Monday, May 2, 2011


In the years of observing the liberal animal numerous liberal values and traits have been noted such as: abortion worship, affirmative action, income redistribution, globalism, racism and eugenics, lack of morality, moral relativism, cowardice, gun control, homosexual agenda, socialism, censorship, hate speech and projection, lies, revisionism and myths, obfuscation, arrogance and condescension, bias, bullying and thuggery, denial, stupidity, meanness and lack of charity, and of course, whining. In the coming months, we as Conservatives will need to understand the liberal in order to know how to defeat them in 2012, and end the ill reign of one Barack Hussein Obama. As Ronaldus Magnus put it, "BOLD colors, not pale pastels."

One of the most irritating liberal trait to a conservative is liberal gullibility. The easy way that liberals are gulled into believing anything that comes from the lips of idiots like Michael Moore or Owl Gore is amazing to those of us who live in the world of reality, facts, and logic. Marcus Aurelius summed up liberals quite well when he stated: "The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject," and liberals rarely if ever, have the right of it. For example, liberals crow that by banning guns, it will prevent gun crime, yet Chicago has been the murder capital for decades, alternating between another gun ban city, DC, until that ban was removed by a citizen’s lawsuit. How many good Americans have been murdered by criminals because they were not allowed to carry a concealed weapon or allowed to defend themselves through liberal machinations, we will never know. Indeed, the murders on the Long Island Railroad were caused by a criminal who disregarded gun laws, carried a concealed weapon on a train, and murdered some commuters. Oddly enough, a liberal politician arose from that incident, Carolyn McCarthy, whose husband was murdered and who blames guns for it, not a criminal trigger-puller. Nothing like using the death of a loved one to advance the liberal agenda as well as nabbing a cushy job as a NY politician huh?

Indeed, the liberal belief that government programs reduce poverty, even though it has been proved wrong again and again, staggers the mind of the conservative who sees through the smoke and mirrors and knows that it is a lie. Moreover, it is a brutal lie because such government policies create dependence and enslaves people and often their dependents, for generations, which only worsens the problem. This gullibility can be seen in LBJ’s War on Poverty, a joke foisted on the American taxpayer to the tune of $15.9 TRILLION dollars (2008 inflation adjusted) on welfare whereas the cost of all of the wars we have fought is $6.4 trillion (2008 inflation adjusted). (Heritage Org) Naturally, Obama, like the uber-liberal he is, has increased annual federal welfare spending by 1/3rd, from $522B to $697B. When LBJ began to waste the taxpayer’s money willy-nilly on the burgeoning parasite class in 1964, welfare was 1.2% of the GDP and in 2008, as the parasite class is even larger, it was 5% of the GDP. Liberals keep throwing money down a sinkhole, thinking it helps, but in reality, it merely assuages their stupid white liberal guilt.

Liberal gullibility and global warming/cooling/climate change/climate disruption. How many billions were wasted on this idiocy? Obama still mouths this bullsqueeze while sending our tax money to subsidize green industry, that has yet to produce a job and will never show a profit. Indeed, the billions given to former Green Job Czar Van Jones are unaccounted for but no one in the Obama admin seems to care. Is it liberal gullibility or liberal values that keep wasting our tax money to no good ends, with no end in sight, or is it something worse, buying votes with our money or Cloward/Piven perhaps?

Many of us who have argued with liberals are baffled by their circular reasoning or what passes for Liberal logic, which covers their flaccid arguments, as they flail about trying to appear logical but are in reality, inane at best and emotionally irrational at the worst. For example, they always assuming something is true if it came from the mouth of a liberal. Owl Gore, who could not even win his own state in 2000, led countless liberal lemmings on the global warming path, simply by saying the consensus was in, and that was that. Yet another liberal laughfest is their claim that government health care for everyone will make the nation healthier and reduce illness. The facts of case argue against this, since Romney Care in Taxachusetts resulted in overloaded hospitals, system overload, fraud, abuse, and a decrease in doctors seeking to specialize or increase their skills. Medicare, for example, is rife with waste, fraud, and abuse, yet liberals continue to use that program to, and any cuts to it, as a billy club against Conservatives, in order to keep another entitlement program from the budgetary axe. Don't forget, if you reform Social Security, granny will be eating dog food! Better to let it be in the red, year after year, until it becomes untenable.

It should be known to us the various tactics that the liberals employ and call logic or reasoning:

