Friday, October 1, 2010


If the Gunny hears one more libpuke call the GOP the "party of no" like Mullah Obama's chief asskisser Eugene Robinson does, who, BTW, if Mullah Obama came to a quick stop, his head would lodge up near Zero's liver, he is gonna scream. Libs, YOUR PARTY owns all three branches and has OWNED the Congress since January 2007. So, if the GOP is the Party of No, then the Dummycrats MUST be the Party of FAIL! Let's check it out.

1. The [failed] War on Poverty: Perhaps the most costliest screw-up by the Leftists, it is estimated that since LBJ and a LIBERAL Congress foisted this crap on the American people, it has cost us almost EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS and has continually failed to improve the standard of living for those in poverty AND it has nearly wrecked the Black Race through reduced economic opportunities, the Affirmative Action president Mullah Obama notwithstanding. Take Detroit for example, where the mayor is "shrinking" the city by moving the "kulaks" to different parts of the city to scale it down. After DECADES of Democrat rule (and the inherent corruption in Crime Inc aka the DNC), Detroit looks like a bombed out city in 1945 Germany. LBJ Administration declared war on poverty and poverty WON, the libs are too stupid to realize it.

2. ObamaKare: It is already starting. Evidently McDonald’s is dropping their healthcare plans (which is what the leftists wanted all along) and costs are rising. A story on Drudge ( discusses how ObamaKare will worsen the US doctor shortage. THANK YOU CAPTAIN FRIGGING OBVIOUS! Since the point of NEEDING healthcare is being able to SEE a doctor, call ObamaKare an epic failure even before it falls out of the liberal’s collective rectum.

3. Welfare: Welfare, aka, "The Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)" was established by FDR’s Raw Deal in 1935. Their objective? Why, to provide monetary relief for needy families in the Depression and their children. Nice thought but as we have seen over and over from the liberal do-gooders, all it does is waste OPM (Other People’s Money). We got single mothers from this because why worry about marrying her when she can simply GO ON WELFARE (see #1 above) Why WORK when you can collect welfare? And we wonder WHY the youth of today do not want to work for a living. The 1994 GOP run Congress forced BJ Bubba to sign Welfare Reform (after he vetoed it not once but TWICE) and welfare rolls dropped by a whopping 57%! But it has served the Left well to keep the poor on their plantation, which is probably what the Great Socialist FDR wanted anyway. It is currently being abused by illegal aliens from sea to shining sea.

4. FDR/New Deal: Speaking of the Great Socialist, we can chalk up this dirtbag and his Raw Deal DEFINITELY in the top 5 liberal blunders. He stacks the SCOTUS. He cheats. He has the IRS investigate the foot-draggers. He lengthens the Depression by YEARS, adding to the misery of Americans, all-the-while lying about it via his fireside chats. It takes YEARS before the SCOTUS tosses out much of his unconstitutional bullsqueeze but some still remains. His betrayal of the GI's in the Philippines is another story.

5. Social Security: Can you say, "PONZI SCAM!?" This is nothing but semi-legalized government seizure of money for redistributive purposes. This program is so screwed up, mismanaged, corrupt, etc, which it should have been staked in the heart decades ago but the liberals (and their RINO cohorts) simply love that slush fund. It steals from the employee, it steals from the employer, and it gives to those who don’t rate it. (Illegal aliens, criminals, etc). Imagine this. You commit a serious crime and get 40 years in the slammer. You get out at, say, age 60, and collect Social Security. Never paid in, sucked down 3 hots and a cot on the taxpayer’s dime, and getting a free check. Moreover, consider this. Mom and Dad are married for, say, 40 years, and pay in while working and are finally collecting a check. Their kids are grown. They die in a car crash from a drunken illegal alien who crosses the median. All that they paid in? Gone like a popcorn fart in a hurricane. NO ONE collects anything anymore. And the libs whine about privatization of it. Small wonder why.

6. Vietnam and the Aftermath: JFK expands it in Oct 1963, LBJ goes ballistic on it, and over 58,000 Americans are dead because of it and a million more are maimed for life. Not content with that, a liberal Congress stops aid to SVN. The result? A tidal wave of slaughter in the killing fields of Cambodia, concentration camps for those who helped us during the war, "boat people", a communist Vietnam, a loss of our POWs/MIAs (that Hanoi John Fonda Kerry had a hand in), and a loss of American honor.

7. Jimmy Carter: YOU KNEW that this clown was gonna make the top 10. From gas lines, to rationing, to his limp noodle sweater, to his lack of balls, Carter typified the Liberals, until Mullah Obama hit the scene! Haha. President Misery Index still opens his suckhole from time to time to bash America and remind us that this bleeding hemorrhoid is still alive. Unfortunately for America, this dirtbag’s sniveling brat is in politics. Habitat for Humanity homes (Jimmy’s gig) unfortunately come with an expiration date as they fall apart around the poor schmucks who get installed in them, kinda like how the commies put people into assigned housing that was ALSO crumbling around them.

