Monday, May 2, 2011


Turn up the volume on your PC

Stand at attention

Praise Lord Barry

After all, it was Lord Barry who terminated Osama bin Laden singlehandledly! He actually PICKED the team, planned the mission, trained with his boys, trained at an undisclosed SF team base, cleverly disguised as a golf course, and won the coveted SF insignia, flies to Pakistan, fast-ropes in, and after the breach, leads from the front and WHACKED Osama! And the first words out of his mouth in the speech? "I authorized this operation." I/Me. Barry's favorite two words.


Pretty impressive for the guy who, as his first act in office, orgasmically signed the Executive Order that closed Gitmo. Now Lord Barry can get back to golf and approving of Imam Rauf building the Ground Zero Mosque for closure and healing for all.

Imagine the change for Obama, who once demonized the Patriot Act, attacked renditions, stood against waterboarding, closed Gitmo, wanted to put KSM on trial in NYC, wanted to put other Navy SEALs on trial for being mean to terrorists, wanted to put CIA agents on trial, and who took nine months to finally act on the intel of where OBL was, to finally become the super-warrior he really is. The sight of an armed pencil-neck geek charging into the fray must have made OBL shart himself in fear!

Maybe NOW, Barry can FINALLY put the mass murderer Hasan on trial for murdering 13 troops at Ft Hood and end the political correctness of General Casey and Eric Holder on this case. Will we see Barry be tough on another Muslim?

*** Real kudos goes to the unnamed HEROES in the CIA AND SF teams of all services (and all other troops), who have done the hard work and heavy lifting for the last ten years, back when Barry was protesting and fighting against their efforts, side-by-side with scumbags like Ted Kennedy, ABSCAM Murtha, Turban "Dick" Durban, Henry Waxman, Code Pink,  etc, etc.



  1. Now they are't releasing the photos of him because they are "grusome". And they already buried him at sea. I want to see the pics!! Not that I don't trust Obama, but I don't trust Obama. He had a staged crowd in front of the White House in the wee hours, shouting "Four more years" and "Yes we can". All of these were college kids.
    I loved the part of your post where you mentioned the cleverly disguised golf courses.
    I feel that this is all a super publicity stunt to get him re elected. I am not taking away the bravery of our men at all, they were wonderful, but Obama's motives were strictly political!!

  2. I agree. "Trust but verify."

    The contrast between Bush and Obama could not be more dramatic. Bush would have honored the troops unequivocally without taking one iota of credit, as a Commanding Officer would do. Obama takes credit FIRST and then praises the troops. Typical narcissist.

  3. way to take attention away from the real victory, you are about as mature as a 4 year old "the gunny" By the way what kind of dick refers to himself in the 3rd person? Instead of just being happy for America's victory you want to politicize the issue. You are a joke!

  4. Something else was just pointed out to me. When Navy Seals slapped a terrorist, Obama prosecuted them. Then he has Bin Laden shot, with a "shoot to kill" order. Proves it is a political move. Especially considering that our guys can't even carry loaded weapons in

  5. Three cheers to the CIA, SEAL Team Six and everyone else that had a hand in the demise of UBL. Obama had nothing to do with it yet he takes credit.

    Here's a some theme music for the occasion:

    "There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity." Douglas MacArthur

  6. Wayne R,

    The 3rd person is a formal form of writing. Guess you went to public school huh? Also, the 3rd person is a form of address used in the military, guess you never served huh?

    Did you see the BOTTOM paragraph lefty? The REAL kudos go to those who DO, not a clown who merely gives the order to go.

    And if we lose Pakistan as a half-assed ally over this attack on their sovereign soil, does Barry get the credit for that as well? Or do we attack THEM like Barry did to Libya?

  7. What ever happened to "It's Bush's fault!"??
    He gets blamed for everything, but when something good happens that started on his watch, it suddenly becomes Obama's victory.

  8. Nanna,

    That thought went through my head last night when I heard the news.

  9. Nanna,

    I'm reminded of when Jimmy Carter tried to take the credit for the US Hockey team kicking the USSR team's butt at the Olympics. Americans did not buy off on that either.

  10. This whole ordeal has had me thinking and wondering if there are more al-qaeda leaders in Pakistan as well.


  11. Eric,

    No doubt. Pakistan is NOT an ally. Unfortunately, they have nukes and thus, we gotta deal with them. When Obama lets Iran have nukes, we'll be shoveling money to them as well, buying their friendship.

  12. Let's not overlook the fact that Barry timed the release of the news to the media so that they would all break into coverage before The Donald could have his Sunday night "You're fired!" moment. Petty, petty, petty.

    By the way, Wayne...WHO politicized the kill? Just look at King Barack.

  13. "... wanted to put other Navy SEALs on trial for being mean to terrorists,.."
    And the PC crowd did us one huge favor.
    By disapproval of LtCol West's handling of a terrorist they gave us one hell of a man in Congress.

    Sometimes they schidt in their britches all by themselves.

  14. Craw,

    Yep, I laughed when I saw that. Obama is little more than a spoiled brat and lacking in any level of maturity.

  15. Buck,

    THANKS for that. Good point and if LtCol West does not run in 2012, he'll run in 2016 and kick butt.

  16. Wayne R

    If you remember the Contra hearings you remember Col North's testimony. If you don't, I'll refresh you on one thing.. Colonel North spoke in 3rd person. It is a trait with Marines. From boot camp to retirement.