1.  Allowing for wrongful liberal behavior, i.e., Ted Kennedy, BJ Bubba Clinton, ABSCAM Murtha, but preaching to others how THEY should conduct themselves.
2. Allowing for the excesses of tyrants, dictators, and murderers like Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che, etc, but blaming the US for all of the ills of the world. Jimmy Carter in North Korea recently, is the perfect example of this.
3. Ignoring the misconduct of any Democrat while railing about the slightest thing any Republican or Tea Party person does, i.e., Senator Allen and the non word "macaca" incident.
4. Protesting about being censored while they endorse the censoring of opposing viewpoints, i.e., Fox News, Rush, Hannity, etc.
5. Calling for tolerance for anything anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-West, anti-American but promoting intolerance for anything and anyone opposing them, i.e., liberal attacks on Palin, Rush, Bush 43, white men in general, while endorsing things like the 9/11 mosque, calls for violent revolution in America by Trumka, Stern, Lerner, the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and various other maggots, Lynne Stewart and the Sheik, Eric Holder and "his people" never to be prosecuted, etc.
6. Using the Constitution to advance their agenda while working to limit the freedoms therein, i.e., Kagan stating that "some speech can be disappeared," and working to destroy the Second Amendment (the ATF scandal for instance), and Nutsy Baloney’s twisting of the Commerce Clause (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3, US Constitution), in order to ram the unpopular Obama Care down our throats.
7. Disregarding economic laws as if that will somehow make whatever they want to happen, happen. For example, they increase taxes, thinking and claiming that it will increase government revenue, when in reality, people work less, businesses hold back expanding, etc., and thus, revenues drop. Then blaming anyone and anything else for the failure.
8. Using politically correct speech as if centuries of previous use was somehow wrong, i.e., Mankind for men and women, BC and AD are now BCE and CE., etc.
9. Using the deeds of Republican presidents as bad things, like removing a murderous tyrant like Saddam, but going into Libya, calling for an assassination of a sovereign leader (Khaddafi), subjugating the US to the UN as well, ignoring Congress, and letting our troops in Afghanistan languish unsupported by their Commander-in-Chief, is okay.
10. Putting Gaia and the environment ahead of human needs in order to fulfill the environmentalist whackos dream of no drilling, no refining, no energy but green energy (renewable bullsh*t), and lying about it all, i.e., ANWR is a pristine national park but in the real world, it is a mosquito-ridden barren chunk of tundra, a mere 1000 acres in the middle of nowhere.
11. Calling for the equality of outcome, not for the equality of all. (Liberal elites)
12. Using a double-standard as long as their target is a conservative.
13. Ad hominem attacks are okay, as long as the target either cannot defend themselves, i.e., Trig Palin and Wonkette, or a Conservative in general.
14. Claiming that democracy is the best, as long as their candidate wins or their agenda item passes but when they or it fails, the people are stupid, misled, ignorant of what is best for them, and then liberals perform acts of judicial activism, i.e., Ninth Circus Court vs Prop 187 in Mexifornia.
15. Perhaps the most obnoxious liberal tactic that they employ and then reason away is their refusal to respect the US, especially the flag (Obama refused to wear a flag lapel pin OR put his hand over his head during the anthem) and scumbagging the United States while claiming all of the benefits and freedoms of being a US citizen.

There are others to be sure, red herrings tossed out by the Lapdog Media, dodging statistical truths, condemning capital punishment as being to mean as they free murderers and rapists, and their blind allegiance to anyone with a "D" after their name.

"The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves." Plato



    In case you rightoids haven't realized it yet, President Barack Hussein Obama has just absolutely ensured his re-election in 2012.

    Four more years of the most humane and decent administration the U.S. has had since Carter was in the White House -- yes!

    I know you won't publish this, Pinkstaff, you censorious, traitorous cur, I just wanted you to know that I know the despair and frustration you're feeling right now, and how bloody happy it makes me.

    If you and your little hate-fest here weren't utterly irrelevant before, you sure as hell are now.

    Don't mess with Obama. He'll kill your ass.

    Great campaign slogan, doncha think?

  2. I have a more clear insight into the muddled "liberal" mind.
    I have a creeping idea that most "liberal mind" folks didn't originally start out a screaming, anti everything useful idiot.
    But the "liberal" mind is recognizable from a good distance. One of the most coveted traits is the inability to ..think outside the Beck puts it.
    But once recognized the liberal mind is flattered, cultivated to Marxist ideas, given slick slogans to parrot and knee jerk response to unassailable conservative logic. Once started down that road the liberal mind is suggested to become highly antagonistic towards conservative truths that cannot be attacked with liberal "logic"...
    So most "liberals" did not start out being the Marxist in a frock coat. They are poor folks wh never have had a real teacher. They are indeed "Useful Idiots."

  3. Ivan,

    Yeah, the security setup that Bush put in place should not get any credit right? The military who did the Op should not get any credit right? Petraeus should not get any credit right? The CIA should not get any credit right?

    Obama bin Laden merely gave a yes answer to the military wanting to get him.

    BTW Ivan, we've KNOWN that he was in that compound since LAST AUGUST so why did Obama bin Laden WAIT SO LONG?

    How many operations have killed Americans in Afghanistan since last August, while Obama dithered?

    Meanwhile, gas is up, food prices are skyrocketing, housing prices are still down, millions of jobs are gone, the dollar is devalued and QE3 will be starting soon.

    And you think OBL getting whacked will win for him?


    Your tepid IQ is revealed yet again Ivan.

  4. Buck,

    I agree and we heard from my useful idiot Ivanovich on the Left's hero Osama getting whacked! haha

  5. Ivan,
    a) Why do you keep referring to Gunny by your JROTC callsign?
    b) In 2012, the GOP candidate will be able to say to the people "Do you want a rebuilt, strong, confident, professional Armed Forces, or do you want the slashed down, sissified, politically correct, low-morale military that has been wrecked by Barack Hussein Obama, MMM...MMM...MMM?"

  6. "Useful Idiot" is right. Lenin nailed it there. Folks like him are so unable to think for themselves they cannot see what fools they really are. And being laughed at by everyone. On both sides of the ideological coin.