Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Once again, the Gunny called it. Obama's riding OBL's death like a three dollar whore on payday!

EXCERPT: "Reporting from Austin, Tex.— Osama bin Laden, mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, is now an applause line in a presidential campaign speech. Bin Laden’s name came up a couple of times in Obama’s address Tuesday evening at a fund-raising event in Austin, Texas. Early in Obama's appearance, someone shouted out, "Thank you for getting Bin Laden!" Obama said that was a "case in point" – a reason for voters to let him "finish what we started." Later, Obama ticked off what he described as his administration’s accomplishments: lifting the ban on gays in the military; bringing troops home from Iraq."

Obama is a walking joke at this point. He plays a quick nine holes, runs to the situation room still dressed in his pretty golf clothes, looks like a little boy next to real soldiers, and claims credit for doing what he HAD TO DO or else! Barry always looking out for Barry! The Gunny wonders if Obama takes credit for wiping his ass on a daily basis without getting any poopy on his hand.

What is strange is that Austin Texas is a liberal stronghold, staunchly anti-Bush, whined about Iraq and Afghanistan (even though THEY would NEVER be caught dead in the US Military) and all of a sudden it is okay to whack Osama and yet ignore the fact that 65% of ALL US casualties in Afghanistan have happened on Little Boy Barry's watch AND the troops are still in Iraq AND Gitmo is reopened. Even more funny is that these are the same libstains who mewled about those poor throatslitters being given a fizzie up their nose, which resulted in the info that directly led to OBL getting whacked but now its cool! And no mention of Obama's war in Libya, started by Obama's three stooges while HE was on vacation, by these raging liberal idiots, who called for Bush's death, impeachment, jailing, etc.? Tell us, who live in the real world, that it ain't so.

And homos in the military serving openly, getting married where it is permissible? Stand by for a more serious exodus in the next few years from the military than what happened under BJ Bubba and was reported in the Navy Times in June 1999. Yeah, a real accomplishment, if you're trying to weaken the nation.

The Gunny wonders if Obama happened to mention that he had the info since August of 2010 AND that he dithered for 16 hours PRIOR to the raid? Probably not, not that the lib-lemmings would have noticed. (Obama Kool-aid to Libs is like Crack to an crackhead)

As the Gunny said, by October 2012, Obama will be saying that he fast-roped in and cornered Osama all on his own and the Lapdog Media will print it as they play asskissy-kissy with Zero.




  1. Right again on all points Gunny!!!!

  2. Nanna,

    Thanks. I've been to Austin and seen the liberal morons running around there. An island of sh*t in a nice clean conservative sea. They'd vote for Obama if he crapped on the Oval Office floor and pissed on the flag.

  3. LoL! If he was pissing on the flag, he'd try to grab credit by saying it was on fire...after he tried to burn it.

    As for shitting on the oval office floor, who cares? There is a turd sitting behind the president's desk every day now anyways.

    The next president will have to fumigate the place before using it...and place a call to the Orkin man!

  4. I can visualize security cameras in the head on Navy ships.
    Think about it.
    Some ignorant homosexual gets knocked out after saying/doing something...inappropriate...to an American sailor.
    Captain's mast: "Sir, the, uh, man(?) tried to suck my dick while I was shaving."
    "Case dismissed!"
    So it gets where so many homosexuals have the schidt beat out of 'em and the excuse never changes so PhoneyFleetAdmiral Mullen orders security cams in the heads.
    Then I guess there will have to be security cams on the fantail to cover any idea of a "midnight trash detail."

  5. Amazing how the libstains howled like shit eating dogs when Bush was implementing all these programs,but when the Chicken-shit-in-Chief does it ,it's wonderful. When is Code Pinko,the Cindy Shehags,and the rest of the anti-war left going to denounce this fool? Ain't holding my breath.

  6. 16 hours to make the decision to take out OBL and then instead of precision bombing, prezboy sends in 40 SEALs in case they have to fight the Paki army on their way out .... I don`t get it! he is nothing more than a pandering, pathetic incompetent goon.

    And that speel at the border! prezboy lies every time he opens his piehole. Sheesh.

  7. Yeah, you've just got to laugh.

    Getting bin Laden is the ONLY thing he hasn't "blamed Bush" for since he took office... and it's probably the ONE thing where it would actually be legitimate.

  8. What are you saying
    The border fence isn't really completed like he says?

    I would have paid admission to hear 1 person ask him if it was safe to go hiking in southern Arizona now and, if he was ordering the warning signs to be removed telling Americans to keep out?