Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Evidently, the Leftists cannot take that the Gunny is waging a successful war against the Obama Regime and the excessive idiocy of He Who Wields The Intrepid Nine Iron, exposing the perfidy, treachery, and treason of Obama and his myrmidons. Here is a taste of the emails the Gunny has gotten in the last week or two FOLLOWED by the original post on 4 November 2008, wherein the Gunny authorized the Conservative Resistance Movement to commence operations!

1.  none of you right-wing F***tards are smart enough to compare to Obama. You ***holes have destroyed this country by being stupid inbred *ucking rednecks. The left and the unions do the work in this nationn does the work and pays the taxes for you welfare *uckers. Obama is fixing what you *hitheads *ucked up. die soon fake guny. (H*****31@)

2. you idiot, you have no problem bombing or invading countries for bushie right? Obama killed osama and you hate bthat. You spew nonsense. If you were capable of reading news, you would know that Obama is working hard to fix the bankrupt bushie's mess. *uck off. (Ed******@)

3.  Youre the f***in reason America ucks. F**KING Repubbers like you suck d**k and are the perfect example of the *hitty right-wing nutbag teabaggers. youre the f*ggot terrorist. I would f**king kill you if I saw you. Obama is the poresident so f*cking deal with it. (WK****@)

4.  F***YOUA**HOLE (T***78@)

5.  called the FBI about your site. You are a terrorist. (steve******@)

6.  Rightwing a**hole. Scummy gunny. U are a worthless POS like Rush and your other Repuglikkkkans. You are a racist POS. Obama is working hard to fixx what your bushhole screwed up! SCUMBAG!!!!!!! (chris*****88@)

And of course, the obligatory all caps screaming libtard.

This is a repost of what the Gunny wrote on his old Townhall blog back in 5 November 2008, after the Left was yucking it up and declaring that Conservatism was dead. The Gunny predicted that "therapists and shrinks will see a decline in their business for awhile, until the bloom comes off of the rose" and that when the Leftists began to turn on Barry, as they are doing now, that Obama would be screwed.

Here is how Barry hedged his bets in 2008: "The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America - I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you - we as a people will get there. There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as President, and we know that government can't solve every problem."

So wrecking the economy, pandering to illegal aliens, bowing to foreign leaders, selling guns to drug cartels, and all of the many many lies and scandals is how Barry is getting us to the goal that Barry wants for us? That Hopey/Changey at the pump is AWESOME huh?

Libs, the below is OUR MISSION STATEMENT for your stumble bum potus. History will judge how effective we were at bringing down the Community Organizer-in-Chief and the First Grifter.
5 Nov 2008

Our Mission Statement for the Conservative Resistance Movement is:

1. Continue to cause hate and discontent within the Democrat Party.
2. Whenever President Hussein missteps, to stick out a foot to trip him up more.
3. Whenever President Hussein puts out a hand for help, deny it.
4. Whenever President Hussein stumbles, to shove him from behind.
5. Whenever President Hussein trips, to assist in yanking the rug out from under him.
6. Whenever President Hussein falls, to kick him when he's down.
7. Whenever bad news hits, to promulgate it, publish it, and push it out to the American people.
8. To spread the information, lies, scandals that come out of this regime, whenever and wherever possible.
9. To sow the seeds of pain and suffering within the Democrat Party.
10. To remain staunchly partisan and to do NOTHING WHATSOEVER to assist liberals in any way, shape, or form.

In closing, the Conservative Resistance Movement is not new, we have been underground before. From the 1930's through the 1970's, we were underground, a voice of reason crying out in the wilderness, and in 1980, we were rewarded with Ronaldus Magnum. We continued to strive for CONSERVATIVE beliefs and in 1994, we were heard by THE PEOPLE. We lost our way thanks in LARGE part to the RINOs who have hijacked our party and turned it into nothing more than a Democrat party lite. In our view, four horrible years of Carter led to Ronaldus Magnum and four years of the radical leftists children running the show will lead to a Conservative landslide in 2012. The liberals have been saying for YEARS that THEY CAN DO IT BETTER but the only thing they have done is obstruct and obfuscate over the last eight years and NOW! they're running the show. If their control of Congress since January 2007 is any indication of how they'll manage the government, the next four will be nothing more than Jimmy Carter part two.

