Monday, October 11, 2010

US versus THEM

The Left seems to always claim the high ground when it comes to diversity but in reality, it is Conservatism that honors and promotes America's diversity. In school, we used to be taught about the greatness of America’s Melting Pot. What other nation on Earth could afford an immigrant the opportunity to come here at age 13, go STRAIGHT into the coal mines of Pennsylvania from Ellis Island (that is what we mean by coming in the FRONT DOOR lefties), and one generation later, be out of the mines through hard work and a little luck, and be catering to the miners? The Gunny challenges ANYONE to name a nation. THAT is what diversity SHOULD mean to us; that is, coming here and JOINING us in making ONE NATION under God. E Pluribus Unum. (Out of many, one.)

We on the Right realize that we are all equal at birth but that changes as soon as we begin to walk and it is that uniqueness and individuality that are the ingredients that made the melting pot the foundry for America’s exceptionalism. Again, what nation on Earth allows people right off of the boat, to use their particular set of skills, gifts (on loan from God as Rush says) to succeed? No one says, "come on over, you’ll get a free ride." No. We say, "come on over and give it your best shot!" No one guarantees success, no says that they’ll make it to the top, but the American Dream offers you a shot at it, often more than one shot. (See Thomas Edison). The natural and fair way is the way of nature and that is, the encouragement that Americans get to achieve, to innovate, to contribution in some way, WILL result in some people obtaining less levels of success than others, but also, that they DO NOT have to be satisfied with that! Success in America requires only a few ingredients. One, hard work. Two, stick-to-itiveness. Three, government getting the hell out of the way. Four, optimism. That’s IT!

Unfortunately, the four items above upset the Liberal’s apple cart. It unhinges their child-like view of the world in that; everyone must share their toys, like they once did at kindergarten! How many TIMES must we read of college graduates not being able to find a job!? What did they get their degree in? Philopsophy? Yeah, not much call for a bullshit artist outside of the Democrat Party. Liberal Arts? Sucker. And even IF they cannot find a job in their desired field, they can’t branch out? Manage a Mickie D’s? Work at 84 Lumber? Lowes? No, hard work is antimatter to a lib. They lack grit, just ask any South Vietnamese, Cuban, or Cambodian. They love big government and they are the party of doom and gloom. Some crisis is ALWAYS about to hit and of course, never does. Hey Libs, how about that wicked hurricane season huh? What is that, ZERO for EIGHT? Idiots.

Remember the old adage, "sticks and stone will break my bones but names will never hurt me?" Look at the HUGE amount of slander that Conservatives take from the Left on a daily basis. For example, homophobes, reactionaries, rightwing extremists, evil capitalists, greedy capitalists, racists, fascists, war mongers, Nazis, rednecks, etc, etc, ad nauseum. And what do we do? Ignore it and forge ahead. Sticks and stones. Why Moonbeam Brown actually called his opponent a WHORE and the Lapdog Media scarcely batted an eye. Could you IMAGINE a Conservative candidate calling his leftist opponent a whore? Senator Allen was attacked for using a NON-WORD! (The dreaded Macaca Incident) Hell, if that had been Senator Gunny G, he’d of told the left to get stuffed up where the sun don’t shine on that one. So maybe it toughens us up. Take a look at the REAL Republicans, no, not the Ruling Class RINOS, i.e., Crist, McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, and the other losers, no, the REAL Republicans. Heart surgeons. Business men and women. Veterans. Doctors. Construction workers/owners. CEOs. People who actually know what it is like to meet a payroll, hire and fire, sweat out a tough year, compete, etc. Unlike the scumbags in the Democrat Party, who are 100% frigging filthy lawyers.

Character. This is what the Gunny’s DI drummed into us (sometimes with his knuckles! Haha). The ability to do the RIGHT THING when no one is watching. How many millions of us do the right thing every single day, while watching leftist filth like Rangel, Solis, Gheitner, Imam Obama, Nazi Pelosi, Dingy Reid, MILCON Feinstein, etc, cheat and lie and get over, day after day. Good GOD, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry dodged FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in TAXES HE VOTED FOR! And nothing happened. The people in the cradle of liberty simply shrugged their shoulders when they should have marched to whatever mansion the scumbag was in at the time and took their pound of flesh. From BJ Bubba on down, the Left has exhibited not one iota of character. Nor of decency, honor, courage, justice, commitment, or plain good ol love of America. The whiny Kenyan Usurper REFUSED to put his hand over his heart for the NATIONAL ANTHEM and NO ONE ON THE LEFT CARED! Putrid. Foul. Verminous. Despicable. Words cannot come close to the revulsion the Gunny feels towards anything with a (D) after it and those who support them.