8. Luxury Tax/Death Tax/Alternative Minimum Tax: The libs pushed the luxury tax in order to penalize the rich. The result, they went overseas to buy their luxury items, as Hanoi John Fonda Kerry did with his new yacht bought in New Zealand. (He did manage to dodge the 500K tax bill though). Instead of bringing IN the money, it resulted in job LOSS by Americans (boat yards, carpenters, metal workers, engineers, fiberglass techs, and electricians). In fact, their projected 5 MILLION in new taxes actually became a 24 MILLION dollar LOSS. Death tax? The Left sticking it to you even after you’re dead but they manage to avoid that pesky tax by doing trusts, as Ted Drunkennedy did for his spawn before Satan hit the "down" button for him. AMT? The libs passed this jewel in 1969 because 155 "rich" households were somehow getting over with too many tax breaks. Enter the AMT and today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) states that a whopping 34% of taxpayers earning between $50,000 and $100,000 will have to pay the tax. From 155 households to 11% of all taxpayers. Now THAT is shoving the dirty end of the stick to America again, courtesy of the Left.

9. Limbaugh vs. Dingy Reid and his cabal of clowns in the DCCC: Okay, this is simply a personal favorite of the Gunny’s. Nitwit Dingy Reid's "phony soldiers" petition, signed by Reid and the other dirtbags, in an attack on Rush, failed miserably when Rush got his hands on it, turned it over to Ebay for a charity auction, and it went for $2,100,100. El Rushbo then MATCHED the amount, not stolen from a children’s charity as Air America once did, but from his own POCKET, in a donation of 4.2 MILLION clams for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. Dingy Reid, is the [current] liberal poster child for ignorance, stupidity, and all-around liberal asshattery. The Gunny spits on Reid and his ilk.

10. Gun Control: Believe it or not, these mentally challenged leftists STILL believe in gun control, openly to save the "children" but behind closed doors, to stifle and control the peasants. How many have died through gun bans in DC, Philly, Chicago, etc? Who knows. Doctor Lott so thoroughly and righteously debunked these morons in the 90's, that they had to go back under a rock until Zero was selected by the Lapdog Media but now they're back with UN help. Happy May Day!

11. Forced Busing: Forced whitey to get bussed in the hood and vice versa, it started white flight, and resulted in ALL of the students getting dumbed down. The National Institute of Education could not point to one study wherein forced busing helped black children but then again, rich liberals sent THEIR kids to private schools then, just as they do now. Oh, but they’re AGAINST school vouchers don’t ya know? Epic Failure partner in this: Dept of Education. Dumbing kids down since inception.

12. Air America: Tanked to the awesome count of THREE TIMES! And that after stealing 800K from a CHILDREN’s CHARITY to pay their bills. Now THAT is doing it TO the children, not "for" them! Since they failed the third time, the Left is now embarking on Internet, radio, and TV control.

13. Iran: Not only did the illustrious Jimmy "the dhimmi" Carter betray a long-time American ally, The Shah, he allowed the country to fall to a religious maniac, who then proceeded to murder more people in ONE YEAR than the Shah’s secret police did in 20! Hint: "Beware liberals saying that they want to ‘help’ you." Think anal rape and you’ll be close to the truth of it. Now we get to deal with the Mental Midget they call president. Has Mullah Obama bowed to him yet?

14. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Oh yeah! Created by and for liberals. Think slush fund and you’ll be dead on the money. Run by the two morons, Chris Dodd and Bonnie Fwank, both with about as much BANKING experience as Mullah Obama has leading troops in combat. Started the meltdown with the CRA of 1977 (Carter again), and still screwing us for billions and billions. Those kooky libs, always ready with a scheme to screw America while making THEM richer. Right Mr. Raines? (He got a 90 MILLION dollar bonus for cooking the books). Jamie Gorelick of the FBI/CIA 9/11 wall also worked here.

15. The Entire Clinton Regime: Corrupt and stupid pretty well sums it up. From getting some skull in the Oval Office to lobbing missiles at an empty aspirin factory in the Sudan (that we had to pay reparations for), this adolescent Impeached nitwit was the poster child for ineffective foreign policy, until Mullah Obama bowed his way into the scene. Who can forget BJ Bubba’s refusal to fight global terrorism? His refusal to put tanks into Somalia (Les Aspin) that got US Rangers dead. Giving the Angry Dwarf in North Korea food, oil, and of course, nuclear technology and believing the lies that they would not use it to develop nukes. Best of all was BJ Bubba’s covering for his homie Kofi Annan at the UN, by telling us that Saddam had WMD's so they could keep the FAILED UN food for oil program in place. Was BJ Bubba looking for an appointment to God of the UN after 2000? Best of all was his pardons for sale. Classic. No, on second thought, it might be his double-wide trailer posing as a Presidential Library that is better.