There can be no excuses from the Left anymore. THEY OWN THE WHOLE SHOOTING MATCH and they will get as much slack cut to THEM as they cut to Bush, which is to say, NONE. DO the BARE minimum. USE every tactic you can to pay LESS taxes (use a tax accountant)! MOVE any assets to offshore accounts. DRAIN your savings out and put the cash into a safety deposit box (check laws) so that President Obama cannot redistribute that to the lazy and stupid in our society. GO into a "mark time" mode. WORK to expose the excesses of liberals and liberalism at every turn. DO NOTHING TO HELP THEM.

But most of all, NEVER GIVE UP! The liberals will seek to "play nice" now that they are in charge. President Obama DID NOT win by a popular landslide and this election was rigged from start to finish. President Obama was SELECTED by Soros/ACORN and NOT elected by The People. President Obama was SELECTED by the sycophant bootlicking press and NOT by The People. Let's NOT play nice with them. Let's REMOVE any RINO that seeks to play nice with them. PUT your Reps/Sens on notice that YOU are watching their every step and will work hard to remove them if they misstep. LET the bloom come off of the rose. LET the honeymoon end and watch the trouble start. We'll assist the liberals in putting out those fires all right, by spraying gasoline on them! Let US, assist THEM, in only driving nails into the coffin of liberalism.
Who knew that the Tea Party would arise in Righteous Anger at the ill-doings of Obama and his minions? Who knew that the American people would FINALLY have enough of the leftist's bullsh*t and gather to fight back? The Conservative Resistance Movement essay was slightly prophetic and the Gunny again hopes that Ameircans who read it were galvanized to rid America of this bum.

In closing, let us redouble our efforts on all fronts to make absolutely SURE that King Barry the Weak is a ONE TERM BLUNDER!


  1. To all of those e-mailers, and those out there like them, all I have to say is that I took an oath that has no expiration date.

    "I,____________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

    Some will point out that I must follow the orders of the President, but they intentionally forget the "according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice" part and everything that comes before the "I will obey" line. They trump any unConstitutional orders.

    If the Constitution makes them angry, then THEY need to find a new place to live.

  2. We don't want to fail and fall as the European countries have been doing. Britain is overrun by welfare parasites and Muslim extremists who want to destroy Britain and America, and the left continue to tout the very policies that helped hurt those very countries.

    Those emails show how childish the left really are. They NEVER debate, but would rather attack, verbally or physically, and usually resort to ad homenims. I would suggest to those of you on the left to go get counseling. There's lots of anger there that would result in some bad heath problems.


  3. Gunny,
    Ahhh, the lowly left rears its ugly, hypocritical face once again! Obviously, you have hit the nail on the head, cause the leftist stooges are out in force. Typical leftist cowards making death threats from Mommy's basement because they can't coherently defend Barry's decisions.

    My advice: Aim low.

    Keep up the good work! F the Left!

  4. The Crawfish,

    I concur. I laugh when I read that stuff KNOWING that my bullets are hitting the "X" ring. As for the oath? Indeed. Once taken, it CANNOT be removed.

  5. Anon,

    Great post. I just read where the Irish Gov't is raiding the private pensions of their citizens to pay for their spending. How long before Obama tries it? THAT will be the tipping point.

  6. The Irishman,

    Thanks for the comment and you can count on it. The more the Left whines, the more I strive to rub salt into the wound and twist the knife!

  7. I must admit that in 08 I was doubtful that Obama would be as bad as Carter. But it turns out he's an overachiever. Reminds me of "if you can't be good, be good at it."

