Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Charlie Daniels gets it right again!

As so we never forget that SOMEONE refused to place his little hand over his heart...

Obama's thought at the moment: "Allah, get this crap over with fast, PLEASE!"


  1. Gunny,
    You've got that right.

    That photo speaks volumes. Too bad the 52% weren't paying attention. Truth be told, I never thought that a presidential candidate that refuse to pledge allegiance to our country would get past the primaries much less get elected. I guess I was wrong.

    As the Czech president said, BHO’s election speaks to the caliber of the electorate more than the man elected.

    It is hard to fix stupid but lots of folks have woken up. Zero deserves all the credit.

  2. Hardnox:
    I don't think those folks are smart enough to wake up.

    They didn't listen to what he was saying before the election.
    They didn't notice the radical friends he had or the church he attended.
    And they voted for him. Then and probably again in '12.
    They're that stupid

  3. Buck,
    I don't doubt the stupidity of our fellow Americans one bit since they elected zero in the first place with only the promise of "hope & change'.

    What I do know is that many of the people in my area that voted for zero are disgusted with him. Those of us on the right asked some hard questions and never got an answer which is why we opposed him and still do.

    The left and the middle gave him a pass because the media told them to. With 20% unemployment and $4 gas and no end in sight this will be zero's undoing.

    Zero has a record now which he did not have before. I remain optimistic that Americans are awake. My hope is that our team will field an adult candiate that will bash zero with his record...and no more of that reach across the aisle shit either.