All along, we’ve considered Liberalism a mental disorder and it may well be but what it is first and foremost, is a character defect. For example, liberals attack America and forbid us to drill for oil, on land or sea, but allow our enemies to do it, all the while saying they are FOR America’s economy. WTF OVER? The lifeblood of our economy, is being pumped out and transported away by our enemies and sold BACK to us at exorbitant prices? And this helps us HOW? Liberals block the building of new power plants through their eco-nazis allies while China builds a new COAL-fired plant a week. Guess they’re not really concerned about Gaia like Nazi Pelosi and her ilk are. Take for example, how liberals question the right, i.e., Cheney is a chickenhawk for taking deferments but it was okay for BJ Bubba not only to dodge the draft but write that he LOATHED the military. Hey BJ Bubba, up yours too. It was okay for some liberal piece of dog squeeze to wish a heart attack on Clarence Thomas (remember that?) but Rush calling Imam Obama a jackass was horrible! OH THE HUMANITY!

How crazy is it to use the capitalist system to make millions and then turn on it and try to inflict a marxist/eco-nazi agenda like Streisand, Turner, Redford, Quimby, Michael Mooreon, Oliver "asshat" Stone, etc, have done? A character defect for sure. Liberals are definitely a few slices short of a loaf. Bet on it. Indeed, what does it speak about their character when they slam success (unless it is their success)? They hate the USA for being the sole superpower and one helluva nation. They hate Israel because they refuse to die, they refuse to knuckle under to the headchopping throat slitters, and they tell the UN to suck it. (The Gunny loves Israel for that ALONE!) Libs hate ANYONE who stands for freedom. But oh how the Left will bend over for a tyrant. Oliver Stone and Michael Mooreon have kissed Castro’s ass so much, they probably left bruises and Imam Obama bows to doormen, the King of Saudi, and to the Angry Midget in Iran! But if you question a Leftist on ANYTHING, they fly into a screaming fit faster than Muslim Rage Boy can burn an American flag. (Something ELSE the Left is good at, BTW.) Liberals can always be counted on to lead from the back while pretending to lead from the front, it's the way of the coward. They'll fight to the last drop of someone else's blood.

Another part of their character flaws is that they KNOW what is good for us, just ask them! We on the Right demand evidence to prove it. They hate that. Small wonder that Owl Gore stated that the consensus was in on the climate crapulence because if Crap and Tax HAD taken place (and the Left WILL try it again), it would make them rich while stripping US of our self-determination. Our liberty. Our freedom of choice. The Gunny heard on the radio of a hospital that donates their time to perform surgery on patients who have jobs but need surgery and cannot afford it. THAT is character. These medicos are doing this out of a need to serve, not because Imam Obummer ordered it, signed an Executive Order to force them to do it, or whined for them to do it. They, as Americans, SERVED OTHER AMERICANS. Holy cow, what a concept. Charity without government intervention. Americans KNOW what we need, we KNOW what we want, and we KNOW what direction we want this nation to go in and it ain’t the direction the verminous Left wants it to go. Sorry weak sisters, pound sand.

Who but liberals would take a morally compromised clown like Ted Drunkennedy, the very guy who walked away from Mary Jo (and her baby it is suspected) as she suffocated inside his Oldsmobile at the bottom of the Chappaquiddick. Daddy Joe rigged the game, Teddy walked away to perform his waitress sandwichs with another drunken bum, Chris Dodd, the Lapdog Media kissed Kennedy ass, and liberals deemed him the, "lion of the Senate." Rot in Hell scumbag, you earned it. Indeed, it is the Ruling Class elites who have been behind the garbage science of climate change caused by man. Why? So that they, the Elites, can murder 97% of the serfs, so they can enjoy the planet. Too bad for them (THANK GOD!) that they're outed, busted, and discredited. Snake oil salesman like Owl Gore and genocidal professors like Holdren be damned. Lackof character, integrity, and morality.

