Friday, October 8, 2010



Check out Quimby's website:

Here is her Mission Statement:

"Elliotsville Plantation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation established for the acquisition and conservation of land and the preservation of open space for the benefit of the public and for the conduct of educational and stewardship programs in furtherance of land conservation. EPI currently holds and manages over 84,000 acres of wild lands in the forests of northern and coastal Maine. These properties are often adjacent to other conserved lands, and serve to buffer them from incompatible uses. We are in the process of creating stewardship plans for these lands. Our stewardship goals are to:

* Preserve and restore native plant and animal species, natural communities and processes, historic cultural and scenic assets, and the wild character of the land;

* Provide for compatible public access and low-impact human use;

* Promote public awareness and appreciation of the value of preserving core wild areas and connecting them on a landscape scale.

Our management strategies are to limit roads, motorized equipment, motorboats, and aircraft landings in the protected areas except as necessary to meet requirements for the administration of the area. We work with State and Federal agencies in order to allow adequate access for fire and disease prevention, search and rescue, and fisheries management. As a matter of policy, our properties are managed as wildlife sanctuaries and hunting and trapping are generally not permitted.

Anyone for a Cass Sunstein type "nudge"? The Gunny called it yesterday when he stated that Quimby is anti-gun, anti-hunting, etc. To wit: "As a matter of policy, our properties are managed as wildlife sanctuaries and hunting and trapping are generally not permitted."

Evidently, this idiot now possesses 120,000 acres that is off limits to humans. Makes ya want to boycott ANYTHING made by Burt's bees don't it? More over, Imam Obama, the Jackwagon himself, put this stupid liberal tree hugger on, get this, the Board of Directors for the National Park Service! Do you think that people would have sold her the land IF SHE HAD BEEN TRUTHFUL? Two words.


This is SOOOOOOOOO typical of a libtard. They're rich. They've got theirs. Now they want to deny others while claiming to want to "save humanity." The Imperial Federal Government "owns" 80% of Alaska! 60% of Utah. And WAY too much else of the rest of the country. Military bases aside, it is high time the governors of these 57 states tell the Feds to STUFF IT and seize the land BACK for the usage of the citizens of that state as THEY see fit. Not what some bunch of uber-liberal, San Fransicko/Harvard educated douchebags think. As we peel back each layer of this rotten fruit called liberalism, we find scum like Quimby, Imam Obama, Soros, Ayers, Holder, Sunstein, Holdren, etc, squirming like maggots in sh*t.

To the folks in Maine, y'all need to elect CONSERVATIVES and get out in the streets and EDUCATE anyone who likes liberals WHY THEY SUCK and how they're killing your economy. The ENEMY IS THE FED. The ENEMY is vermin like Quimby and the tree huggers.

Do we REALLY want people running the show who value ANIMALS over HUMANS (except themselves of course)?



  1. Moonbat,no question. A RICH moonbat.Set the traps.

  2. Clyde,

    Libs always say the rich have more than enough money, I say that Quimby, Redford, Turner, etc, have more than enough land for their needs. Time to redistribute it to the people!


  3. Check out – Liberals ‘Hate’ the Constitution. It's an analysis of conservative pundit Jonah Goldberg's column about the left-wingers of the world who think lawmakers ought to pass legislation in Congress that is UNconstitutional.

  4. NLW,

    Thanks for the tip and the comment. I'll check it out but this is nothing more than what they've been doing since Wilson and FDR!

  5. If these left wingnuts really do think that humans are such a burden upon the planet, why don't they remove themselves from the oxygen consuming class?

  6. Craw,

    If they were gone, WHO would lead us to enlightenment? Teach us how to worship Gaia?

    I dedicate the sage hens I shot and ate today to Gaia and Quimby! haha

    And BOYYYYYYYYYY were they good.

  7. Gunny,

    Thanks for the heads up on exposing the latest eco-nazi.

    The arrogance of the left never ceases to amaze me went it comes to nature.

