Sunday, October 3, 2010


Is there something in the water in Illinois that gives rise to these verminous poltroons? Scum like Rahmbutt, Barry Soetoro, Gun Grabber Daley, and a host of other criminals seem to crawl out of Illinois there like a crap from a ruptured sewer. Here dungheap Jan Schakowski vents her contempt for the US Constitution, in total disregard for her oath of office. How typical this is of liberal politicians, from the Community Organizer-in-Chief on down, to step on the Constitution like it was nothing. If you wonder what the hell we're up against, this video says it all.


  1. She may hate our constitution but, she'll defend her right to hide behind it when she needs to!

  2. Um....WTH??? TENTHERS???

    Holy cow, does the term "unraveling" mean anything to these people? Oh, and I find it highly rich that she would be demanding a tax hike on the rich, seeing as her husband is serving a measly five months for failing to pay withholding taxes and bank fraud involving check kiting, using that technique of floating money to keep his $100K/ annum salary coming in from his "community organization."

    But the idiots in Chicago will still re-elect her.

  3. Huh???????
    This is an American????? Where is the tar and feathers??

  4. Yes we believe all these things and especially the tenth amdmt which the osamaone has deliberately trashed and stomped on during his personal hatred road of destruction of America (a main osamaone mentor... This usurper has none of the right to do what he is doing to this nation yet commie fag libs have put him there and are allowing it.

    We know that government of the people, by the people and for the people(with a common standard and not diversity/political correctness)believes in and leads to swift justice for thieves, murderers, rapist and any other such ilk, making use of good sturdy oak trees and all the guns those of us who believe in justice for all cling to while worshiping God the Father and knowing what must needs be done.

    See the resemblance of osama and moochelle for your self....

  5. HOW can they follow something they neither believe in,nor understand just WHAT the Constitution is all about. Remember,my friend,with the scummy,verminous shathbags,history begins when THEY get up in the morning.

  6. LC Aggie Sith,

    I could not BELIEVE that the scumbag uttered that drivel.

    It is amazing what the scumbags in Illinois serve up to their constituents but then again, they're getting the government they vote for.

  7. Nanna,

    INDEED! I don't think we have ENOUGH tar and feathers for what needs to be done to the denizens in DC.

  8. R E,

    Our response with be LOUD in November 2010 brother and even LOUDER in 2012.

  9. clyde,

    Yep, history eludes them, that is why they're doomed to repeat the mistakes. 1980. 2010. 2012.


    THANK GOD they're so stupid.

  10. Gunny, Nanna:

    Y'all hit upon the REAL reason the gov't has stopped all drilling.

    Tar is a petroleum by product.

    Next they will ban poultry because that's where feathers come from....

  11. Yes, the Constitution is EXTREEEEEEEEEEME!!!!!!

    That is the #1 liberal talking point, and we need to nail them on it, HARD!