Sunday, October 17, 2010


"But one of the first and most leading principles on which the commonwealth and the laws are consecrated, is lest the temporary possessors and life-renters in it, unmindful of what they have received from their ancestors, or of what is due to their posterity, should act as if they were the entire masters; that they should not think it amongst their rights to cut off the entail, or commit waste on the inheritance, by destroying at their pleasure the whole original fabric of their society; hazarding to leave to those who come after them, a ruin instead of an habitation—and teaching these successors as little to respect their contrivances, as they had themselves respected the institutions of their forefathers. By this unprincipled facility of changing the state as often, and as much, and in as many ways as there are floating fancies or fashions, the whole chain and continuity of the commonwealth would be broken. No one generation could link with the other. Men would become little better than the flies of a summer." Edmund Burke

On 16 October, 2010, Merkel stated that attempts to build a "multi-cultural" society in Germany have failed. Gee, no kidding? For Conservatives, this comes as no big surprise simply because we understand and appreciate our history, our traditions, our customs, and that we know that it is important for us to transmit them from one generation to the next. Liberals, on the other hand, need to revise it, contaminate it, and wipe out our history in order to create politically correct citizens, sympathetic of a "new" nation, that would be ignorant of, or even hostile to, the Americans who not only built this nation but who grew it, maintained it, and who fought and died for it. For example, how often have we heard liberals and their allies in groups like La Raza condemn early Americans, calling our Founding Fathers racist old white men, and other vile crap? In a nutshell, far too much. Our history is an important road map of where we have come from and where we are going just as the Constitution is a road map for our government.

What aggravates Liberals is that the image we have of America and Americans is still that of Daniel Boone, Patrick Henry, John Paul Jones, George Washington, and the pioneers who forged ahead with the risk of death at every turn. Liberals cannot stand that legal immigrants come here knowing this national self-image and seek to participate in that national character. It really infuriates liberals that the US retains its Anglo-Saxon civilization and that all of the waves of immigrants who came in through the front door at Ellis Island joined America and their fellow Americans in that civilization. Indeed, whether liberals like to admit it or not, the English speaking national character of the United States is the norm, that the inalienable rights we fight for today and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution are indissoluble from their English roots. The stability of this nation and the prosperity of it, (Protestant work ethic), all came to us from the Anglo-Saxon roots of this nation. That is the story of the United States and even though liberals have tried to water it down, revise it, attack it, and heap scorn on it, for over two centuries, we STILL have a solid idea of our national character.

Remember back in the good ol days when it did not matter where you came from, only that you were lucky enough to be born an American or a naturalized American citizen? Our ancestors had assimilated without a complaint, following the Anglo-Saxon ideals laid down by the Founding Fathers, the ideas of stability guaranteed by law and order as well as a government by and for the people. This created a "united" nation and the melting pot guaranteed that the United States would not become a bastardized Balkanized nation of "diverse" peoples. What the liberals and their tools have foisted on us, called "Multiculturalism," is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to discredit, misinform, and ultimately destroy, through our schools and in politics, the story that has made the United States the envy of the world (whether they admit it or not). Liberals would have us believe that our past history is evil and that we are the source of the world’s ills, but they are wrong, as they always are.

A recent article stated that Obama is back-dooring the immigration process by allowing Federal courts to toss out deportation proceeding against illegal aliens. There can be no doubt that Obama and his ilk wildly embrace multi-culturalism, Obama especially so, seeing as how he had not come to the US Mainland until he was seventeen years of age. He had absolutely no idea of our national character and it appears that he could care less about it. He has aligned himself with groups that demand that all Americans descended from the various European cultures, must give the keys to the nation to all of the non European cultures who come here, usually illegally. The crux of the issue is that those embracing multiculturalism loudly declare that these groups are unwilling to subscribe to our national character and unwilling to assimilate as immigrants in the past have done, and that it racist to expect them to do so! And anyone who voices opposition to this stance, is called a racist, verbally attacked, And they risk having SEIU, La Raza, and Soros’ Open Society Institute "rent-a-riot" to protest in front of said "racist’s" house!

