Friday, October 8, 2010


(Hat tip to beachmom and thanks to Owl Gore for inventing the Internet)
Who is Roxanne Quimby you ask? Evidently, the good people in Maine are losing their land to a rich liberal socialist, who buys it up to keep them off of it and is possibly planning to "donate" it to the Federal Government in a Land Trust. Like the Federal Colossus hasn’t usurped enough States out of their land already? BTW, Beachmom stated that Maine folks are having a problem with the Lapdog Media keeping Quimby’s crapulence flying under the radar. Let the Gunny help you out.

Roxanne Quimby graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute. Y’all ever smell smoke and just KNOW that a fire is burning somewhere? Well, ANYONE coming out of the SFAI is obviously an uber-lib and when it comes to liberals, the FIRST thing you is, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

So, the Gunny checks their "supporters list." My oh my what a tangled web of libvermin does he see.

1. National Endowment for the Arts. The same people that brought us the Piss Christ.
2. John M. Sanger. A Nazi Pelosi supporter. Enough said there.
3. The Reba Judith Sandler Foundation, Inc, who also gave 15K to the Jewish Justice Fund. They (JJF), oddly enough, are for, SOCIAL CHANGE, ENVIRONUTS, WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION, OPEN BORDERS, and, oh this is great, gave to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee! You simply CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP! But let’s see WHO ELSE donated to the JJF. That would be: Ford Foundation/Nathan Cummings Fdn/Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc/Ploughshares Foundation (HUGE LEFTIST ORG)/William T Grant Foundation (Annenberg), Landau Family Foundation (ACLU)/Roger Baldwin Fdn (COMMIE), Overbrook Fdn (environuts), Shefa Fund (social AND economic justice). Then some of the money goes to the SFIA. Ain’t that sweet? BTW, some of these foundations are listed in Discover the Networks. (link at bottom)

4. Omnia Fnd (facilitates PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL CHANGE)
5. Hellmann Family Fdn (Donated to Bezerkley Journalism School AND is involved with the Annenberg School for Communication. The Ayers/Obama project) In fact, check them out on to further research them.
6. McBean Family Fdn (Donated to the Tides Fnd and Tides Center)
7. Anonymous. Could be Soros for all the Gunny can tell.
8. Davis United World College Scholars Fund –"global learning"

So, Roxanne Quimby goes to a far left art school, on the Left Coast, in the heart of enemy territory, San Fransicko, and gets well-steeped in the liberal mindset, especially since the SFIA teaches, "critical thinking." Yeah. Right. The lib jets back to Maine and goes hippie. The Gunny can’t tell if soap and hot water was involved with her existence then but knowing hippies as he does, it is doubtful. She then uses beeswax (Burt’s Bees) to become uber-rich. Isn’t it funny how rich liberals are guilt-ridden and seem to want to make the world better, always at OUR EXPENSE and not theirs? And she invests her money into things like Goldman/Sachs hedge fund. (As of March 4, 2010, Soros, Goldman Sachs, and their hedge fund allies have now used derivatives to establish short positions against Greek bonds as well as financial "attacks" in Spain and Ireland.) The rich, getting richer, at the expense of others. Sounds about right.

So far, she has 70,000 acres of Maine forestland under her control. What is it libs say about rich people? Oh yeah, she has more than enough money, (the sale of a $180 million stake in her natural cosmetics company), but obviously, it is okay when a lib is rich. Quimby has stated that "she hopes the forests will someday be protected as a national park and preserve." So she more than enough money to lock humans out of her Gaia preserve, much like Redford and Ted Turner have done.

EXCERPT: "They (enviro-nazis) do not object to radical environmentalist multi-millionaire Roxanne Quimby's new acquisition of 28,000 acres – an entire Maine township in the north woods. Quimby intends to eliminate the private economy and traditional human activity on her land and elsewhere: She intends to turn her land – now 40,000 acres and growing – over to the National Park Service to help lock up more than 3 million acres as a federal wilderness preserve, a plan intensely opposed by local people, Gov. Baldacci and the entire Maine congressional delegation."

Quimby once stated: "To me, ownership and private property were the beginning of the end in this country. Once the Europeans came in, drawing lines and dividing things up, things started getting exploited and overconsumed."

Overconsumed? That smacks of something John "Kill em All but us elites" Holdren would say. Exploited? You mean, like mining for the iron ore, that makes the steel and iron, that builds the CAR YOU DRIVE? Quimby is just another rich liberal blithering idiot.

