Tuesday, May 31, 2011


food stamp usage UP 39%!

Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! radically transforming America since Jan 2009.


Number of federal-owned limousines has soared under Obama...


  1. So THAT is the hope and change!!! The asshat. This cluck is SO beatable,provided the hapless idiots at the RNC actually let the PEOPLE pick the nominee,as opposed to "OK,Mitt,your turn". F@ck that.

  2. Yep, but Obama is still dining well and just golfed his 70th round!

    Our primaries need to be CLOSED to registered Republicans ONLY and that will prevent libs from picking RINOs who will then lose the election.

    2012 needs to have a crotch-kicker and ass-kicker in both the POTUS and VEEP slot in order to take the fight to Barry and Joey.

  3. If Willard "My Kids Are National Heroes For Trying To Get Me Elected" Romney gets the nomination I'm going to Australia. We need a candidate who beats Obama on EVERY conservative issue. That throws out Newt for philandering, Romney for abortion. Are there no men left who will run? Get Allen West.

  4. Of course,a very large number of the limos were used by the State Department (Hillary).

    Never would see her riding in Chevy Volt.

    Must only be for foreign dignitaries and the elites, I can't remember seeing a government limousine in 30 plus years of goverment service in Texas and New Mexico , Oh silly me, we were "flyover country" and didn't matter.

  5. Kinda like get on board with the Zero's team or suffer with the rest of the proles.
    He's definitely looking out for "his" "team".
    On our dime.

  6. Yeah, 'thanks' to Obama the poor can buy food during the recession....caused by Bush. You'd rather they starve. Ah the compassionate right, lol!

  7. The GOP elites sold out 30 years ago. They are no different than the Democrat elites. (In other words either would sell their grandmother for money and power.)

    We need people from the TEA Party movement and average citizens to run and be elected. And after control is regained, EVERY politician for the last 50 years must be investigated and charged with criminal offenses (or treason) if warranted.

  8. BD,

    Are you brain dead? FOOD prices are up even as Bernanke and Obama wreck the dollar. This affects your buying power in all things. Try taking an economics course.

    Oh, and maybe you should review the essay where I posted a receipt of food bought with food stamps. Steak and lobster? Yum.

  9. TGP,

    Thank God I live in Alaska. We can seceed and be our own nation. Probably gonna happen anyways.

  10. Pack Rat,

    Exactly right. I say give the Dems the Left Coast, wall it off, and leave them to their own devices. We'll run the rest of the country as adults, not whiny teenyboppers.

  11. Buck,

    Obama is definately a Sh*tcago thug. Crony politics is right up his alley.

  12. Gray Ghost,

    GREAT post and I agree 100%. Especially after I read how Congress rakes it in in the stock market, due to laws THEY pass!

  13. Gunny,

    I may be looking for a sponsor to immigrate to your new country.

  14. TGP,

    Always room up here for a good Conservative. Plenty of jobs once we seceed as we'll be drilling and mining our asses off and we'll have run the treehuggers OUT!