    While it is true that good land stewardship is necessary since we humans have indeed crapped up much of the environs. For instance, many of our rivers and streams are polluted and are on the rebound. The Chesapeake Bay was a cesspool not long ago. Ditto for many of our once great rivers. Humans are the only species that crap in their bed.

    Lefties on the other hand believe that humans are evil except for liberals, and that they through their superior intellect possess all the knowledge for the betterment of the planet. We on the Right are regarded as Neanderthals and should be exterminated or at the very least controlled.

    The result is always the same. The left creates a mess and the adults need to clean up and pay for it. For instance, the wildfires in California. Decades of eco-nazi activism prevented anyone from clearing dead brush on their properties. Thousand of homes were lost, including the precious environment and the critters in them. We the fellow policy holders now pay more in homeowners insurance premiums to cover those losses.

    In northern Virginia, all hunters were labeled as Bambi-killers by the left. All hunting was banned. The results were predictable. Hundreds of people were killed or injured in auto accidents involving deer. Neighborhoods were grazed to the dirt by deer searching for food during the winter months. The lefties concocted a variety of plans such as hiring off-duty SWAT teams to tag deer at night at a cost of thousands per deer in overtime pay. Then hysterectomies for deer at $3K a pop. Then finally the adults gained control again and now there is a deer hunting season from October to March.

    In Maine, the results are predictable. Eventually the place will catch fire, or the critter populations will increase to the extent that they start dying off in record numbers resulting in the intervention of adults once again at the cost of tons of money.

    What the Left doesn’t get is plain economics. Hunter and recreational license fees pay for wildlife management and not the government. That is a plain and simple fact. Hunters provide essential culling of game to sustainable levels.

    The same is true for snowmobilers. Their fees pay for the trails that fire and rescue teams use.

    The liberals never get it and the result is always a disaster. The law of unintended consequences always applies.

    My new PETA bumper sticker reads: People Eating Tasty Animals

  8. A lot of us here in Maine are looking forward to Governor Paul LePage telling Obama to "go to hell" like he said.
    He took a far left, welfare dependent town, Waterville, ME and in 2 terms as mayor turned it around and it now has a surplus.
    He was homeless at 11 and worked and put himself through school and built Marden's to a large (for Maine) company.
    The libidiots at the papers in this state keep running hit pieces on him but the people don't care. He is so far ahead in the polls, (except the paper's) that it is killing the libs. The local media and lib pundits all claimed he would never win the primary and we stomped on their liberal dreams.
    Quimby is not well liked. Especially by the people who live up north. She is forcing many of them to move south for work now because of her policies. I must say, it was the paper companies that sold her a lot of that land. They didn't bother to ask her what she would do with it. They just wanted cash.

  9. Hmmm... redistribute it. Like it. Sage hens,with the skin a touch crispy,with wild morel mushroom risotto,GOOD SHIT!!

  10. The Gilley Suit is making more sense, ain't it?

  11. Hardnox,

    I could not agree more.

    Whenever the libchildren are in charge, we the adults have to pick up the tab at a later date. FINALLY, America is realizing this en masse. For me, I realized it at age 15 when I was old enough to understand that Patton was talking about concerning liberal politicians.

  12. beachmom,

    NOW is the time to start hammering home the message that liberals suck to your fellow Maine citizens! Point out to them HOW the left has made and kept Maine a welfare state. HOW they have crippled the fishing industry, logging, etc.

    Strike while the iron is hot.

  13. Buck,

    I got mine. I also have some excellent winter camo.

  14. I live and WORK in Greenville,Maine. My buddy and I own 2 acres smack dab in the center of Roxanne's land in Elliotsivlle Seven Ponds land holdings. We have a hunting camp there, a 20'X30' log cabin. We've had that for over 20 years, and have caused the demise of several trophy bucks. We were lucky enough to buy the land 6 years prior to her purchase of the rest. She can't do anything about us, we have deeded acess. Whatever else happens to the land around us, our 2 acre parcel will be a pimple on her butt!!