds and while they lost the battle, they are immortalized in the hearts of American patriots for all time. We are those Marines and it is OUR JOB to not only hold the line but to roll it back. We are fighting a colossus through our votes and we can no longer afford to waste them. We MUST choose the candidate who espouses the principles of our Founders, who embraces the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence for THOSE define America and Americans. We MUST educate ourselves and our children as to what the RIGHT things are for America because the public school system is overrun with verminous liberals who seek to teach lies and pervert our nation’s history. Damn them to Hell for that. We MUST continue to fight, no matter how dark it seems, because to NOT hold the line, to NOT roll back this crapulence, means the end of freedom and a return to slavery and ignorance and lies. We MUST be ever vigilant to the treachery and cheating of the Left, as they no doubt will this election. We MUST take the fight TO THE LEFT! We MUST STAY INVOLVED!

Will future generations look at our generation with joy or will they heap scorn on us for backing down in the face of liberal fascism and RINO apathy as they drag their government chains along in misery? In 14 more days, Phase One will start. Will YOU be ready?


  1. Here's some more raw meat for ya, Guns: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLv0xeu9VyA&feature=player_embedded

    John Conyers speaking at a meeting with the Democratic Socialists of America.

  2. Craw,

    Good GOD! I simply cannot imagine why Americans have not rioted and tore these vermin to shreds yet! Conyers and his fellow thugs have DESTROYED Michigan.

  3. Most people yearn for the freedoms that we Americans enjoy everyday, as it should be natural to want to be free, yet the left are truly backward on this aspect. Then again, they truly have not lived as those whom have escaped Cuba, the former USSR, and other countries with extreme dictators that want to run your life.

    Ignorance runs rapid on the left.

  4. Eric,

    Good post. I have known people who fled communism from Eastern Europe and Cuba. Reagan was right, if we lose freedom here, we're screwed.

  5. Yet Conyers, Pelosi, Moonbeam, Rangle, Boxcar, Coons, etc, will most likely be elected honestly (although I hope I am wrong) proving that you cant possibly overestimate the stupidity of voters. See France today.
    Slimey Harry, and others will cheat and win, because the judges are all Democommies. See Al Franken, Minnesota. (although he beat a RINO so no huge loss)
    We will need a massive turnout in order to outvote the dead, felons, illegals, and idiots.

  6. The polls are convinced that even with massive voter fraud by the Democrats, the US House will be lost to Obama after 11/02/10. We can start there. And be prepared, unless the Liberals are idiots and start a civil war, it will take years to correct 70 years of Liberal cr*p.

    At 59, I will not probably live to see it all thrown into the garabge can of history. But we must keep the faith and continue the fight.

    (And if the Liberals are idiots and start a civil war, then we can get it done in about 6 months. Quite frankly I want to watch Code Pink, Red Nancy, and the Liberals try to arm themselves for any kind of war.)

  7. "it will save lives" At last count Socialist were directly responsible for murdering more than 250,000,000 of it's own slaves (subjects, victims, what ever you want to call people enslved by Socialism).
    I hate Illinois nazis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhozx819izU&feature=related

  8. Navyvet,

    And we need to challenge them on every suspect vote. I just saw on Beck about his digging into Obummer's foreign money. Where was the media on THAT?

  9. Gray Ghost,

    Your post is dead-on. We have a MOUNTAIN of work ahead of us and I can only hope the American people have the courage to stay the course.

  10. Jim,

    Liberalism, socialism, and communism have killed hundreds of millions since the French Revolution.

  11. Good,timely,world-class post. The sad part of Conyers(whose wife is FINALLY behind bars)the dumb shit sandwich eaters of Detruit WILL re-elect him. Ain't even close. Dingell may be defeated,only IF the conservatives who are in the state will GET OFF THEIR ASSES and vote. NO excuse. Two weeks to go,I cannot WAIT to vote.

  12. I sincerely hope that they DO elect these idiots so that they can continue to be an excellent example of the failure of liberalism to us all.