Monday, October 4, 2010

T = E+P

The Gunny was doing some research over the weekend and came across an old book in the library, written in 1958. The title of it was: "A Republican Looks at His Party," written by a Mr. Arthur Larson. One of the points in the book caught the Gunny’s eye, and it is almost scary how it foretold the actions of the current regime. Mr. Larson reduced government to a mathematical equation:

T = E+P      That is, T = Tyranny, E = Economic power, P = Political Power.

Think of this. This gent wrote this back in 1958 and we’re seeing it here today! The liberals, their union thugs, Soros, their leftist allies in the eco-nazis arena, and their RINO cohorts, have all worked to corner the economic power in the US. For example, who works ceaselessly to prevent oil, the fuel that powers our economy, from being drilled? Liberals. As a point of fact, it was this regime that not only prevented reporters from viewing the BP oil spill but they also immediately slapped down a moratorium on any oil drilling (offshore), that was overturned by a Federal court not once, but twice, with Regime Drone Salazar putting down another one, of course, as he operated outside of the Constitution. The Regime calls drilling offshore “dangerous” to the environment yet they have not stopped the Russians, the Chinese, the Cubans, or the Brazilians from doing so. Why not? Because it hurts the US when we do not have the wherewithal to run our economy. Why did they prevent reporters from viewing the spill? So they could NOT report how SMALL it was maybe?

Consider the corporation tax in the US. WHO demands that corporations be bled dry? The Unions. The Econazis. The Anarchist kooks. The G-20 protestors. All leftist tools. The United States has the HIGHEST corporate tax in the industrialized world. Why? Two reasons. One, it hurts US as consumers since the corporations must raise the price of their products or services and thus, we look for cheaper products, i.e., made in China, where slaves work for the government for $1.50 a day and a bowl of fish heads and rice. Two, it forces corporations to relocate to business friendly countries, for example, to Switzerland, who now courts US businesses to relocate there with tax deals, free relocation services, etc. We are seeing on a national scale, what has happened in California, thanks to liberals. First, they raise taxes and some people and a few businesses depart for better business climates. Second, the state experiences a revenue shortfall. Third, being liberals, they immediately raise taxes again. Next, more people leave, more businesses leave. Lastly, the cycle repeats, over and over, until the entire USA will resemble liberal hellholes like California, NJ, NY, MI, PA, etc. Anywhere liberals have run the show for any length of time, we see the same pattern and Mr. Larson saw it in 1958. Have we been asleep so long? Card Check anyone?

Who did Emperor Obama give Government Motors, formerly known as General Motors, to after he fired the CEO and seized the company, through a seriously Unconstitutional action? The UAW. This is the same union that has bled the Big Three dry and turned Detroit, once a powerhouse of American ingenuity and production, into an economic desert, devoid of nothing but people on the dole and a crumbling infrastructure. That is true economic power, folks, the power to turn a region of something into nothing. Bob Seger’s song, "We Were Making Thunderbirds," says it all. When you are prevented from working that is nothing less than a disgusting form of Ruling Class tyranny. The liberal elites in government and academia flexing their beer muscles on the masses. BTW, the Gunny WILL NEVER buy a GM product again. Ever. Stick THAT UAW.

Liberals have nearly destroyed the economic power of Americans in our own nation and then chained our hands to prevent us from freeing us from their grip . Ask yourselves, can we drill for oil offshore? No. Can we drill for oil in ANWR? No. Can we harvest lumber? No. Can we build nuclear reactors? No. Can we build refineries? No. Can we mine for resources? No. Can we build new power plants? No. China builds a NEW ONE EACH WEEK! They have declared war on small businesses in America by foisting a host of bullshit rules on them concerning the tyrannical ObummerKare. Red tape, red tape, and more red tape. They have declared economic war against America and Americans and we are under siege.

And liberals have the unmitigated gall to call the GOP the Party of NO!?

Perhaps the biggest economic attack on America is the refusal of the Federal Colossus to stop the illegal aliens from entering the US and contaminating, like roaches, everything they touch. They keep jobs from Americans because they live 40 to a house and work for less money than Americans can or should. But worse of all, they take the wages they make HERE and send it to MEXICO for spending or saving THERE! How much economic power do we lose EVERY YEAR because of this, not to mention the time, money, and manpower we expend trying to keep them out when a fence and actual enforcement of the LAWS would save us billions every year.

Political power. We face a mountain of money that flows, like a sewer of crap, into the DNC, for them to buy votes, raise the dead on election day, and rig the elections for them to win. For example, review the Tides Foundation via Discover the Networks, and read where they launder money for the left. Need to donate a wad of dough to some far left organization but don’t want your shareholders to know it? Why, simply pass it through some leftist group like Tides and it comes out on the other end, clean as a baby’s butt, after it eats a pound of ex-lax that is. The Left has allowed a convicted criminal by the name of Soros to interfere in our government. They have allowed corruptocrats like Andy Stern, now under FBI investigation, to tamper with the tiny brain of Mullah Obama. They have trampled on the Constitution over and over, as the revealing video of Jan Schakowski shows us. Moreover, Nazi Pelosi herself LAUGHED at a reporter who was asking her about the Constitutionality of ObummerKare. Leftwing kook Stark regurgitated that Congress can do whatever they want to, the Constitution be damned. THAT is the tyranny of the abuse of political power that Mr. Larson was referring to and the liberals are FULL OF IT!