16. Every liberal POTUS since FDR: Epic Failures all. FDR-sucked. Truman-sucked. (Gave us the UN AND a separated Korea). JFK (Bay of Pigs) sucked. LBJ-sucked. Carter-BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! BJ Bubba-sucked hugely. Mullah Obama- Already an epic failure. NIXON has a higher approval rating! Haha.

17. Liberal majority Congress/Senates: Screwing America is what they do best. Y'all vote on keeping those Bush tax cuts BEFORE the recess? haha.

18. The UN: THANK YOU Dean Acheson, HST, and a liberal Senate. Like VD, the gift that keeps on giving.

19. PORKULOUS: 787 BILLION taxpayer dollars spend AGAINST our will in order to pay off Mullah Obama’s homies in the SEIU, UAW, etc.

20. GloBULL Warming, Carbon Trading, and Owl Gore: Epic Failure but rest assured, liberals NEVER EVER give up on a scam. This WILL come back around again when they think that the heat is off (no pun intended.)

21. For a laugh on socialized medicine, check out THAT history. But hey, the libs THINK it'll work HERE! (

RUNNER UP: Earned Income Credit. Taking YOUR tax dollars and redistributing it to those who the Left feels, "did not make enough." What a scam.



  1. Ok, don't rub it in, you're right, I loved it. BTW; On 16, BJ sucked the cigar, I almost give up Arturo Fuentes after that incident. For months I sniffed my cigar before lighting up, can't be too careful ya know.

  2. The GI's in the Philippines can't totally blame FDR for their plight after the fall of Corregidor.
    You gotta blame the brass at Clark Field for not disbursing our aircraft.
    One air raid by the Japs and presto! No more USAAF in PI!
    As for Viet Nam et al...("We were winning when I left..")
    Feeding in troops incrementally will get you a lost war every time. Incremental build up gives the enemy time and incentive to adjust. Had we gone from just "advisors" in '58 or '59 to a force equal to that of '69 the story would very possibly have had a different outcome.

  3. Excellent post Gunny.
    You know, there were several things I had forgotten all about. Thanks for refreshing my memory. They are even worse than I remembered!!

    I have a question, When do you sleep my friend??

  4. Jim,

    The cigar club I was in put BJ Bubba on trial for felony misuse of a cigar!

  5. Buck,

    Agreed. Not to mention that LBJ was actually dictating unit movements down to the PLATOON level.

  6. Nanna,

    Sleep? Did Samuel Adams sleep? I'll have plenty of time to sleep when God needs another Gunny to help square away Heaven and torment the libs in Hell!

  7. The damned GOP needed to be the party of NO when THEY had the damn reins. They "forgot" about the Contract with America not too far into their last stab at leadership,and it totally went out the door under Bush. Guess that is why I'm not too excited over the Pledge to America. They can't uphold THIS,then it'll be time for them to go the way of the frigging Whigs.Rightfully so. Good,world-class, post.

  8. clyde,

    They got coopted by the RINOs. I agree, this time, they'd BETTER hold their mustard or they'll be done. Bye Bye GOP, enter the Conservative Party of America!

  9. Once again, Congress has gone home without a budget, just a "continuing resolution".

    I can't remember the last time the budget was done in October like it iis supposed to be. Usually, they get something done by February.

    End result, goverment cost more and get less done. If the budget were on time, things could be planned, instead of hjust happening, or robbing Peter, James and John to pay Paul.

  10. Pack Rat,

    If the GOP was on the ball, they'd be nailing this one to the wall! Their "pledge to America" would include that there would be a budget IN PLACE months before and that it would be posted for Americans to review. And STICK to it!

  11. Nanna,

    Meant to add that I could have filled a volume with the libs screwups. For example, I left OUT the concentration camps built by Wilson and then FDR for Americans.

    It all made me sick.

  12. Another vacation? Good grief.

    Memo to the Resident: Things are really bad when you need to ask to get invited.

  13. Then they have a rally, with unions telling members that they HAVE TO ATTEND! The attendance is less than at a Tampa Bay Rays game. There were more people in the line for the porta-potties at Beck's rally than there were at the Jackson-Sharpton-SEIU rally.

  14. It seems that all the king's and all the king's unions couldn't fill the mall for their one nation shindig yesterday.

    It was mildly humorous and very pathetic!

  15. Crawfish,

    I had to laugh seeing that. What a bunch of losers. They're dead in the water and don't know it.

  16. -Sepp,

    I thought that it was funny as hell that they claim to have more than Beck, that the aerial photos confirmed it, but sadly, (for them) they were wrong. I swear, these liberal morons are like the old USSR fools, all smoke and mirrors, wildly ignorant of the facts.