    I've been getting some hate mail too, but he won't pop his head up for a shot.

  8. TGP,

    I'm betting that a lot of Americans missed their guess on Zero but I did a lot of research on this punk back in 07/08 and posted it to my old TH blog, now lost to history! haha

    Yell, "FREE WELFARE CHECK" and that lib will pop his head up for a shot!

  9. So far, I have never seen you say anything about Obama that isn't true. (That even includes Michelles big rear end.)
    But these liberals don't state any facts, or any legitimate arguments. If they didn't have the f*** word, and the A**H*** word, they wouldn't have been able to make any comments at all.
    You are tying them in knots, keep up the good work.
    West 2012

  10. Why did you protect their identities?

    There's nothing I'm aware of that prevents you from publishing their full email info.

  11. Just looking at the stupidity of the comments
    Felt I had to comment on the comments.

    1. Evidently a typical uninformed/misinformed person unable to think for himself. Hey, guy, you need to check out wwhich side of the political spectru the welfare checks are going.

    2. Obama killed Osama? Get real. Still blaming Bush for Obama's failed policies, I see.

    3. You are about as scary as last year's Halloween mask. No one worries about your threats of violence because you and your ilk can be brave only when you have overwhelming numbers. Otherwise you push and when pushed back you run like a can of cheap paint.

    4. Typical reply from someone who has neither facts nor intellect to make an arguement.

    5. Glad you called FBI. Some of them might not have been aware.

    6. Reread #4.

    7. DRUGGIE Rush? Look, Rush admitted he had a drug problem. Rush got help. Want to count how many

  12. Gee, I wish I were as cool and intelligent as those libidiots. To be able to come up with cussing insulting name calling rants like that. Well, it's just not in me. (sarc on)

    Those libs probably think they were real clever.
    Small minds find it impossible to talk about ideas in a reasonable manner.

  13. You know that you are hitting the target when the enemy starts firing back (i.e., this is similar to the USAF's first law: the anti-aircraft fire is always the worst when you are over the target).

    And things are starting to break down within the Democrap Party. I am seeing confusing messages coming from them, almost as if there are "warring" factions within the party.

  14. Well? What did you expect Gunny? Rebuttal? Respectfull dialog?
    One of them to present a set of facts to counter your claims?
    One of them to actually examine what you've presented and, either agree or, disagree in a civil manner?
    Or, the longshot that they'll put aside their feeeeelings and, use logic?

    HA! I tried that angle and the replies were the same profane rants aimed at ME but, not the arguement isself.

    Try asking them why they hated Bush and his policies but, love Obama who has kept all those hated policies in place!
    They go batshit in cursing YOU out while AVOIDING the question...then usually end their rant with "yer a rayyysist".

    For your readers who don't understand libspeak, the term "you're a racist" can be literally translated into it's English meaning as
    "You're correct but, I can't bring myself to say so and, instead I'll just call you a racist to change the subject as fast as possible".

    Don't be suckered into letting them escape! Press them for an adult answer and keep pressing them into answering for their own hypocrisy...and watch em run!

  15. Nanna,

    Thanks. I can always tell when I'm hitting the bullseye with these libidiots. I'm still waiting for Ivan "Stewie" to weigh in! haha

  16. BrianR,

    Good question but I am not sure if I could or not. I'd hate to have some libstain sue me and remove a thorn in the side of their Dear Reader of the TOTUS!

  17. Buck,

    Good post and I am amazed how they ALL sound the same and I've probably deleted a bunch more that yammer the same talking points. Media Matters much be in warp drive spewing out the kool-aid.

  18. Well, as far as I know, once they send you an email there's certainly no expectation of privacy, you haven't made an offer of protecting anyone's identity, and that's simply the risk they run by sending an email to anyone they don't know and trust to keep their info confidential.

    You have absolutely no duty to them whatsoever.

  19. beachmom,

    They resort to cussing and (violence SEIU/AFL-CIO) because they CAN'T debate the facts.