When has a sitting president used the power of his office to attack an INDIVIDUAL American? Mullah Obama has and continues to do so. He has personally attacked Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck. Whether you like these gentlemen or not, these actions should have set off alarm bells in the heads of ever American who heard them. Thankfully, these folks have the microphone with which to counterattack with but what if it was YOU or I? Common folks living in Flyover Country? It was BJ Bubba who used the foul-mouthed Gollum look-alike Carville to personally attack the women who came forward to tell about BJ Bubba’s sexual abuse of them and the LEFT TOLERATED IT! Where was NOW? Where were femi-nazis like Dowd? AWOL.

The Left has owned the Congress since January 2007 and has used it to trample the rights of Americans without mercy. The fact that Nazi Pelosi used her "big" gavel to try and provoke the folks in the Tea Party who were protesting says a lot about this tainted party running our nation into the ground. It was Mullah Obama himself who called for the creation of a civilian national security force on par with the US Military. WHY? In order to have a group of thugs allied to him and the Leftists that they can use against us. Consider this. WHY are liberals and their myrmidons talking more and more about "international law" and the need for the US to “follow it?” Because it serves to negate the US Constitution and thus, allows them to tyrannize us even further and easier to boot. WHY are liberals cementing their ties to the UN through crappy treaties like LOST and the UN’s Small Arms Gun ban? Because they weaken the US to the point where we are subjugated to international law and NOT the US Constitution, are on par with a third world country like France, and have no say so in the development of our nation anymore. Take a moment and read the treaty (LOST) that Ronaldus Magnum told the UN to stuff up where the sun doesn’t shine and what it does to the US. It literally cripples us. WHO came up with Crap and Tax? WHO came up with the hoax of gloBULL warming? WHO came up with the bullshit of carbon trading? WHO seeks to raise our utility rates with MORE regulations? WHO BANNED frigging light bulbs? WHO seeks to regulate our thermostats in our own homes? WHO still believes in the hoax of gloBULL warming, gloBULL cooling, globull CRAP!? WHO has put far-left fascists, radical revolutionaries, and outright morons into positions of power, bypassing the Constitution and the Senate? The answer to all of the above it the LEFT and their gutless minions in the Republican Party, the RINOs, i.e., McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collins, etc.

T = E+P?

The Gunny would say that the equation above nails it. The Left is the enemy now in the open, fearless and emboldened now that they have a puppet in the White House, dancing on Soros’ strings. We have one card left in our deck America, and that is, NOVEMBER 2010. We need a CLEAN SWEEP of the vermin infesting Congress and the Senate and then we can purge the idiot in the White House. BUT…our job will NOT be done by a damned sight. We have at least 20 YEARS of constant vigilance, constant badgering, and constant demanding that our politicians ROLL BACK the tyranny wrought on us by the Left, since the 1930’s. 

"Let’s Roll!"


  1. Gunny,

    That was an excellent summary.

    The 10.2 rally in DC was a perfect example. The communists are protesting in the open now.

  2. Good study Gunny,
    Mr. Larson probably got his history from an article written about 1000 BC where some of the first kenite dems stood up and rallied to rid Israel of God, 1 Samuel 8, 22 short verses where God explains the promise of that same sad story. Even better if you read the first 4 verses of chapter 9 you see how Saul the first king of Israel couldn't even find his fathers lost asses aka a failure. Whereas Jesus who was sent to the lost sheep(tribes) of Israel did not lose a single one and several of them were the founding fathers of this great nation.
    But then look at the osamaone today called clean and articulate much as Saul was bragged about but he cant even find his own ass and except for doing satans work is a total failure.

    Agreed..."Let’s Roll!"

  3. Gunny I forwarded a column to your email that is on this same subject.
    Got it off Townhall.
    But then you probably peruse the Townhall columns, too...
    Why don't the folks wake up. If it is not eco friendly for USA to drill in the Gulf, why is it okay for Mexicans, Chinamen and Brazilians to drill? I mean two plus two is pretty simple equation. Some just don't get it. Maybe few never will.

  4. Hardnox,

    Thx brother. Did you see how the leftist union thugs left the mall? Looking like one huge trash bin. They even left a bunch of garbage at the WW2 memorial. And they wonder why America hates them.

  5. R E,

    Great post! haha. I have to laugh watching Obummer flounder around. I'm really amazed that he has a 91% approval rating among blacks. He's increased their pain through higher unemployment but they love him. WTF.