Why can’t the United States protect their national identity, as does every other nation on the globe? Mexico is building a FENCE to keep illegals out down in Central America but it is racist for US to build one? China, Japan, India, Russia, and a host of other nations have strict, almost draconian immigration rules but the US is racist for demanding the same? We want to preserve our American culture against the influx of people not wishing to assimilate, and it is racist for us to demand this? If Americans, especially white ones, were illegally moving into, say, southern Mexico, in a province, every liberal in America would scream that it is white imperialism, racism, etc, yet we must permit the reverse? They’ll be allowed to keep their national identity but we must allow ours to be destroyed. How stupidly na├»ve is that of the liberals, or is it something more insidious? A desire to end America as we have known it for over 200 years?

Illegal immigration IS controllable and the fact of the matter is that IF the federal government wanted it stopped, they could do it in a New York second. Why don’t they? Liberals want the illegals to vote early and often for them, which they are glad to do in return for handouts. The Feds refuse to do anything about it because illegals with false papers have withholding taken out of their paychecks but cannot file income tax or state tax forms because the papers will not stand up to scrutiny, so the Feds and the States have a windfall of free money. Also, these rich politicians live in gated communities and/or have their own private security, bought and paid for, and thus, do not suffer the crimes that illegals have brought to America, along with TB, whooping cough, bedbugs, and other communicable diseases. If these politicians had to suffer the plague of illegals as we the people do, they’d close down the border in a heartbeat and deport every damn one of them. Case-in-point, the Ninth Circus Court negated the will of the people when they struck down Proposition 187 back in 1988, in what is now known as Mexifornia. The place where illegals suck down about 7 BILLION in health care costs alone even as they send their wages home to Mexico. We are literally PAYING them to funnel money OUT of our nation while they work jobs that bona-fide Americans could be working.

"The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias, and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education, and family." Alexander Hamilton.

What would happen if 12-25 million Americans were suddenly dropped into Mexico and started sucking down benefits that they did not rate, and started taking jobs from Mexicans because we’ll work cheaper? The Mexicans would revolt yet WE are expected to just suck it up. In fact, groups like La Raza, paid off by Soros, literally rub it in our faces, that the illegals are ruining our nation, even as they parade it through our streets. Multiculturalism is merely a way to destroy America, even as it is destroying Germany, France, England, and other Western nations, which is exactly what the Left wants to do. Led by Soros, aka Doktor Evil, who has stated on more than one occasion, that he wants America destroyed, the Leftists have infiltrated government and the schools, wherein they can do the most damage. The acolytes of open borders, forced diversity, affirmative action, and multiculturalism are forcing their swill on students of a new generation, so that eventually, the idea of what America used to be will be lost forever.

What to do? One, we need to reject the leftist’s multiculturalism and demand that groups assimilate into American society the old fashioned way. That way, those coming in the front door will automatically know, and thus, be ready to adopt our customs, traditions, and history, which includes speaking English. This means every immigrant that comes knocking on our door adapts to US, we don’t adapt to them;  that everyone coming here cannot treat America like it was a province of their home countries. Next, we seriously need to slow down the influx of immigrants, which gives us time to verify WHO they, are they HEALTHY, and give them the time to become Americans, not hyphenated ones. Also, the law that gives anchor babies a home here (along with the parents) needs to be done away with and by doing that, we’ll do away with the pregnant illegals who come here to download and then suck down benefits as a reward for criminal actions. In addition, those who come here need to bring something to the table, not just themselves. Australia, for example, demands that an immigrant bring in a needed skill, or they don’t come in!

In summation, we are being lied to when we are told by the Leftists that we MUST allow these illegals in, in order to atone for being evil white imperialists. That we MUST allow their cultures to run rampant over our national character, in order to create a bogus society within a society. When immigrant schoolchildren are taught a false history of the United States, i.e., hate the racist Founders, it only serves to denigrate our society into a multicultural Balkinized nation and a house divided, as the saying goes, cannot stand. Which is what the liberals want. By not fighting back against the radical left, we stand to lose our national identity, our social cohesion (see France, England, etc), our shared faith in our inalienable rights (historically the reason immigrants assimilated), and our common bond of citizens of the United States. It seems that it is better to be called a racist than lose our nation. We, as Americans, need to vote for politicians who WILL enforce immigration laws, who WILL stand up to Soros, the Left, and the other enemies of America. Otherwise, we might as well pick out the most resource-laden province in Mexico and stand-by to do a little mass immigration of our own!


