Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The absolute failure of Liberalism/Progressivism is that they lack any means of discrimination, which might point them to a better course of action. For example, Africans don’t know how to wash their johnsons to avoid HIV and other diseases? Send them billions of US tax dollars and Barney Frank to teach them proper scrubbing techniques. Or better still, membership in labor unions have declined as Americans realize how useless they are? Quickly implement a mandatory card check program via a liberal controlled Congress that forces Americans to join a union. Muslims want to destroy America? Give them tours of top secret counterintelligence facilities and send a NASA clown to tell them how great their last invention (900 years ago) was. Coexist with them no matter how many airplanes they fly into your buildings. The snail darter is in danger in California’s Imperial Valley (the breadbasket of the US)? Immediately shut down all farming. Got an oil spill? Halt all domestic oil production while giving billions to foreign oil companies to drill in our areas. The nationa's electricity grid is ancient? Stop coal fired electricity plants! The mortgage industry destroyed the housing industry thanks to Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the CRA but Fannie and Freddie are too big to fail? Give them stacks of freshly printed money that sends our debt spiraling upward. (Wrong direction there libs)

Take the 10.2%+ unemployment rate in the US for the perfect example of the lunacy of liberalism. Do they promote small businesses that hire about 70% of all Americans? No. Do they impose severe penalties for businesses hiring illegals to include seizure of the business, imprisonment, etc, so that more Americans are hired? No. What they do, is pass legislation giving unemployment for 99 WEEKS! WHY WORK? Just go through the motions of looking for a job, meet the minimum requirement to get that check, and enjoy a nice vacation. And then they hit small businesses with higher taxes, more red tape, and more regulation, to ensure that no one can expand and thus, hire more people.

Even worse is how liberals treat taxation. It's all emotional for them. For example, and we have covered this ground before but libs need to be beaten over the heads hundreds of times, like a jackass, before they learn it, is the liberal controlled state of California. Back in the 80’s, they raised taxes on businesses. They did it again in the 90’s. They raised every kind of tax they could, raping businesses and people, to the point where, in the spirit of the social experiment created by our Founders, they moved away to other states! Thus, tax revenues fell while the influx of illegals, creating more costs in welfare, crime, ESL (English as a SECOND Language), drove spending up. What do the liberals do? Raise taxes. They must cure all of society's ills, with other people's money. (Hanoi John Fonda Kerry pay that 500K in dodged taxes yet?)

Liberals saw that everyone was unable to own their own home, OH THE HORROR!, so they pass the CRA, double down on it with BJ Bubba, and crash the system, wasting at least a trillion dollars in taxpayer dollars. A Conservative would have resisted the liberal knee-jerk feel good solution and said, "can’t own your own home? Rent." Can’t pass muster on a mortgage application? Save money until you can. A Conservative would have seen this coming (and we did but liberals resisted the reform effort) and done something to fix it BEFORE it became a serious problem. People in the past waited YEARS to buy their home and LIVED IN IT FOR DECADES! Once upon a time, people did not flip their homes for a quick profit and then whine when they got caught in a down market. By the way, this is not the first time the federal government created a company that they operated at a loss. Ol Hickory created the Boston Ropewalk back when we used sailing ships. Eisenhower wanted it closed because, you know, we weren’t using sailing ships in the US Navy anymore, but the libs fought against it. In fact, the Hoover Commission found 15 BILLION (in 1956 dollars) invested in businesses the government was running. Not quite Constitutional but since the libs had had control of the government since the 30’s, this should not surprise us. The liberals fought against closing any of them. Emotionalism over common sense, THAT is the liberal’s way and that is why we are in the situation we are in today.

Liberals wrongly believe that the government should be involved in every aspect of our lives. Unemployed? Collect a check. Too much CO2 in the air, pass a law against it and declare it a toxic gas, heedless that plants need it for photosynthesis. Some people don’t want to pay for health insurance? Impose a mandatory government run colossus on all citizens. Spill some oil? Stop all drilling and pay billions for it from our foreign competition and/or enemies. Pass a law against incandescent bulbs and force people to buy hazmat hazardous bulbs instead! Need more money to cover the massive government spending? Raise taxes. People using too much energy? Use government to regulate their thermostat. More Government. More Regulation. More Taxes. More Mandatory programs. More Imposition of their will. More Force. It is all they know.

So WHAT do we Conservatives need to call for?

To allow individuals to enjoy the most amount possible, of what they work for. NO ONE has the right to lay claim to what others work for or create, not even the government. (Why can’t liberals understand that you can’t collectively build a house by giving one board per person?) To ensure that now, and in the future, that our government be the smallest possible to get the job allowed for them in the Constitution, done. To allow the free market to dictate to businesses, not the government, and this means axing Freddie, Fannie, and all GSE’s (which are nothing but cash cows for libs). To let unions fail because they are obsolete and are industry hindrances, not pay OUR tax dollars into their unfunded pensions. (The union bosses’ pensions, BTW, are funded at 120%). The bottom line for those of us on the right is that we MUST continue to fight for, and hold the line, on returning America to a Constitutional Republic. That means replacing the Liberals and RINOs in government, from top to bottom. That means demanding that the Senate ONLY approve originalists to the SCOTUS, not affirmative action, "living-breathing Constitution" clowns like Sotomayor and Kagan. That means demanding that government entitlement programs cease and spending plummet. But most of all, we will need eternal vigilance even as we teach our children this, because once we relax our guard, the Left, like a virus, will worm its way out from under a rock and back into our lives.

The FIRST STEP starts November 2010.


  1. After WWII returning vets could join the "52-20 Club"
    They got $20.00 a week for 52 weeks.

    And these folks are getting ... how much for 99 weeks?

  2. Good post Gunny,
    I did read that there are three Republicans that are going to fight to repeal the law about the light bulbs. I can't remember which three (another senior moment), or even if they are representatives, or Senators.
    But at least it's something!! I have called my Senators about it, and about the EPA in general.
    These liberals are driving me crazy (or crazier)

  3. This post is like mana from heaven. "It's all emotional for them." Never have truer words been spoken. Liberals appeal to the masses on a primitive emotional level. It is time the American people woke up to this fact, put their feelings aside and do what's best for the county as a whole. VOTE NOVEMBER 2! Throw the Liberals out!

    "The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem." Milton Friedman

  4. Buck,

    They're getting enough to stay at home and chill. That is almost TWO YEARS OFF!

  5. Nanna,

    I believe that it is a moot point to fight the light bulb thing. I know that the Winchester VA plant is already closed or is closing. 200 or so MORE people without a job.

  6. I think it was in Atlanta that there were 30,000 people that waited for hours, some a couple of days in the heat to get government housing last week.
    Don't know how many were available, but it is pitiful when people have to beg the government for a place to live! I saw the picture of them, and I wondered why they were having to do that. And I wondered how many were on food stamps, and other welfare, or if they were just on hard times.

  7. Nanna,

    The were democrats, i.e., the parasite class.