  6. Buck,

    I rarely go to TH anymore except to pimp my blog! haha. Or to attack a lib. I'll check it out, thanks.

  7. Gunny, This is an excellent post.
    It should strike fear in the hearts of Conservatives, lovers of America, in more than one way.
    NOW these people are out in the open, and America is fighting back. AFTER they have a foothold, a large foothold. Before, people poo pooed the Communists and Socialists. Remember McCarthy? People still refer things that are bad, as McCarthism.
    Now today, it is Islam. No one will really stand up against them. Our President seems to love them, and many on both the left and right keep refering to the "moderate" Muslims. There isn't any such thing. They all read the same Koran, and all are out for world conquest, and even the "moderate" television producer here in the states, beheaded his wife because she shamed him.
    Will we wait until they are running our government as in England and other places before we wake up??? We are already electing them to the Senate.
    It is fine for them to lie to Infidels, they are told to in fact. So when they pretend to be moderate, and friendly, I'm sorry, it's a fairy tale, and we had better wake up to it before we are a Muslim country, and as the one Muslim said, "Someday there will be a flag of Islam flying over the White House."

  8. Nanna,

    WE have a generation's work ahead of us. It will take AT LEAST 25 YEARS of constant fighting to purge America of the influence of the socialists, marxists, maoists, black racists, the greenies, etc.

    That is why it is SO IMPORTANT for us to VOTE! And to never take our eyes off of the ball again.

    Fool me once....

  9. Wow, you and I think a lot alike! The parallels to the blog I’m working on is scary. I am doing a blog on the power brokers and how they positioned themselves, hand and glove, now I HAVE to squeeze some time in to finish it.

    Geat body of work Gunny, dead on target, cavity shot on the kill zone.

  10. 20 years? We won't be able to fully roll back all of this stuff until we have a minimum of seven strict Constitutionalists on SCOTUS, Obama's two appointees have assumed room temperature, and we have had at least 20 years of real conservative domination of Crapitol Hill..

  11. Gunny,

    Yeah...and they wonder why most Americans don't embrace their version of America. I saw pictures of the mall. Disgusting!!

    These are the same retards that embrace Ghia but have no problem trashing our most sacred monuments. My buddy dropped by to gawk at the libtards and reported that the Viet Nam Veterans memorial was trashed too.

    I was at Beck's 8.28 rally, got there early and left late, and I didn't even see a gum wrapper on the ground.

    Liberals thy name is "hypocrisy"

  12. Jim,

    Great minds think alike! It is amazing that we Conservatives can see the problem AND address it but the libs and RINOS are blind and stupid to it.

    Center mass!

  13. The Crawfish,

    I am afraid that you are correct brother but I can HOPE for some CHANGE! haha.

    I am hoping that the American people rise up, as we have done, and FORCE those changes against the wishes of the Ruling Class. Whether they can remain AWAKE long enough is the question.

  14. Hardnox,

    I was REVOLTED at the mess those libPIGS left at the WW2 memorial. My father would have been OUTRAGED.

    Liberals befoul EVERYTHING they touch.

  15. See the trash for your self,
    for any non believers

  16. Gunny,

    Brother, I've been reading your work for the last several years.

    You shouldn't supress how you really feel.


    Semper Fi

  17. A bit off topic, but you and hardnox bring up a good point.

    For greenies who scream for clean air and earth, they trash everything, everywhere, they congregate at....

    Great post, gunny. It's good that more Americans are seeing the left for what they truly are.

  18. Typical libfest.Think every frigging place is goddamn Woodstock.Come trash the country,along with national treasures. Libs= worse than pigs.
    As to your GM comments,and SE Mich.,it is worse than you can imagine.When foreigners who visit Detruit ask "Who bombed your city",I tell them,40 years of damned liberal mismanagement,along with criminals for "leaders". My financial guy called before we left,wanting to know what I thought of acquiring some of the "NewGM" stock. I asked him if could see ANY goddamn thing they were doing differently,and of course all he could come up with was,"they got rid of their debt". I said Yep,along with totally FUCKING OVER the bondholders,let alone holders of common shares. I told him to go ahead and buy some,IF he were ready for a serious ass-whumping.He said"hmm,won't go there again". I told him if he EVEN THOUGHT about it,he would be FIRED.Along with said ass-whumping.Thought about you today when we went past MCAS at Beaufort,on the way to Hilton Head Island.Damn good post,spot-on.

  19. Pack Rat,

    Beck NAILED it tonight. He showed the pics of the garbage stewn area AND laughed at their pathetic attendance.

  20. Hardnox,

    Thx for the kudos.

    If I expressed how I REALLY felt, Ivan would go and whine to the FBI! haha

  21. Eric,

    I could not agree more. You yourself have done YEOMAN's work alerting Americans to the perfidy of the Left. Keep up the good work.

  22. clyde,

    Indeed. Liberals are like a blight that fouls everything it touches and has for the last 90 years or so.

    BUT, America is awake now, and pissed.