Saturday, May 28, 2011


Honest Americans who work for a living surely cannot dine like this, especially with food prices rising daily (as we burn our crops for fuel and Team Bernanke/Ghietner/Obama destroys the dollar), but parasites existing on the sweat of others sure can.

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Porterhouse steaks and lobster. MMMM. Seems that they forget the butter but then again, maybe, they already bought it on another welfare food run. The Gunny wonders if they thanked those of us with jobs, who pay our taxes, so that they can enjoy such delicious grub or more likely, they felt they are owed and just stuffed their faces. Ain't liberalism grand?

Surf and turf for the welfare grubs, rice and beans for the rest of us.


  1. The problem is that it is widespread. Not long ago while at the supermarket checkout, line a well-dressed couple was ahead of me. I couldn’t help but notice shrimp (the size of small bananas) and a pile of steaks in the cart. I politely commented that it looks like you are going to have a nice party. They said oh yeah and smiled back. Then they paid for their booty with food stamps. I almost fell over. The cashier shared my disgust and said that it happens all the time. Outside I saw the couple again loading their stuff into a late model import.

    The Food Stamp program and welfare itself was designed to help those that fell on tough times. We as a society are obliged to help those people. The system has been so corrupted in the last decades that abuses like these are nothing more than legal theft from the rest of society.

    I know of a women that has never worked a day in her life that has house and a car that is paid for, a masters degree, and now is working on a doctorate. She has applied and received multiple state and federal grants and is on welfare.

    These are not isolated events. Google “welfare vacations” and the results are frightening.

    Entitlement reform is an essential ingredient to getting a handle on our national debt. It’s not that the government collects too little from us it’s because they spend too much.

  2. You know the answer to that Gunny, they would call you a right wing racist POC teabagger and then demand more of your money for their food stamps.

  3. It's a no brainer.
    They don't eat lobster or porterhouse steak.
    They have a market.
    They trade that at a reduced price.
    And take the money
    and buy Mad Dog 20/20
    Or a little crack
    Or some of the Schlitz bull malt liquor.
    And cigarettes.
    Probably some liberal somewhere buys it from them.

  4. Hardnox,

    I have NO PROBLEM helping those who need it, for a time, but not a lifetime, but this just pisses me off. These parasites screw it up for those who need it and then when WE react, we're somehow wrong.

  5. Buck,

    Thanks. My BP just shot up about 20 points reading that! That figures though, any way to game the system while sitting on their asses watching Oprag (not anymore thank God), etc.

  6. Buck & Gunny,
    That's akin to the laptop PC scam whereas a few thousand of them were distributed to the less fortunate in Chicago and within a few hours they were showing up at pawn shops.

    This kind of corruption is endemic and cannot be fixed until the feed through is removed.