Friday, May 13, 2011


working for ya?

The Punk-in-Chief, campaigning against a strawman so far, shadowboxing against a spectre, recently mewled that Republicans wanted a moat with alligators, to keep the illegals out. No Little Man, we want a free fire zone, a 20 foot high cyclone fence, topped with razor wire tainted with a nerve agent, with gun towers manned by Leathernecks, with air strikes available if needed. That, of course, AFTER we round up ALL Illegals and ALL non-US Citizen Muslims and boot them out.

But as usual, Europe, the land our ancestors fled because of the tyranny there, shows us the way again.

EXCERPT: "France and Italy appeared to have won the right to reintroduce border controls in emergency situations, after the European commission called for new rules to govern EU frontiers. Countries in Europe's passport-free Schengen zone will be able to temporarily impose controls at their frontiers in the event of a sudden influx of migrants, according to proposals unveiled by the commission on Wednesday, after a surge in migrant numbers from north Africa across the Mediterranean."

The article whines about turning back the hordes of illegals but fails to address the problems CAUSED by the influx of illegal aliens.

1.  They overwhelm the communities in Europe, just like they do here in America, putting a strain on school classrooms, taking up housing that citizens would need, taking natural resources such as food and energy, and often skipping on the bills. (They do that here in America as well, moving from place to place, leaving behind trashed houses, unpaid bills, etc,), and taking benefits that they've never paid into, i.e., Muslims on the dole in the UK and never holding a job, etc. This happens here in the USA as illegals take advantage of stupid liberals and suck up welfare, free housing, free medical care, etc. Obama's Aunt Zietuni is a perfect example of how the parasites live on the backs of others and get away with it.

2.  In Europe, as in America, illegal aliens take advantage of an open border to sneak into a nation, some looking for work, others looking to further their criminal activities or even terrorists looking for a place to blend into. This forces the host nation to divert police to deal with them, driving up the costs from police, to trials, to prisons, etc. In France, the police refuse to go into some Muslim areas, chock full of illegals. Who knows who is living there? The French don't and guess what, WE don't know who is here either.

Europe's open borders deal is a complete and total failure, as anyone with common sense could and would have predicted, but stupid bureauweenies in the EU government are fighting to make this closure a LIMITED closure. Stupid. Here in America, we should take one look at Europe's open borders and do the opposite, after kicking Soros and his open border advocates the hell out. (Soros should be on trial for helping the Nazis and then booted out after having his assets stripped away.) 

We should END:
1.  ANY jobs that they might get. Any business employing illegals has their business confiscated and the officers of the business tried and jailed without exception.

2.  ANY welfare, social security (yes, they get it without paying into it), any medical care, any dental care, any ER care.

3.  ANY efforts of illegals to put their kids into public schools.

4.  ANY financial assistance for the children of illegals in colleges, etc. In fact, our education system should not only be reformed ASAP (boot the lib radicals out) but make it so that NO ILLEGALS can get into a school.

5.  ANY public housing for illegals and that includes Aunt Zeituni. Obama is a millionaire with a mansion in Hyde Park, let HIM support his own kin, NOT the US Taxpayer.

6.  ANY other public bennie that they can take advantage of anywhere at anytime.

OPEN BORDERS is the idiotic dream of stupid liberals, who live on planet Fantasy. Those of us here on planet Earth know that illegals are illegals are illegals and thus, SHOULD NOT BE HERE! One look at what the illegal aliens recently pulled in Tucson should be warning enough for us WITHOUT having to see that is happening in Europe. So yeah Barry, the Gunny WANTS a moat with alligators in it, got a problem with that?


  1. This is one reason this old lady is in love with Allan West. He understands the situation, and I'm sure he would surround himself with those of like mind.
    Those who want to invade our country would meet a president who thinks they have no right to be here. Much less try and run things once they are here.
    I as many Americans are, sick, sick, sick of these criminals that take our jobs and all other resources.

  2. California is the perfect example of liberal fantasies gone wrong. Tons of illegals using up the taxpayers money, high taxpayers, green jobs killing the economy, etc. New York City is about there as well. It seems wherever liberals go, along comes envy, selfishness, laziness, and a hurt economy follows. Reminds me of swarms of locusts. No will of their own.


  3. O that we would institute the immigration laws and mesures on our southern border that Mexico imposes on its southern border.

    But we can not cut off the flow of undocumented Democrat voters.

  4. This is the funniest blog I've ever read. Seriously.

  5. BTW Gunny,Obummer sent Mexico a few millions to fight the wild fires there!! After denying aid to Texas (and did you say Kentucky) he gives this aid to Mexico. Makes me want to barf. He is no president, he hasn't a clue, or enough common sense to be one.

  6. Nanna,

    I agree but unfortunately, West ain't running, yet!

    When we fail to protect our borders, we're doomed.

  7. Eric,

    Yep, Mexifornia is dead, they just don't know it yet. I have to admit that watching Blue States FAIL is pretty good entertainment.

  8. Pack Rat,

    INDEED! If we did, the UN, the ACLU, and the DNC would protest! haha

  9. stefan,

    Thanks but sometimes, its not so funny, for example, the way Obama treats our best ally, the UK, or Muslim hordes overrunning Europe. Or the way Obama lies to the US.

  10. What part of ILLEGAL doesn't zero and the dims understand?

    The whole notion of granting a fast track to citizenship to a bunch of people that snuck into our country illegally is ridiculous and slaps every immigrant in the face that did it the right way.

    The left never wants to play by the rules. This is no surprise and is only about votes. Nothing more.

    Close the borders and do immigration by the books. This country deserves nothing less.

    BTW, 40% of the illegals are OTMs (other than Mexicans). Many are from Yemen and from the 'stan countries.

  11. Gunny,

    I'd like to man one of those gun towers. In a day or two, there'd be no one trying to get across the border.

    We need to do the same with "free" trade too. Nothing kills jobs quicker than free trade.

  12. What the La Raza group forgets is that the land was not stolen, but lost because Antonio Lopez de la Santa Anna decided to trash the Mexican constitution and install himself as dictator for life. Had he kept his promises to Stephen F Austin and others, Texas might still have been a Mexican state, but like King George, his ambition gor in the way.

  13. If it takes a goddamn moat full of gators,I say have at it.Not like there is a shortage of them. This man-child's little tantrums are getting about as stale as the race card. Impetuous prick he is.

  14. Hey, Gunny, I know this is off topic, but check out my latest post for a very cool poster I found on RedState that celebrates some of the good news we've had lately. It'll brighten up your day, promise!

  15. I can't argue with your proposals.
    I would modify #1. Any business employing illegals should be fined $5,000 per illegal.
    Everify is up and running and there would be no excuse.
    Don't jail business owners. Just make it unprofitable and they will, "See the light."

  16. Just found this blog and agree completely. O'bungler and the rest of the liberal idiots always want to replace what works with what sounds good. It's been the downfall of great nations for time immemorial and if we don't stop it now it will be our downfall. Liberalism is the outcome of a societal class that refuses to grow up, the misguided result of people trying to over protect their young.