But let us take a moment and talk about the Cass Sunstein "Nudge Effect" shall we for this is at the root of Quimby’s thinking. First, you decide that you don’t like something, say, human’s hunting and fishing. You can’t MAKE them stop and you can’t outlaw those evil guns. So what do you do? You buy the land. You give it to the Feds. They turn it into a non-hunting, non-fishing Gaia preserve. Misson accomplished. But maybe Quimby will donate some land to the serfs in Maine so that they can grow VEGGIES and live a VEGAN lifestyle, no soda though; Mayor Strawman Bloomberg says it makes you fat! Oh, and no salt, the First Wookie says so.

Oh, and since Quimby was a part of the eco-organization RESTORE (she was on their board of directors-thanks Internet Wayback Machine) for a few years, she HAS to be down with RESTORE’s Mission Statement:

"RESTORE, founded in 1992, seeks to "restore" most of what the national environmentalist lobby calls the North Woods Eco-System to primitive, pre-civilization “primeval” conditions in a federally controlled wilderness. This includes 26 million contiguous acres extending from the eastern Maine coast across most of rural Maine, northern New Hampshire and Vermont, to the Adirondacks in upstate New York."

A federally controlled wilderness. What that means is a federally patrolled area where humans won’t be allowed to go. Period. No drilling. No logging. No mining. No fishing. No hunting. No businesses. No economy. No jobs. No nothing, stay the hell at home. Unless Quimby has you working her fields. (And they wonder WHY Maine is a welfare state.)

Even better is head eco-nazis at RESTORE Michael Kellet puts out in a RESTORE brochure that: "he believes that there is no better place to begin the restoration of the earth."

Got that? Restore the EARTH. Take it ALL BACK. H.L. Mencken’s quote rings true here: "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule it." The Gunny would bet that Ol Mikey would LOVE to kill a few billion humans for the sake of Gaia. Right Mikey?

RESTORE board member Brock Evans (was also VP at the National Audubon Society) bleated: "We decided in the Northwest to treat it as an Ancient Forest Campaign. all the forests, all of it. I suggest to you that you have your 'North Woods.' It's the same kind of situation. It should be all of it. There may be different solutions for different particular places, but it should all be treated together. Be unreasonable. You can do it. Yesterday's heresy is today's common wisdom. It happens over and over again" and "You have lots of strong urban centers where support comes from. So I would say let's take it back. Let's take it all back."

So this is the circle that Quimby runs in my friends. Ah, in yet ANOTHER perfect Cass Sunstein "nudge" example, it is evident that Quimby doesn’t like snowmobiling. Hmm. Don’t like it, they won’t stop it, so simply, remove the choice.

EXCERPT: "Faced with the loss of about 12 miles of trails, the Maine Snowmobile Association's Bob Meyers also met with Quimby, hoping to secure the use of ITS 85, a popular trail that connects the Millinocket area with Aroostook County. Quimby decided not to allow the trail, which local business owners describe as "crucial." However, she did grant snowmobilers the use of a 10-mile connector trail between Bowlin Camps and Shin Pond Village, about half of which is on her land, for at least the next year, Meyers said Wednesday. What worries snowmobilers, camp owners and business people the most is the uncertainty of their situation. "I respect that it's her land and she can do what she wants with it, but she should at least tell the people what she plans on doing," Peter Ellis said. "Tell us straight. Tell us to our face."

Sorry Peter, that is not how liberals operate. They Lie. They Cheat. They Steal. They implement shadow governments. They create secret societies like the Fabian Society. All to implement their agenda on the serfs. The Gunny figures it is about time for States to take back their rights and end the Teddy Roosevelt Progressive experiment with seizing state lands and turning them into federal lands. Some people call it eco-feudalism but the Gunny calls it what it is, PURE BULLSHIT!

And Quimby, THAT is NOT what America is all about!


  1. If these asshat liberals are so GODDAMN concerned about HUMAN effects on their precious Gaia,why don't THEY set the good example,raise that bar,and OFF themselves and their entire fucking families FIRST? While she DOES own the land,and can do anything she wants with it,IMHO,who is to say if she does indeed title it all to the NPS,who is to say that at some point in time THEY won't exploit it? Timber sales,anyone? Mineral rights? Liberals should look a bit further than the end of their idiotic upturned noses.They will not be in power forever.Excellent,world-class post,Guns.

  2. I wonder why the liberals don't lump these filthy rich along with the rich that are on the right? They constantly berate them.
    I am for taking it ALL back.
    How long berore the word "overthrow" is used??
    I am so sick of the dirty tricks used by the left. They should all be captured and shipped to to some far away place where they can enjoy each other.