  1. I have long said that the emphasis on "diversity" is bad for our nation. Quit concentrating on what divides us and concentrate on what UNITES us!

  2. Excellent article, Gunny (except you did leave out Daniel Morgan and David Crockett in your list of Americans whose memory is revered). The problem now facing the entire country is how to negate 75 years of Liberalism.

    The election of 11/02/10 must also start the elimination of all entitlements and the decreasing in size of the federal government. The elimination of entitlements MUST START FIRST. By itself this will help all of our problems. When every welfare family has to work for a living and when illegal aliens are not receiving money, many of our problems will solve themselves. I believe that a large portion of the illegal aliens will return home because the "money" will have dried up. Crime in the large cities should decrease (after an initial increase) as welfare rats will not have large amounts of "free" time on their hands.

    The control of the US House is the key. With control in conservative hands entitlements will not be funded and along with many federal government departments (education as example).

    Obama will veto any bill that the US House passes getting rid of these entitlements or eliminating federal government departments. But it doesn't matter as long as the House just refuses to fund them. How long will federal workers stay on the job without pay?

    During this time, criminal investigations can start on Democrats (like Nancy Pelosi) and Rino's. These investigations will probably do much to keep the main stream media from yelling about entitlements.

    I probably won't live to see all the reversals (I am 59 years old); but their start will make my "Golden Years" alot more enjoyable.

  3. Good post. "Multi-culturalism has failed". NO SHITEER,ANGELA. Took you idiots HOW long to find THAT out?

  4. The Crawfish,

    I remember speaking out about it when they started that (insert protected group here) History Day/Week/Month/Year/Decade/Century etc crap for the same reason.

    It used to be good enough to be an American until the liberals starting trying to "fix" something that wasn't broke.

  5. Gray Ghost,

    I could fill up a volume of Americans that made this country great!

    I could not agree more. No more welfare and illegals will split. If ALL businesses had to use e-Verify to check out the employment papers of their new hires, illegals would go back where they came from and crime would plummet.

    I would say that Darrell Issa will have his hands full investigating the libs. Hell, Nazi Pelosi's rats are running from her faster than people from a room where Michael Mooreon tore off a burrito fart!

  6. clyde,

    I'm enjoying how Europe is falling apart after riding our coattails since 1945. They did not have to pay for their defense and implemented rampant socialism and they're now riding the tiger! haha

  7. Nailed it on the head.

  8. theinterface,

    THANKS! I'll read that ASAP.

  9. theinterface,

    "But if I am destined to die, let my scabbard be empty, and my sword red with the blood of men who would deny freedom." Col Travis.

    Solid gold.

    You nailed the very weakness of the lib's agenda in that essay.

  10. The complete and utterly failure of multiculturalism can be seen in Malmo or Stockholm Sweden where it has failed on all levels from start, and no one is ready to do anything about it as if the established leadership could get something worse from doing anything about it, the Political elite in Sweden spends more time debating SD or the Swedish Democrats and their so called racist policy's to clean up this mess then they spend one minute and try fix anything.

    All you got in Malmo Sweden is ghettos as in the outskirts of Stockholm where there are riots almost every weekend, you only find foreigners or students that can't get anything else then apartments in the outskirts of those cities. A few years ago out of 1000 students 2 where Swedish is one of those ghettos.

    I believe it was Malmo Rosengard.

    Media is reluctant or suppressed by the establishment controlling them over here to report about the fluffy and pink "success story of our time" our multicultural society.

    Swedish media is far from free and unbiased or fair and balanced they simply follows the established political lines but makes sure to ignore the new 5.7% Swing vote party SD or Swedish Democrats as they do not support the general idea that multiculturalism is the best thing on earth next to Idol a Swedish reality-competition talent show airing on TV4.

    The magnitude of this scandal called multiculturalism in Sweden is of Watergate proportions, to say the least as we got to pay TV license for the so called free and unbiased and non political driven media we got over here.

    Fox News did a non biased news broadcast from the areas above a few years ago, guess what, the situation is an even worse mess today. Simply go to You Tube and make a search for Rosengard and Fox News and you will get the truth about Swedish multiculturalism as it is unedited by Swedish authority and media outlets that is more keen to suppress the ugly truth about this failure then provide a solution for this particular problem and force the politicians to do the right thing, to acknowledge this failure and restructure the whole thing so there is a tomorrow for Sweden as well.