Friday, October 22, 2010


Americans are angry as hell because the leftists have muzzled us for decades and we’ve finally had enough of it. For example, Kwanzaa, a non-holiday, get touted in the public government indoctrination schools while Christmas is glossed over, ignored, and then renamed some crap like Winter Holiday or Winter Solstice. You see, in a liberal-run society, only the left can have a say-so. The rest of us cannot get our opinion aired because our views are not important to the left, who knows what is good for us. Because liberty can possibly be unlimited in its scope, the Left has taken it upon themselves to sees every possible infringement or possible issue as a violation of someone’s rights. You won’t find those "rights" in the Bill of Rights, so that has to be run through the shredder by the Left, as they teach publicly indoctrinated students that only liberal values count; for example, students in The People’s Republik of Cincinnati were given ballots with only Democrat candidates on it (after being bussed in), something we might read about in Soviet or Cuban communist history. Thus, freedom of speech becomes freedom of offending someone, somewhere, sometime, and so that freedom must be controlled and transformed through penalties for "hate speech." No longer can Americans call a "spade-a-spade." It might offend the NAACP and the sayer may end up in Leavenworth! Even worse, Imam Obama might call the sayer, a "jackass."

Liberalism touts tolerance but at its roots is very INTOLERANT. WFB saw it when he stated: "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." Dead on the money Sir, May You Rest in Peace. You see, liberals believe in law and order, as long as it enforces the party line, much like the Soviet Politburo used the KGB to sniff out dissent and treat it in gulags and the Lubyanka with a bullet behind the ear. Or simply, to declare the dissenter insane and send him/her off to the nuthouse where they were turned INTO insane members. It is okay to soundly damn Conservatives, poke fun at Bristol Palin, say that Sarah Palin should have aborted her last child, etc, all fine examples of liberal tolerance that would get you a book deal and an hour on Oprag, but to go on Fox News, and maybe take a Conservative side in a debate, or maybe, horror of horrors, say that Imam Obama is wrong to use the Office of the President to attack private citizens like Rush, or that Muslims cause fear when you find them on an airplane, then taxpayer funded and Soros funded National Propaganda Radio must let you go. Such tolerance of the left huh?

In the name of being truly free, oddly enough, liberals seek to make everything compulsory. That is, if they are a requirement of success for the liberal agenda. Take the Ponzi scam of Social Security as a the prime example of this. Starts out small, a tiny bite out of our freedom, all for the greater good mind you, and then it grows into a gorilla the size of what a mating of Rosie O’Donnell and Mikey Mooreon would produce! They just need to keep raising those taxes on the employee and the employee and utopia was just around the corner and NO, YOU cannot refuse to join it but Congress exempted themselves from it (until Ronaldus Magnum ended that crap). A mandated ObamaKare was exactly what this nation needed, just ask Nazi Pelosi. Along with the huge debt it creates as well as the unfunded state mandates, extra government employees, more fraud, etc. But hey, they’re looking out for us. There has not been ONE liberal program that they have not made mandatory or made us pay for, i.e., their lost war on poverty, currently funded to the tune of 8 TRILLION dollars and climbing, that has worked.

How strange it is that Liberal’s claim to be for freedom but when someone disputes their ideology, no, their false religion of liberalism, it becomes "hate speech", and the hags on the View squawk like hens as they walk out! To be intolerance of the liberal’s viewpoints is, in a word, blasphemy! They talk of choice but only so long as what we choose is what they choose for us or that which Cass Sunstein "nudges" towards we the people. When we speak out against the tyranny of liberalism, the tyranny of Obama Care, the tyranny of the Congress run by elites who studiously and haughtily ignore the will of the people that they are supposed to represent, we are jeered at by the liberal media and treated like rural rubes, clinging bitterly to their guns and religion. But let someone drop a crucifix in a jar of urine or smear crap on the Virgin Mary, and liberals bow before this garbage calling it art and donating taxpayer funds to further it. It is as if they'd just discovered the Holy Grail. But woe unto the artist who befouls the image of Mohammed say, with a bomb in his hat or planes in his background crashing into towers, the left howls like jackals and almost joins with their Islamofascist allies in issuing a fatwa on the offender. "APOLOGIZE oh malefactor," they thunder from their bowels.

Liberalism then, is slavery of the mind, body, and spirit, not to mention the wallet and the purse! They decry that liberalism lends itself to choice but in reality, the only choices it permits are those that follow their ideology for to give the unwashed and un-Harvard educated masses freedom of choice might actually give way to the right of each American to actually choose the path they wish to follow, to produce what they will, to choose to enjoy the fruits of their labors, or to choose to provide charity to those in need around them, to choose to salt their food, to eat a hamburger dripping in cheese and transfats, to, horror of horrors, smoke a cigarette, INDOORS no less, but to choose however they will in their lives, from the cradle to the grave, without a Nanny State holding their hands. Rampant and unchecked liberalism has foisted upon us moral deprivation and depravity, loss of our American character, our national honor, and quite possibly, the loss of our sovereignty through a quest to subjugate this nation to the whims of an illegal organization sitting in judgement of us on our soil, the United Nations and some Euroscum jackanapes in The Hague. We are American citizens, not subjects, and we have our own culture, a sense of who and what we are, with defined connections to our Founding Fathers, with a history to be proud of, not ashamed of or apologetic of, yet this liberal regime now in power forces us to declare that none of these things matter any more. That individual and personal freedom, as guaranteed to us by our Creator, be surrendered to those liberal elites who would rule over us. In a word, NEVER.