  3. What makes this so despicable is that Maine, like Alaska, is rich in natural resources, but the Left prevents it from being harvested. I don't know Quimby but I would bet that she is anti-gun, anti-fishing, and anti-hunting! And it puts people OUT of work and on the dole, ala Cloward/Piven. Taking away people's initiative and ability to work makes them nothing but slaves to the system and THAT is f-ing disgusting.

    Like I said, she is following Cass Sunstein's "Nudge" tactics to a tee.

  4. Nanna,

    I could not agree more. Liberals are like a foul pestilence. America would instantly be better off if they were gone with a snap of the fingers.

  5. Thanks for the great post Gunny!
    There is a company, Plum Creek. They own a large piece of land up north. According the zoning they could build hundreds and hundreds of homes.
    Their plan, however was to build a much smaller number while preserving most of the land for public use. Quimby is so militant about no human use and no motorized use that she has held the development up for years. The people who live there were looking forward to the development. It would provide hundreds of jobs. Some of them have been speaking out about their need to move south to put food on the table.

    And now she is part of the Obama administration.
    Ya, her and Holder should have fun down in their mad scientist basement planning the de-civilization of man.

    By the way, when Paul LePage is elected Governor, he'll tell her just where to go. He's already told the fisherman who are hard up thanks to the feds that he will tell Obama to "go to hell". Woo hoo!!!

  6. beachmom,

    My pleasure. I laughed when I read that Imam Obummer put that idiot Quimby in with the National Park Service. Like putting mad scientist Holdren in charge of developing gas chambers for us.

    I personally think that all 57 Governors should tell the Feds to F-OFF and seize all Federal lands within their states and claim them for the states. What can the Feds do? NOTHING!

  7. Reminds me somewhat of the Scottish land barons who had game wardens and the po' folks invention and use of Gilley suits to bag deer.
    Looks like an opportunity for some retired Special Forces guy to start a class.
    Three parts:
    (1) A Short History of the Gilley Suit;
    (2) Design and Construction of the Guilley Suit;
    (3) Care and Maintenance of the Gilley Suit;
    (4) Proper Use of the Gilley Suit.

  8. Roxanne Quimby is now logging and developing her property in Maine. The story broke last night on Bill Green's Green Outdoors. See story and video:
    Spread the word to stop her!

  9. I'm not a political person. It appears to me that Roxanne Quimby has lived the American Dream... she was down-and-out, worked hard, created domestic jobs, sold her company for $Billions, and is now a land owner. As a land owner she is doing what she pleases with the land.

    Instead of whining about it what she's doing, why don't you go work hard, create domestic jobs, make millions, and buy land and do whatever you want on it. (That's my plan, anyway)

  10. My hometown is currently under her scope for land to buy right now. The people I grew up with are people whose families have been there for generations... Not only is Maine enriched in endless resources, it's also with memory. It's our home. My dad's a logger, and he's walking around with a stitched face and steel-bolted legs just to survive, to bring me to where I am today -- what other opportunities are there, really?

    This is why I've moved to Boston, but the nostalgia is relentless. The land does not need to be isolated and desolate to be embraced. Nature has its ways of offering beautiful sources and views for us, and the idea of preserving it and refraining from it almost feels like a slap in it's face.

    I used to be upset with Plum Creek and their balding areas around my house, but at least we still have our home. The area doesn't need to be pretty and fruitful for me to love it.

    I'd like to see how Quimby would react to having her money, support and wax stripped away from her... then she'd know how it really feels. People of Maine just want to live in solitude, and they deserve it like hell.

  11. Oh, I see if you're a rich conservative it's okay to buy what every you want because you're a "patriot." If you're a "lefty" who buys something and then does something with it (like in this case giving it to the "People", then you're a commie, socialist, muslim terrorist or whatever. I smell double-standard from ya'll "patriots." Don't worry folks, there's plenty of land left to despoil.

  12. Raymond,

    Are you an idiot? Wait, that is a rhetorical question as you're a lib.

    Quimby, like Ted Turner and Redford, buys up huge tracts of land that were for public use or the public was hunting, fishing, etc, on it and then LOCKS THEM OUT. Often, people were using the land for income in states like Maine where income is scarce.

    But don't worry libtard, as Nutsy Peloser says, unemployment checks stimulate the economy?

    Lemme guess, you're a libtard AGAINST mining, yet you drive a car, ride a bike, use a washing machine, etc, all made from mined metal ore!

    Liberals are dumb as dog shit and you proved it again.