Thursday, October 28, 2010


It appears that Ol Tingle up his Leg for Imam Obama, aka Tweetyboid Matthews is afwaid of that mean ol puddy-tat! Check out the video first.

So Tweetyboid wonders when the RIGHT WING will show up in uniform? Maybe that limp-noodle leftist should open his eyes (hard to do when his head is up his ass) and realize that the RIGHT WING is ALREADY IN uniform. It's called the US military and they are overwhelmingly CONSERVATIVE in nature, that is why Illinois (and liberals) are disenfranchising their votes.

HOWEVER, Chrissy, leftists are/were already wearing THEIR uniforms.

1.  The New Black Panther Party.
2.  Purple-shirted SS, er, SEIU thugs.
3.  Red-shirted ACORN criminals.
4.  Che T-shirt wearing nitwits like Ward Churchill, the fake Indian.
5.  Jackbooted Nazi socialists.
6.  Goosesteeping Soviets.
7.  Chicoms.
8.  Castro's Cuban thugs.
9.  Pink-shirted Code Pink traitors.
10.  The unknown uniform of Obammy's Civilian National Security Force! (Probably UN blue)

But more likely, Chrissy was thinking about his dom wearing his SS uniform!

THANK GOD that science finally isolated the liberal gene, now they can start working on a cure!


  1. HJC. First off,ANYTHING or one connected with NBC are simply to be ignored. Secondly,that person's head was NOT "stomped". Had it been,there would have been a MESS on the ground.

  2. You and Rush are on the same page.

    SEIU t-shirts are definitely a uniform. And a uniform to intimidate. Through violence in failing otherwise.
    ACORN also dresses alike.

  3. clyde,

    That libpig was a paid-for agitator who started the ruckus. Her name is Lauren Valle and she is a professional rabble-rouser and takes Soros money through

  4. Buck,

    Thanks for that comparison, it made my day!

    I should have added illegal aliens, i.e., undocumented democrats, wear a uniform as well. They wrap themselves in the Mexican flag while pissing on our flag.

  5. Ah yes my friend, You're still right on.

  6. Nanna,

    Thx. I LOVE hanging their own petards!

  7. I'm not in any way condoning the stomping on the head of this crazy radical professional agitator you clearly made moves that warranted being put down. But I well remember town hall meetings where people when getting bullied and beaten up just for showing up and wanting to be heard.

    It's no wonder most people in this country consider Chrissie a Clown!