Wednesday, May 25, 2011


How can you unstick someone stuck on stupidity? Walter, the face of the typical liberal voter. Walter must be married to Peggy the Moocher, the same moron who said that SHE was voting FOR Obama because he would pay her mortgage and fill her gas tank. The collective IQ of liberals wouldn't raise the temperature of a room to a comfortable level.


  1. Liberal IQs tend to be in the range of negative numbers, and everyone knows negative numbers decrease the sum.

  2. Probably a product of the unionized public school system...


  3. If, as Eric says, Walter is a product of a "unionized public school", then we have more problems than just dealing with the idiots like Walter. We have a whole generation of people who have absolutely no more morals than, "what's in it for me".

  4. I simply cannot understand how a liberal mind works!

  5. Wow. Dumber than dogshit. And,this fool votes. Christ on a crutch.Sounds just as bad today as it did on the show yesterday.

  6. Okay so this fool isn't worried about the housing market because his house is paid for.
    Can't be married to Peggy the Moocher because Peggy said Obama was going to pay her mortgage.
    It doesn't bother him there is high unemployment or $4.00 gas.
    Sounds like another, "Hooray for me and eff you" type.

  7. I don't remember gas being 4 or 5 dollars a gallon when Bush was fact, as I recall the horror was that it was going to reach the outrageous price of 3 dollars a gallon...maybe I'm missing something here.
    sigh...I weep for my country...