Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today, we are experiencing the the tyranny of the minority on all fronts. We have a small elite who decides what is good for us and if it cannot pass the Politboro on the Potomac, why, just send it over to Dingy Reid in the Senate, and he’ll run it pass the rubberstampers and the RINOs and BINGO!, they’re in. They do nothing but create chaos, hate, and discontent, because every little whim to the Left will create a new cause to be fought for and the will of the people be damned. Personal Security? Private Property right? Excess taxation? Who cares as long as each worthy cause, as defined by the elites, receives it due, of course, at the penalty of some other group.

For example, a JUDGE in Mexifornia, appointed by BJ Bubba no less, vacates "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell." This is an activist judge at work my friends. The Commandant of the Marine Corps stated that vacating this policy affects roughly 90%+ of his Marines. So here we have a judge, WHO WAS NEVER ON ACTIVE DUTY, NEVER in the military AT ALL, deciding the fate of those currently serving. One, this is an illegal action since only Congress can rule on that policy. Second, the Pentagon actually went along with it, which it did, probably under that PC skivvie stain Gates. Three, the JCS has not resigned in disgust, which makes the Gunny wonder about where their loyalty lies. But moreover, this issue violates the contract by which the current enlistees joined. They joined knowing that DADT was in place and that kept them from having to view the repulsive actions of homosexuals. Now, the rug is whipped out from under them, by an activist judge on the Left Coast, and the military leadership has cast them adrift. Who is gonna pay when some homo comes on active duty and gets AIDS? How many SGLI payments of 500K will go downrange when these homos die from AIDS? Who is gonna take over their billet when they get sick? What are the housing arrangements going to be? What happens to those on active duty whose religious beliefs are impinged by this? NOT ONE OF THESE QUESTIONS HAS BEEN ASKED OR ANSWERED. Thus, the tyranny of the vast minority raises its ugly head.

If the Gunny was still on active duty, not only would he refuse to serve alongside some mincing lisping Barney Fwank wannabe, he would start a class-action lawsuit to be honorably discharged, with full benefits, since this is clearly a violation of their enlistment contracts and possibly the civil rights of the "breeders" as we are referred to by activist homos.

Another fine example is the fight by the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) aka the American Communists and Liberals Union, will always take the side of a individual or a minority group, over the majority in society. How many times has the ACLU used an unelected activist judge to undermine the rights of the majority? Want to put up a nativity at your church? No can do since it might offend a passing Muslim. Want to pray before a football game at your kid’s high school? No can do since it might offend the one Wiccan or atheist in the crowd. When we have activist judges ruling against the majority, in support of the vast minority, is does nothing but undermine the foundations of our nation. In fact, by always ruling against the majority for the minority, it actually exacerbates problems, causes friction, and forces the fragmented groups that used to be a united nation, to try and gain or regain power through activist judges, not the voting polls. Remember after 9/11 when a school was taken to task by the ACLU for putting up a sign that read: "God Bless America?" The ACLU used the time worn argument that it was a violation of the Church and State principle in our Constitution, which of course, there is none and never was one, and down came the sign. As a point of fact, our Founders were VERY religious.

"If you oppose God, you oppose America." John Witherspoon signer of the Declaration of Independence.

In yet another issue of the minority ruling the majority is illegal aliens. Clearly, a big majority of Americans want them gone, want a fence built, and want the immigration laws enforced. Mexifornia, for once, took the right step in 1988 when they passed Proposition 187 by a big margin, which banned giving health care to illegals, since it was costing Mexifornia about 5 BILLION a year at the time, and the illegals were not and still don’t, pay into the system. Who vacated it? An activist liberal judge on the Ninth Circus Court, which is little more than a kangaroo court along the lines of Stalinist Russia or Castro’s Cuba. As a matter of fact, Eric Holder’s DOJ and Nappy’s DHS REFUSE to do anything about this issue, probably on the orders of Nazi Pelosi, Dingy Reid, or higher up, Imam Obama, since all of those undeclared democrats will be needed at the voting booth this November, laws be damned.

Perhaps the best example of the liberal’s tyranny of the minority over the majority is that nitwit Michael Newdow, naturally a liberal, who tried to have the words, "under God," removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, which is really just the first step to vacating the entire Pledge from our society. Not to be outdone, this moron actually wasted the SCOTUS’ time by trying to ban prayer at President Bush's inauguration. ("In an emergency filing, Michael Newdow argued that a prayer at Thursday's ceremony would violate the Constitution by forcing him to accept unwanted religious beliefs.") The Gunny would like to donate to this moron’s cause, a few knuckle sandwiches, which is what these punks really need. ONE IDIOT trying to impose his will on the majority. Fifty years ago, someone would have taken him to the edge of the crowd, kicked him in his ass, and sent him on his way. Today, we are forced to kowtow to this idiot’s ever whim.