  20. Gray Ghost,

    I'm thinking that Lord Barry will be asked not to run but he is so narcissistic that he WILL run and be landslided IF we have the right candidate!

  21. Sepp,

    Indeed. I do that to my libtard relatives and I LOVE pissing on their parades. I like it when they try to justify Zero's blunders and can't.

  22. BrianR,

    THANKS! Next round, they're outed.

    BTW, your buddy Newt made it official! He's running!


    Is Barr running again? I'm betting we'll be voting Libertarian again vice the RINO the GOP trots out.

  23. Maaaaan...

    The round-faced former conservative named for an amphibian. I'd rather vote for Bat Ears than that cretin. Well... maybe not, but if HE'S the candidate I'm voting third-party again for sure.

    You know, if the GOP keeps the House and takes the Senate, it really doesn't much matter who's Prez anyway.

    That's assuming the congressional GOPers actually grow some balls and start acting like real conservatives.

  24. What a bunch of screech monkeys. A collective IQ of what,6 maybe? Thanks for the laugh,though.
    Always good to read such civil discourse from the liberals.As to Newt running,goodbye GOP. Still mired in stupid I see.The libs are calling on Daniels to run is a hoot. Must figure they KNOW they can beat the clown.

  25. Gunny,
    Kudos in what you do my friend. That was a funny essay. Funny because it's absolutely true on all points. I have my share of hateful comments on my blog (which I will not post). The volume has increased dramatically as of late. Tragically, the trolls always attack the poster and NEVER back-up their attacks with facts. Their comments are always personal and hateful. They still don't realize that Bush isn't president.

    We should all take solice in knowing that we are twisting their nuts by exposing their lies. Further we must all take great pleasure at it as I know that you and others do. The bastards can't handle the truth. It kills them.

    Their screams will get louder as their dreams get flushed... music to our ears.

    Carry on Gunny.... Semper Fi.

  26. My #7 was cut off.
    It should read:

    "7. DRUGGIE Rush? Look, Rush admitted he had a drug problem. Rush got help. Want to count how many of your liberal icons have assumed room temperature because of a drug o.d.????????"

  27. As my late Grandma would note, "If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps the loudest is the one you hit."

  28. Great post the progressive/liberal hypocrites abound - great blog I am a fan I only hope the new awakening in America will be big enough in Nov 2012 to vote this administration into obscurity?
    Progressivism + Totalitarianism
    The "O" has got to GO!!!!

  29. kitman3,

    I truly hope so. I said early on in Obama's reign of Hell that the progressives jumped the gun and they sure as Hell did.

  30. Hardnox,

    Twisting their nuts...

    HAHAHA! Indeed.

    Libs should count themselves lucky that I ain't the boss or they WOULD be screaming for real! haha

  31. Hey Guns, one of them is also a fan of mine. i immediately recognized the "right-wing F***tards" line.
    Eve notice tha tthe libs blame Bush for the economy, yet EVERY TIME I've asked one t oidentify which policices were the cause and how the ycaused it ineve get any answer.

    Funny that.

    You must be getting off cavity shots or they wouldn't be shooting back so hard. Take no prisoners ny brother.

  32. Clyde,

    Don't know why you're down on Daniels. I'm a conservative from Indiana and I need to share this with you. Never mind what Fox said. Daniels has a LOT of liberals in my home state talking positive about voting for a GOP presidential candidate again. You see, he gets it that he can't pander to the far right by touting social issues and win the support of moderates. And guys, it won't be the hardcore Dems or Repubs who turn the tide in the next presidential election. It will be the moderates. I'm sorry, but it's true. He signed the bill defunding PP in Indiana, true (which angered a LOT of moderates) but I think he did so with reluctance. If in a national campaign, he touts fiscal conservatism (the REAL issue here) and plays down being anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, etc. I think he can win a LOT of national support from moderates. This is very VERY key in my eyes. This is a path to GOP victory in 2012.