Wednesday, May 4, 2011


For the FIRST TIME since Zero became a CANDIDATE, Little Boy Barry, the most UNQUALIFIED man in an room he enters (kudos Rush), is gonna lay a wreath at Ground Zero. He missed it in 2009. He missed it in 2010. And now a victory lap because the CIA and our Special Forces WHACKED a scumbag that he merely said yes too, after dithering for months and having a poopy fit for 16 HOURS prior to the mission? Thank GOD Obama got in a fast nine holes before the raid tied him down! Whew. 

Kudos to Bush 43 for avoiding Obama's coming circlejerk at Ground Zero. A classy guy who always gave kudos to the troops and who served THEM chow in Iraq and Afghanistan, instead of golfing and vacations.

NORMAL American's reaction to Barry's Victory Lap
and glory grabbing.

Lapdog Media's reaction (SPEW ALERT)
1.  "Mr. Obama's risky and audacious decision to attack the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan has demolished the notion that he cannot make tough decisions or cares primarily about the nation's image abroad."

2.  "By secretly sending a team of special operations forces into an enemy fortress in a suburban neighborhood of a sovereign country, President Barack Obama chose the path of greatest risk, but also greatest reward." (Reward to HIM that is)

HILARIOUS! Obama has the intel since AUGUST 2010 and now its a risky and audacious decision? It took him 16 HOURS to decide to do the raid! It would have taken the Gunny about 30 SECONDS to decide to do it! BTW libidiots, Obama also attacked a sovereign nation in Libya, where's THAT praise? (crickets chirping)

On Drudge...

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3.  PR COUP: Obama to lay wreath at Ground Zero...
4.  FLASHBACK: Skipped Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery...


  1. Gunny,
    I could really have done without that picture.

    Zero is now in campaign mode full time (as if there actually was a recess) and he needs to look like he gives a shit. It's important for him to look presidential for his kool-aid drinking fans. Never mind he didn't give a shit about the military, the 9-11 sites, the 9-11 mosque, pledging to the flag, honoring National Prayer day, and scores of others that honor America and Americans.

    I'm sure that you saw the expression on mr. mommy pants in the Situation Room. Funny how he looked scared in that photo. Did they give him the shortest chair in the room or is he shrinking? Now that the dust is settling, he struts around like a peacock. What a pathetic punk.

  2. Hardnox,

    HAHA! That pic sums up my stance towards this regime and their pack of lies.

    I'm under the impression that Mr Mommy Pants was forced into this by others who KNEW that the raid had to go because too many people KNEW that Barry knew. As I have stated in the past, Obama could not fight his way out of a thick fog and is nothing but a whiny p*ssy.

  3. Once again, Gunny:
    I'm glad he skipped Arlington National Cemetery last year.
    I hope he has "other commitments" again this year.
    I don't want that scumbag anywhere near some of America's greatest heroes.

    ipso facto

  4. I just read this:

    How do you make a Bin Laden martini?

    ...Two shots and a splash.

  5. I haven't commented anywhere yet on the shooting of Bin Laden,as I am just starting to feel a tad better after the surgery. So here goes.The ONLY thing Obama deserves ANY credit for is not totally dismanting the policies and programs put into place by the FORMER administration to deal with these mussie shitbags.This was only a "gutsy"decision because the fucking MEDIA whores are saying it was. This was an absolute no-brainer. He HAD to take the action. Can you imagine the rain of shit had the bateared fool let Osama slip away YET AGAIN? No,Obama acted because far too many KNEW where the now-defunct Osama was.I think it is a good thing the sonofabitch is dead,no matter who takes the credit. As to the pictures,that is another story. It reveals just how far the trust in our government has eroded to where we simply will not take them at their word they really did kill the besheeted prick. Ok,gotta go back and lay down. This damned recuperating is hard work.

  6. Gunny,

    I've read alot of your comments on other blogs, but this is my first visit to yours. I agree with Clyde, the only credit Zero should get is for continuing Bush's policies. My stomach turns when I hear reporters claim the "courageous" option was to send troops in. The only option was to send troops in. Not knowing that is whats wrong with all of the media, who think they know so much. If Obama had an ounce of courage, it would make him a better man. His face in the picture reminds me of a buddy in high school when we watched the birth film. Could someone pass the bucket?