We fought a Civil War over the efforts of a small minority of slaveholders trying to dictate to the majority and we are again locked in a civil war between US and THEM. WE THE PEOPLE versus the vast minority, puppets for the elitists. Our nation prospered when, on the battlefield of ideas, as Washington put it, once the majority of the country decided on a course, the minority could debate them, and if their argument had merit, get the majority to change their minds. Not anymore. These "protected" classes merely find a tool of a judge and get a ruling. Done. HOW ABOUT a judge ruling that the INCOME TAX is illegal? Or that the Ponzi scam of Social Security is ILLEGAL? Instead of screwing us, that would HELP US. In America, a minority group can help influence policy but they don’t make it and they especially don’t make it through an activist unelected judge but that is not the case with the libcommies in every level of our government!

What has happened to this nation is that we are being ruled by a minority of elitists that hate us, hate our traditions, our customs, and our values and beliefs. They have run the Constitution through a shredder and tossed it into our faces. How STUPID is Judge Virginia Phillips out on the Left Coast that she can vacate DADT without reading the Constitution and thinking, "wow, this is out of my pay grade?" Duh. How WEAK is the Pentagon to fall in with her decision? We are the majority and we have been constantly betrayed, from the top down. If an activist judge wants to play politics, then they need to run for office, not use their appointment to rule over us like something out of a movie on fascists, which is what they are. The tyranny of the minority must end. Americans are a patient and tolerant people but when stupid policies are foisted on us, that hamper the safety of the nation, put our safety at risk, force us to dig into out wallets and purses to pay for some "protected" group’s "needs", that trample our rights, that vacate our values and beliefs in one fell swoop of a judge’s pen, then we need to rise up in righteous anger. Enough is enough.

A passing thought: Virginia Phillips, appointed by Impeached BJ Bubba, like VD, a gift that keeps on giving. We'll be suffering the decision of The Corrupt One for decades, more's the pity.


  1. The Constitution says that the Commander in Chief of the armed forces is POTUS, not a federal judge. The judge has no authority to make any such order. Besides, Article 125 still outlaws sodomy.

  2. George Washington: “Do not ever let anyone claim to be a true American patriot, if they ever attempt to separate religion from politics.”

  3. Great Post Gunny!!
    THis whole thing is so wrong, and a real travesty.
    I wish people of faith would rise up as a "tea party". I am so sick of these progressives (so called) pushing their faithless, evil on us.
    This country was founded on Christian principles, and the ACLU, EPA, and democrats, have been trying to wipe it out far too long.
    Good for you for writing this blog Gunny.
    My satellite has been down for a couple of days, but looking back on your posts, I want to remark of the "multiculture isn't working"
    WOW!!! I'm sorry that something that has been seen can't be unseen!!!!:-)

  4. The Crawfish,

    Indeed. I just heard that they're trying to put that genie back in the bottle. Why they must try to "fix" things that ain't broke, is beyond me.

    I'm glad I'm out. It is gonna turn the military into a three-ring circus.

  5. Nanna,

    It is high time to start sweeping the floor and throwing these dregs out in the trash where they belong. It will likely take force to do it since as parasites, they won't leave or desist peacefully.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me that the radical minority is able to dictate their agenda. Judges that are dictating law base on their agenda I hold in the same esteem as Benadict Arnold or Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. I wonder how they would have dealth with this 100 years ago, if the ywould have found the end of a rope, or found themselves peeling tar and nursing hemeroids in Canada or Mexico.
    To anyone that is thinking I'm cruel, I really did think of the Tar?feather?rail option.

  7. Jim,

    I could not agree more. That Phillips could rule thus AND the Pentagroin follow her lead, is disgusting. She should be impeached for blatant stupidity.

  8. Can't imagine how this crap would ever work in the ranks. Anything that ends, ends badly, otherwise it wouldn't end. By the way, Guns, I think we've chewed the same an 0251 for 20+. Cheers, Devildog.

  9. If the asshats want gays in the military so bad,why don't they just form an all-gay division? If they want to serve,fine,but if all they're going to do is play "hide the salami",let them do it with their own kind.

  10. Gunny & others,

    Good rant. My feelings exactly. These elitist trolls really do believe that they are better than the rest of us.

    I never believed that these judges act alone. I am sure that they got a nudge from the "top" to circumvent the legislative process.

  11. Jeff,

    Leatherneck, quite possibly we did. Would be interesting to check that out. Drop me an email at my dead drop box.

    I agree, the ranks will NEVER accept it especially since THEY have to live with it while officers have their own rooms to themselves!

  12. clyde,

    Indeed. It would be interesting to see the sick call roster for the gaybo unit. Just more stupidity from the left.

  13. Hardnox,

    I would bet the farm that Judge Phillips got the nod from Imam Obama on this one. After all, he's consistently bypassed Congress and the Senate.

  14. Okay, let's repeal the DADT policy. In its place we will reinstitute the old "Rocks and Shoals" to replace the UCMJ.
    Under the old "Rocks and Shoals" a homosexual could get 30 years in Portsmouth Brig and then a Dishonorable.
    I'm for that.

    As for the activist judges. If we can get a law thae each and every piece of new legislation must state exactly what part of the Constitution that new legislation falls under, why cannot we also pass a law that requires all judges on the federal bench explain the constitutionality of their decision. May not stop all activist decisions but for right now we need to slow them down....