Americans are objecting to liberalism on a growing scale as they joyfully rediscover what personal freedom, mutual respect, and a moral and polite society means to them, things that were once lost due to radical liberalism. Let us say, "Merry Christmas" to one another and not some liberal claptrap of politically correct bilge water. Let us say a prayer at a football game, a picnic, a schoolroom and if the liberals wish to make a fight of it, FIGHT BACK! Because to do otherwise would be to willingly surrender to an out of control liberalism that seeks to impose their will, their meaning of freedom, and their control on us. This we can no longer afford. They have attacked us in the courts, they have attacked us on the streets with their SEIU thugs, they continue to attack our history, our values, and our beliefs in their government indoctrination sites, formerly known as public schools, and it is time that we the people imposed OUR WILL by saying, "no more." "Enough." There is an Old English ballad that states: "Though I am wounded, I am not dead. Lie me down to bleed awhile, and I will rise and fight again." We were wounded by radical liberalism but the American Spirit is far far from dead.

We are witnessing today, a collapse of liberal tyranny into a monster that destroys the very thing that it says it values so highly, our Republic. That Steny Hoyer could strike his political opponent not once but twice and then offer a threat to his safety is an abomination on what our Founding Fathers sought for America. Hoyer, in the opinion of this writer, should be charged for assault and battery and for uttering a terrorist threat, but of course, with this corrupt Congress, he will likely be praised, much as Gerry Studds, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Conyers, and other liberal criminals are praised. Liberalism attacks our freedom like a termite does unprotected wood and insists on tolerance, but only for their views only for to do otherwise, might get the sayer a dose of, dare we say it, reeducation? Can we stand any longer for a corrupt ideology that calls for the abolition of our cherished freedoms, OUR AMERICAN culture, OUR religions, OUR customs and traditions, in order to secure a Nanny State for these bedwetting liberal crybabies and ruling class elites? Shall we surrender our freedom of speech to clowns like Elena Kagan, now laughably in the SCOTUS, who stated that "some speech can be disappeared?" Shall we surrender our children to liberal teachers so foul that they re-educate these children with liberalism, who teach them songs about Obama, but who fail to teach them Math, English, American History, and the heroes who made America great? Shall we surrender our family life, our community, and this nation to a corrupt and tyrannical ideology of liberalism that would serve us up on a platter to the anti-American vermin in the UN? Not no, but HELL NO!

Let us venture forth on 2 Nov 2010, to drive a stake into the heart of liberalism and their RINO myrmidons. Take your family to the polls and let them SEE you vote for freedom. TELL them with pride WHO you voted for and why. As parents, it is our job to negate the trash that liberal teachers try to fill their heads with and when YOUR CHILD stands up in class and says, "teacher, you are wrong," and then delivers a verbal spanking, be proud. This is Phase One my friends, the removal of SOME of the parasites but others remain. We will have more trash to take out in 2012 and beyond. Steel yourself for the coming years for it will take decades to undo the damage of liberalism. It won't be over until we make Michael Mooreon squeal. 

"Eternal vigilance is the price of Freedom." Thomas Jefferson.


  1. Great rant,Guns. I believe that was in Cincinnati where the high screwl students were bussed to the polls,and given the dhimmi-only ballots.

  2. Absoloutely a great post, and I so agree with it.
    Eternal vigilance is what we lost for a long time, and it really did hurt us.
    I hope you're correct in saying that liberalism is on the verge of collapse. that the vigilence is back in the hearts of Americans everywhere, to take back our freedoms, and dare anyone to =try and take them again, whether they be scholar, hoodlum,foreign dignataries, commie billionaires or president of the United States.

  3. Freedom to choose your own doctor and keep your own insurance...but we're going to force that insurance company out of business and put so many regulations and costs on the doctor that he quits and moves to Canada.

  4. clyde,

    Nice catch, I was looking at the wrong notes! Kudos. Note the change.

  5. Nanna,

    Liberalism has almost a 100 year RUN and finally, inch by inch, they've driven us to the abyss BUT, we have woke up to their scumbaggery. Only by persistently attacking liberalism on every front, like we did Nazi Germany, will make it fall. We cannot afford to go to sleep again. THAT is how we get screwed.

    I tuly believe that if we can stay the course, keep up the fight, we'll win in the end.

  6. Craw,

    Canada is actually LOOSENING up their heavy taxation and regulations and business is booming. Pretty soon, we'll be going TO Canada for medical care vice the reverse.

  7. Your post speaks volumes. This November will be a turning point where the progressive/liberal agendas are taken down, defeated, and told that we Americans do not like nor agree with what they are doing, or trying to do.

    Our founding fathers did not escape tyranny only to have it recreated in another form.

  8. A Great Example of Liberal Tolerance

    Whoopie and Joy walking out on their INVITED guest, Bill O'Reilly.


    O'Reilly was telling them FACTS, not wishes.
    The little woman saw it happen, DVR'd it and came running to tell me what had happened. And she has never been political before....

  9. Eric,

    Unfortunately, those who hold their freedom so cheaply seem to WANT tyranny imposed on them, and by default, us.

  10. Buck,

    I saw that whole mess. Liberal tolerance at work. They're like little spoiled brats holding their hands over their ears screaming LALALALALALALALA!

  11. ...Kwanza...

    Funny thing. In years passed black folks fought to integrate into mainland American society.
    After a struggle to accomplish that goal they have turned around and done everything to segregate themselves from white Americans.
    Black Studies
    Black Miss America
    Jet Magazine
    Congressional Black Caucus
    and now
    As you said, "..a non-holiday." Now why do folks who so wanted to be a part of the American mainstream have to resort to inventing a holiday to further illustrate their self imposed segregation from established American customs and mores?