Perhaps the worse of their character defects is their callous disregard for human life. It was Imam Obama who could not vote anything other than "present" on 100+ votes but nearly lost his turban in his haste to vote "yes" on allowing infants that survived an abortion to die cold and alone in a closet. Hideous. Or worse, the mindset of libs like John "Kill em All" Holdren and Virginia "Gimme the Zyklon B" Ironside who gleefully tout killing off humans or holding pillows "in love" over the faces of "suffering" infants. Death and destruction is what the Left offers up, the Right offers life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If the Left ever had a soul, they lost it long ago. Probably about the time they became Copperheads and fought against freeing the slaves or maybe when they elected Progressive Wilson

In summation, we are long past the time for a rediscovery of the original American ethos of hard work, stick-to-itiveness, patriotism, morals and virtue, individualism, American exceptionalism, and most importantly, limited government. The Right embraces the rights afforded to us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and most importantly, the right of self-determination, but the Left calls that racist, intolerant, divisive, homophobic, and hatred incarnate. What liberals cannot understand and never could understand, is that America has been and always will be, that beacon on the hill that Ronaldus Magnum said it was, the guiding light of freedom and liberty. We on the Right are not afraid of that light but the Left scurries away from it like roaches in a tenement. Just watching the Left leave their trash at the WW2 Memorial on 10/2, in their pathetic attempt to copy Beck’s 8/28, said it all.


  1. Great post Gunny,
    The sleeziness of the libs gets more astounding every day. I have seen a lot of campaigns, but never one that is so dirty as the slop these pigs are throwing around against the republicans now.
    I could kick myself for throwing out some information I had about all the funds that Obama had taken from foreign countries in 2008. I had copied it from the net, and held on to it for all this time, then last week I decided to clean out my files, and sure enough, now I need it!! He took money from almost every country on the globe, and he is trying to make the republicans and Karl Rove look bad. I am just beside myself.
    I hope and pray that the republicans pull of their gloves and beat the snot out of them!!
    I also hope we can manage to get a veto proof majority, If it takes 25 years to straighten things out, as you said last week, I won't be around to see it, and so I want instant gratification!!

  2. I just found a site that has some of the doners to Obama. (the foreign ones) American Thinker has a list. Doesn't have the amounts of all of them, but at least the countries..

  3. Nanna,

    I was all over this before the election in 2008, on my old TH blog. He took millions in credit card donations for foreign shores, and Hamas (terrorist org) ran a phone bank for him, collecting donations. Now I just laugh when I hear Barry whining about the Chamber of Commerce.

    Obama actually turned OFF the address verification on their credit card donors so they WOULD NOT HAVE TO TRACK IT!

    The Kenyan Usurper is one corrupt SOB.

  4. clyde,

    Thanks. You know me, I'm always down with gutpunching libs.

  5. Gunny,

    Good post. You really shouldn’t sugar coat your true feelings.

    We adults are way past due on getting a fair shake from our elected officials. November will be epic.

    Your mentioned the scumbag Kennedy. Well, I vowed to pee on his grave. My two buddies, also retired Marines and I went to Arlington to perform the deed. His grave is guarded so I couldn’t fulfill my task in the natural way.

    What to do? Enter German ingenuity: a water pistol - next trip, mission accomplished.

    There is a special place in hell for the likes of Ted Kennedy. I hope that they buried him face down.

    We will succeed in November. The Libtards are desperate and it shows.

  6. One thing needs to be done to turn the country back to the right and that is to get rid of all government/union complicity in our schools from K-12 and beyond.
    I believe the emergence this election year of so many conservative women may be the foot in that door.
    After all,

    "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."

    Maybe it's time for those "hands" to weed out some of the slimeballs our own lethargy has allowed to flourish in the National and state capitals.

  7. Hardnox,

    A+ for effort. History will further excoriate the Bloated One. Ted DRUNKennedy is the poster child for term limits.

  8. Good post. They certainly are doing a helluva job. Bachmann alone is kicking ass and Angle's new ad rips Dingy Reid into shreds.

    21 MORE DAYS

  9. I am so sick of the whiny libidiots.
    That so many people can only be happy by being so miserable and jealous....
    I'd like to dope slap each and every one of them up the back of the head and tell them to grow up.
    They have caused the wussification of America.

    Well, the beginning of the end of that is at hand.