Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you need ANY further evidence of the lunacy of liberalism and WHY we have to STAY THE COURSE, here you are. Moonbeam Brown promises free college for ILLEGALS!


  1. Let them have free college....in MEXICO!

    Deport all illegals currently here, and shoot all trying to cross the border!

  2. Frankly, it is not my job to provide a free college education to anyone, including illegal aliens and even citizens of the US.

    "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly." (Thomas Paine)

    I had to work to get my college education. I had two jobs while I attended Mississippi State University (electrical dept. high voltage lab and the student union cafeteria). I made sure to score high enough on my ACT to obtain a full scholarship (Math-35; Science-35, Social Science-34, and English-28; Combined Average-33). My parents did not pay one penny for my college education; but I sure did in sweat and labor. And my scholarship was the Applewhite Scholarship, paid for by a wealthy alumni, no government funds at all.

    Why any state supported institute of higher learning would even allow illegal aliens to enroll (and thereby breaking the law) is beyond me.

    Brown should be charged and convicted by one of his fellow citizens of California.

  3. Of course, makes perfect sense to me, the state is so far in debt that the yare facing bankruptcy and tha tidiot is promising free college to illegals. And they wonder why we think the yare morons....

  4. Gray Ghost,

    While the USMC paid 75% of my tuition, I paid the other 25% and my books. And if you fail the course, you REPAY that 75%. As a consequence, I busted my ass to pass.

    I could not agree more with your post, especially, Moonbeam being convicted.

  5. jim,

    And it makes you wonder WHY they cannot get that fact.

  6. Moonbeam SHOULD be toast in two weeks,BUT,leave it to the shit for brain dingbats of Califuckedia to elect the turd.

  7. What Mexico needs is another ALIMO education

  8. Gunny,

    The trolls just don't get it. 70+% of Americans want the aliens out but the trolls just keep it trying to ram it down our throats.

    If Californians vote this clown in then they deserve whats coming.

    The troll governor of MD just yapped about the "new Americans" over and over and how they should be given a path towards citizenship.

    What part of ILLEGAL ALIEN don't these trolls not understand?

    Maybe they need to meet Angela Merkel.

  9. Just got back to town.
    Read a comment about some politician
    is calling

    "New Americans."

    How sick is that???